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  1. It is day 4 when Wilson became a ghost. Also, Beefalo will be on sale from November 4th-11th, at a special price.
  2. I guess your point is that the material to survive Winter are easier to get them that the materials to survive Summer. If that is your point, then, I still in disagree with that. I repeat, in a touch stone the only thing you need is a thermal stone inside icebox. I always get the material to make them before the first 10 days when I am exploring searching the best place to put my base. Rabbit Earmuff, i need make ti after i set my base, and it is a bit useless in Winter. Winter hat, at least you find a buffalo alone or a small heard. is even harder and take more time kill them that clockwork monsters. Beefalo hat, sometimes is harder; you can kill more than 10 beefalo without getting a single beefalo horn. Breezy Vest is easy, but it isn't enough isolation. Maybe, you can kill easily a bearger, but the 8 hound's tooth isn't easy to get starting a new game. Puffy Vest and Tam o' Shanter, you get them when Winter already start.
  3. Be ready for the first summer is easy. Be ready and to want to explore and do a lot of stuff the first summer is a bit harder. The first summer you may avoid any danger, be near your summer base, collect cactus every 3 days or less, is too much food! and use your own strategy to deal with those 2 or 3 small waves of hounds.
  4. Yes. The best option is a small base in the desert where is a lot of food and nothing to lose in a fire. A thermal stone inside an ice box and a walking cane nest to reviving thing is enough to move to you summer base and collect your gear. A luxury fan is even better. Also a thermal stone and a fire pit is enough. Also, you may add some winter gear. The best in summer is two thermal stones. One with you, and one inside snow Chester. You can explore caves those days where a cold thermal stone last two days and things don't ignite.
  5. Like I promised i will show more, but not everything, It'll take too much time. 1) Day 823 ... collecting reeds and killing tentacles. 2) touch stone. Those tentacles almost killed me, 6 tentacles together is insane (besides the set piece of reeds). 3) 3 of 10 that a will make. 4) tooth traps near my main base. m/Moose did that destruction. I will rebuild it after Bearger. 5) spider stuff. I don't have spider dens, beacause i have more than en ought silk. 6) ten pig houses and one-man band. 7) The same path of tooth traps, but now near my summer base. 8) one of four. They still need walls. 9)All the generated "clockguard floor" in this world, and some lureplants. I had more lureplants, but they burn out and tuned into ashes. I have more stuff like cave bases, but won't share them for now.
  6. garden and pig skin farm farms and honey pets effigy and shootius hound cementery map view Wow that is playing fast even if you are on day 181. My builds took me too long. Also I didn't show everything, Just my camps. I will show more after this summer, i don't want any burned base or houses. I forgot to tell you. Many crock pots are useful coking recipes that takes too long and don't spoil fast, like dragon pie or taffy. Also when you have a lot meat near to turn into rot, are better drying racks for this case.
  7. Well, after 200 days, I have enough to survive forever. So certain things are just whims or luxuries. Like I path of tooth traps that a made (It is long enough to kill 4-7 boss monsters).
  8. 1)Main base 2)bee boxes 3)moles 4)summer base 5)summer base 6)buffalo base
  9. use "AddChanceLoot" instead of "AddRandomLoot" examples: AddRandomLoot("axe",3) AddRandomLoot("goldaxe",2) AddChanceLoot("krampus_sack",.01) 60% axe, 40% gold axe and 1% chance of krampus sack AddChanceLoot("bandage",.75) 75% chance of honey poultice, then 25% of nothing.
  10. No 2.5 is just the sum of 1, 1, and .5 .5 is 20% because .5 is the 20% of 2.5 and 1 is 40% because 1 is 40% of 2.5 another example will be a mob with. ("meat", 3) and ("monstermeat", 7) or ("meat", 6) and ("monstermeat", 14) 3+7=10 6+14=20 3 is 30% of 10 and 7 is 70% of 10. 6 is 30% of 20 and 14 is 70% of 20.
  11. So... They are Wendy, Wes, and Maxwell?
  12. I always know that if there is coming a multiplayer version, then it will be free and optional for us to play it. However, i disappointment, because it also means less Klei's work in developing and fixing bugs of single player.
  13. Well... If you are referring the time zone of America as a continent that is too ambiguous. Also is you are referring America and Mexico as country that is ambiguous, too. U.S.A. have 4 time zones, and Mexico have 3 time zones. The update time is 2 P.M. (-6 GMT) P.D. GMT=UTC