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I see many trading topics. I want a unique place where i could enter and find many traders and their items and easily make offers, without wasting time on negotiations.

MY GUIDE :grin:

1.Everybody enter and post their trade links here
2.I add them to the main topic, under ''traders'' sections
3.Your trade link will be both in the main topic section and in your post

4.Your post can contain additional description of what exactly you want to trade or only the trade link for open trades

5.Don't spam new posts for every time you get new items, just edit your existing post

6.Pls add this information on your post so i can easily add it:

Steam Name: Blah blah blah


How to find your trade link?

1.Enter your inventory

2.On the right panel press ''Who can send me trade offers?"

3.Under the section ''Third-Party Sites'', there is a link, which is your trade link.

4.Just copy it and past it here


For not having much time to manage this topic i reduced sections. You just need to update/edit your post when you get new offers, i put your post links with trade links under sections too.


1.SPECIFIC: Traders, who trade some specific items for other ones. Enter Post Links to see what exactly they offer and want

1.Steam name: TemporaryManWasTaken

Trade Link:

Post Link:

2.Steam name: TheSlackPack

Trade Link:

Post Link:

3.Name: HaloUsagi

Trade Link:

Post Link:

4.Steam Name: kitchevadimas

Steam Link:

Post Link:

5.Steam name: Exhu


Post Link:

2.DUPLICATE: Traders, who trade MAJORLY their duplicates for ANYTHING they don't have OF THE SAME RARITY. Those traders can also be open for other trade offers

1.Steam Name: Heimrichify

Trade Link:


This system is not ideal, it has both advantages and disadvantages

1.Fast and effective

2.Everyone can enter and easily find many trader's inventories in one place
3.Easily find what you want and make offers without negotiations and trade requests (section benefits)
4.No need to add friends for being able to trade
5.You will get many trade offers, without doing anything. Some of them may be beneficial for you

6.Your post will be your mini market, when the topic will be the mega market

1.Not everyone wants their inventories to be seen by everybody (For me there is no difference, who can see what i have got)

2.You will get many trade offers and most of them will seem annoying offers which you don't want, so you can only decline them

So let's go. I have added my inventory already. My benefit from this system is only making trade system easy and fast. There will always be negotiations on rare items, but with this system i think ill make basic trades almost automatic. I know there are people who will like this and some won't, so feel free to critique and make offers to make this system better or send it to hell haha. And sorry for my bad English :grin:

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Sounds good.  Maybe the trader's name in the list could include a link to their post?


Steam name: TemporaryManWasTaken

Trade Link

Inventory (28/11/15)



I am especially looking for:


Beefalo Carryall or Rabbit Rucksack

Tan Tweed Waistcoat

Green Skirt

Black Pants

Black Skirt


...but I will trade for other stuff I don't have, too.


The things marked with a green circle I'll trade for anything I don't already have.


The stuff without any marks I'll only trade for something black.


Those things marked X?  I'll trade half of them plus most of the other stuff for a beefalo carryall or rabbit rucksack.  Otherwise, not for trade.  If you have one of them to trade and you don't like what I have (join the club, nothing but commons for 4 weeks, ugh), I would appreciate a message telling me what you're looking for so I have a goal to work toward.  Otherwise, I'm getting alarmingly close to a complete collection of all the commons.

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My 2 cents:


Shouldn't traders listed in category 1 not appear in category 2?


Note the 'ONLY' word in category 1! Maybe you wanna change it to 'majorly'?


As for category 1, I guess it includes every kind of traders. I suppose the intention of this category is to make a place for traders who cant find their categories in other specific categories. However, the intention of the traders in this category would be unclear. Basically, traders in this category will encounter many enquires from other players who do not have what the trader wants. In this case, the function of filtering the incoming trader offers is gone. My suggestion would be to list more specific trade categories.


In addition to categories 2 and 3, below are the several other common I have seen.

A. Having a large collection and looking for elegant/Spiffy skins. There are quite few skins that they want. Usually looking for specific item(s), such as rabbit/spider/bat/buffalo backpacks. So, traders who get rare drops and would like to trade it for more skins can go this traders under this categories.


B. Do not have a large collection but would like to trade what they have for what they are looking for, usually not elegant items. Traders in the same situation or those who want to trade out their double items fast can go to traders listed under this category.


As for the current category 3, there is no doubt that there are traders who want to trade 1 common item for 2 common items. Currently, not many players would go to this kind of traders since there are many other convenient and economic options to get what they are looking for. But I would say be careful when providing them an extra way of growth. Once traders in this category become to have a large collection, or existing traders with large collection turn into this kind of traders, traders in category B might tend to go to them. And the 'richer becomes richer' process begins. Meanwhile, 'healthy' traders listed in category B might get less and less incoming offers because more and more traders go to traders in category 3. Finally, category B will distinguish. After it is noted that category in category 3 can make large profit by waiting for offer to come, more traders from category 2 and A who want to make profit will want to join category 3. Multiple traders in category 3 cause direct competition between each other, as what they can provide is almost the same and a potential player looking for a certain skin could go to any one of them. The size of category 3 will grow until, if, there are more providers then seekers. After this point, the incoming offer that an individual category 3 trader receives decreases, thus less profit. Until some point, if ever reached, the profit is even less than being a routine trader in category 2 or A.  But even at this point, traders would not want to leave category 3. As leaving first would mean giving the rest who still stay at category 3 a higher profit. Finally, some traders will leave, not because of profit, but because they have seen enough of what is going on in category 3 and feels that something is not right there. Yet, as they leave, more new traders will join category 3. Eventually, those who decide to provide 'fair' trade will stay at category 2 and B while watching traders in category 3 making profit. Basically, if you decide to provide fair trade, you got to watch those who do not provide 'fair' trade make more profit than you.


Well, I just made all that up. None of the above would happen. Do whatever you want.



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Looking to trade for a Blue Backpack (Rucksack, Buckled, or Catcoon)


Here is what I'm offering:



 Link to my Steam:



Two things, thank you @heimrichify for setting up this page, it's a million times better than other threads

And Also I will post any future trade requests here

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Steam Name: Exhu

Trade Link


Green circles mean duplicates (will trade these for anything of equal rarity that I don't already have), X'd out items pretty much not up for trade unless you have an insane offer.


Looking for:

Brown Trench Coat (will trade my yellow one for it)

Any of the elegant backpacks that I don't already own (will trade all of my spiffy backpacks + other items towards any except for the poop bag and rabbit rucksack)


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