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  1. If you have a map mod installed, anything that makes noise and has a modded map icon(like beefalo) makes no noise whatsoever. It's a pretty minor bug that doesn't hurt gameplay, but it doesn't exist in Don't Starve alone, and it didn't exist early in DST's beta. Some random bit of code screwed with this. Flailing your weapon in a boss's general direction. This seems to happen most often with Bearger, and makes the fight impossible for any players effected by it. This does affect gameplay, and can cause major problems if a well-equiped team or player decided to spawn a boss nearish base only to be hit with this bug and get curbstomped by no fault of their own.
  2. Do you have all the workshop numbers in your dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in the mods folder? It should look like this: ServerModSetup("356006343") --mod name here if you wish ServerModSetup("369228986") ServerModSetup("378160973")
  3. I found the problem. Apparently there was a 2nd "my dedi server" in DoNotStarveTogether, that had the settings of one of my hosted servers. I deleted it and copy/pasted my actual dedicated server's folder in, and it's fixed.
  4. So, it would seem that my cluster.ini isn't being read. The servers are starting up like normal, and reporting no errors, but cannot be found via the ingame server browser or Any idea why? I completely nuked and rewrote all the server files, which fixed the error of the server not starting, so they're exactly what V2C has written (excluding the edited cluster.ini), a custom worldgenoverride.lua for the over-world, and modoverrides.lua (which is working). I also have noted that the servers are no longer creating cluster folders.
  5. Craftable Eyebone For Acquiring Chester

    Or just use Fix Multiplayer, or better yet Personal Chesters. And Don't Starve is a pretty stressful game, unless you nerf everything to stupid levels.
  6. i think that this is art

    I would recommend Proko as a free online art class, but I learned anatomy from looking at bone and muscle charts online. I start with a circle for the cranium, then form the jaw, and at where the cranium and jaw meet, start the spine, and start positioning that. Then I create the rib cage and pelvis, and adjust the positioning of the spine as necessary. The elbows should end at the bottom of the rib cage when measured, and the wrists just past the pelvis.
  7. i think that this is art

    I recommend adding a rib cage and pelvis into your sketches. It helps with positioning the torso, the arms (the elbow is at the bottom of the rib cage, the wrist is just past the pelvis), ect.