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  1. TFW no one wants woodie's shadow clothes
  2. OMG I neeeeed that Wickerbottom Head skin O.O
  3. Having this problem, dead whale is definitely in stage three, however I can't hack it (yes it looks exactly the way it has in the past every time I have hacked it, so I know it's at the proper stage)
  4. Apologies if this question has already been answered, I didn't want to read through seven *nine pages of posts. I did everything, however when I double click to open StartDSTServers.bat, it just opens up a text file and nothing happens. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing x.x
  5. Aww. I really liked the pre-config tool
  6. Pre config dedicated server not starting T-T I has a sad
  7. literally was just wondering where your pvp server went cuz I was on it when you started the update XD
  8. K so you just have to switch back and forth when you want to use the Trade Inn.. gotcha. Also I had some damn good luck for my first trades XD Two spiffy robes from common trade inns.
  9. K I'm hoping I'm wrong, it was just commons, but it gave me the error like five times on the same item combo and then they were gone and I don't remember getting an item for them >.< Also will opting into trade inn beta branch not show servers? Cuz I'm not seeing any on the list now
  10. Was able to complete around five Trade Inns successfully, and now I keep getting this error message >.> Edit: so I did a different combination of items, worked just fine. I think one of the common items I threw in is causing the error :T I'll see if I can figure out which one it is... UHHH now I'm missing items I tried to trade inn and got an error for and never got anything back O.O which means they went poof into thin air *cries* *repeated face desks*
  11. 24 drops means you likely haven't been playing as long as some of us though. Either that, or you didn't start getting drops til the merge whereas people who have more items have been getting drops since caves beta back in October and trading since then as well.
  12. "marketable" (geez why is the image so big here, it's not that big in the file x.x)
  13. YES OMG this is how I feel about every single one of their posts. They don't read anything anyone else says.
  14. To be honest I think this is all I've really seen in your posts: you want people who get "rarer" skins to be special and for everyone else to have such a tiny chance at getting them without having to spend real life money.
  15. "people should cool off and think about it with calm head" - You are assuming that people aren't thinking this out calmly. Trust me I've thought about it plenty, along with the other people who have made very long, thorough posts lining out their stance on things. "to all people that doesnt like items being marketable: WHAT? Items already are marketable. This way at least everyone will have same chance to sell/buy them and we wont see people paying ridiculous amounts for skins with keys because they are not aware of values" - Actually they aren't marketable, people just happen to be able to trade items for other games for them. They can't straight up give money to people for them without using means outside of Steam to pay for them. People will post them for ridiculous prices, it happens every time in game items become purchasable with real life money in games. I'm not even going to bother quoting all of your other stuff, it's just you making assumptions about people, their items, and their trading methods. Great, you gave stuff to people, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Trade Inn and items becoming marketable.
  16. Ummm well making skins marketable would completely ruin it. I think you're arguing for the wrong side of the coin here.
  17. Just going to take a wild guess here and say that the people saying we are all just whining have all the items they already want in the game, and will be the people flooding the market with over priced "cosmetics".
  18. I think trading 20 commons/10 classies/5-10 spiffies (just an example) would be a pretty good amount for an elegant/distinguished item, which I am more than willing to trade (and was hoping this would be the sort of thing the Trade Inn would implement). Saying that "fair and unfair don't play a part in this" is absolutely stupid. Fairness should most definitely play a part in it. I have bills to pay, and even if I had extra money to spare, I wouldn't want to spend it on digital cosmetics for DST, I'd spend it on more important things. Having access to items that are supposed to be "rare" (and completely RANDOM) just cuz you have money in a game that wasn't even going for marketability IS unfair.
  19. No, that's just your way of trying devalue how the rest of us feel. All you are doing is complaining about other people stating their stance on things. I'm done giving you my attention, I'll go back to actually making productive posts now.
  20. Well if Klei is still how I'm hoping it is, they tend to listen to the people who speak up instead of just "liking" posts. It's called taking the time to spell out your stance on a matter and your reasoning behind it. I see a lot of people pointing out more valid reasons for why they are making a bad call rather than a good one.