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Found 47 results

  1. I trade other game stuff same value for DST item
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 78071 Do you have mods installed? No Issue title Game crashes upon entering Cave Steps to reproduce Loading my save that is in a cave. Describe your issue After the caves update went live I found the nearest cave and opened it up. After jumping inside my game crashed. My save data now says Cave Level 1 and also crashes when I try to open it. There are no error messages or anything or that nature, just a crash to desktop.
  3. It seems they implemented a new rendering framework paging the version of your game.An offical statement would be nice
  4. I have 1 Steam Key

    I have 1 steam key for trade what you offer?Preference for Steam games , i'm new on steam i have only don't starveSorry for my bad english , i'm brazilian
  5. I just gathered a bunch of pigs in the afternoon and led them back to my camp to sleep.At some point during the night, Wilson's text for them turned back into "they kind of creep me out" instead of "he's part of my entourage". Upon waking up, all the pigs said "HOME HOME" and proceeded to run away from my camp, in the general direction of their pig-village (several screens away).Is this normal? I am just starting to be okay with having these creepy pig people help me out.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72218 Issue title Items sometimes dissapear after breaking building. Steps to reproduce Just break it down by hammer and wait. Describe your issue Dont be suprised about my resources.Its given by cheat engine to help me make this video. Video showing this bug: http-~~-// This work with firepit and Pig House too. This was i ealier versions too. ITEMS DOESN'T ONLY DISSAPEAR NEAR WATER, THEY CAN DISSAPEAR EVEN ON THE GROUND.
  7. So 5 Dota2 Keys for 1 Don't Starve. Please Respond.
  8. I have a don't starve key on chrome, and I am looking for an FTL key for steam, or a Towns key. If you are interested message me on Steam, or leave a comment. My username on steam kinitix.
  9. Looking to trade

    Hey folks, I have a dont starve key for chrome, and I just wanted to trade with someone for dont starve on steam. Any takers? Would be grateful.
  10. I have a spare copy (for steam) of Don't Starve and i am willing to trade it for Left 4 Dead 2. Steam Profile:
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Can't plant pine-cones Steps to reproduce -cut tree -get pine-cone -try to plant pine-cone -end up dropping pinecone Describe your issue Whenever I try to plant a pine-cone it will not let me, so I am having trouble replenishing my resources. I was able to plant pine-cones befog by either clicking on the touch pan or tapping it, but now with both it just drops the cones.
  12. I'm looking for games from my wishlist and its not in any order right now, but id prefer to get an rpg. Post offer plz
  13. I think this one is pretty easy. I simply love if characters had more things to say about something, it'd be pretty boring to see the characters saying the same thing over and over again. Plus I think it's a great way to give some hints of the characters backstory. I know the monologues are supposed to be informative to the players but after a while I'm sure everyone who familiarized with the game wouldn't care about that anymore. A great example would be Willow's "BURN! BURN FASTER" monologue when seeing a huge fire.
  14. Hello, I have my extra steam key for Don't Starve on steam so... lets hear your offers!
  15. I Have A dont starve and i want borderlands 2 or Dragon age origins. Add me on steam Xemnatious and send me either game or message me and ill give you dont starve
  16. This might have been suggested before, but i'd like to point it out once more. Since there's a swamp right next to my savannah, every time i go to the swamp i see beefalo wool/meat or tentacle spikes, tentacle spots, monster meat on the ground. I looked it up on the wiki, and it's really a problem that beefalos DO NOT respawn. I saw the common suggestions thread, kevin had said "the beefalo hat will serve a purpose when the beefalo mating season starts". No idea what's up with that, but anyway, i think that beefalos NEED to respawn. Otherwise they will be extinct from my world in no time.
  17. I have three DOTA 2 keys which I will trade for a copy of don't starve. steam: mystical dog **** (that name alone deserves a key) P.S. The pic is of a cat w/ hipster glasses shooting lasers out of its eyes. I will also trade my items from other games if you want!
  18. They see Willow's fire burnin~ ... they hatin~
  19. Games i like: -NS2 -FTL -The ship - and much more games like that (I don't want dota 2 things and Garry's mod)
  20. Best Buy

    I was just editing a screenshot I took... this is what I came up with
  21. Heyhey. You can add me for discussion if you are interested:
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Disappearing food, issue with sleeping pigs Steps to reproduce Feeding a sleeping pig Describe your issue If you feed a sleeping pig, the food just disappears (tested with flower petals) with no yield of manure. D:
  23. i want to trade it for a funny game like natural selection 2 OR games like don't starve... add me on steam: habbohamster