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Found 26 results

  1. Looking at some mods, they has .tex and .xml file. What are they, why do I need them and how do I get? Trying to make item mod, but not find any info about making item mod so quite difficult taking what I know. So far the item not even spawn in game with console am I missing something else?
  2. Question about the anim folder. I am trying to make custom items, but without the animations when I drop them, you cannot see them. I was wonder how to format and change these images to make the complied into their own animations. I only need an animation for when they drop on the ground. I tried to copy another items anim file, but since they shared the same internal name somewhere so it couldn't run. I heard talk about an scml file, however I do not know how to format it.
  3. I have been making a mod character and have made the item I want to be character specific (a bedroll.) I tried looking around in the vanilla game's scripts for other character specific items, but they don't seem to have much. So I began reading through a thread, which I linked below. I decided to start where the original poster in that thread started by using the script he originally posted and tailoring it to my character with the idea that I could trouble shoot any problems the same way the users in the thread did. Although the script doesn't crash my game and does cause characters to be unable to hold the item, it makes all characters including my own drop it. I tried a couple things mostly going to the (if player.prefab ~= "wisia" then) code and changing what is set in the quotation marks. What i found is that when the prefab name is set to that of my character, they won't spawn with the item or say the text for being unable to hold the item, but if the value is set to something else such as "wilson" I will start with the item dropping off my character and them saying the appropriate text. The short of it is, does any one know how to fix this issue, or a better set of code that would garner the same results without the hassle? Thank you for your time. I also added the item's prefab if you want to poke around in there. My friend wanted me to hurry up making the mod like 6 months back and got someone who knew what they were doing to write the bed roll code since i was having trouble so i can only kind of guess and assume what each part of the code does but not why or how it affects other parts. meaperroll.luameaperroll.lua inst:AddComponent("inspectable") inst:AddComponent("inventoryitem") inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "meaperroll" inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/meaperroll.xml" inst.components.inventoryitem.cangoincontainer = false inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) if player.prefab ~= "wisia" then inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, function() player.components.inventory:DropItem(inst) player.components.talker:Say("It seems to slip right out of my hands!") end) end end
  4. I'm plaing don't starve and i dont know how i drop items from the inventory on the ground using key shortcuts. Please help.
  5. The Moon Callers Horn is crafted by obtaining by using 1 beefalo horn,1 iridescent gem,10 nightmare fuel in the magic tab The Moon Callers Horn can be used by the player to give the user and nearby allies 25% dmg increase for 5 minutes,the Horn has 6 uses and during full moons the dmg and time is doubled. I know there is a mod that makes the beefalo horn buff dmg,but the Moon Callers Horn idea is a more balanced version since it is much harder to obtain.
  6. So some of the bosses in DST aren't really worth the trouble to kill,i think all the bosses have a good dmg and health balance besides one (ill get to that). Im just gonna put each boss and what i think should be fixed for reward wise and balance wise. Deerclops A very well balanced boss with a great reward,the eyebrella is one of the best hats in the game,and the turrent is very good but is hard to craft. overall no changes are needed for deerclops and his feast variant is a welcome addition MooseGoose This boss is well balanced in terms with dmg and health. the rewards are not worth the trouble,the fan is really unnecessary for summer and the weatherpain breaks too fast. Even though this boss spawns more than 1 during spring and has its babies,there should be another use for feathers. I cant really think of another use for feathers but im sure one of you could see one. DragonFly The dragonfly's rewards are some of the best however the fight is very boring and i think this boss just needs some adjustments to dmg and range since most players cheese this fight. Bearger my favorite of the giants this guy is a good fight. his hibernation vest is the best winter vest in the game,but the insulation pack is complete garbage. The insulation pack either needs a reduce in cost,or a buff, for the buff part i would suggest making this thing act like icebox for thermal stones and ice as well as making any dry items put in the bag stay dry regardless of the players wetness. Queen bee Jelly beans and bundle wraps are a very strong reward and well worth the fight,another use for royal jelly i came up with is here if you would like to check it out! Antlion A good fight with a good reward. no complaints about the Antlion! Ancient FuelWeaver,cave,forest this boss is costly to spawn and is currently considered the final boss for most,what do you get for it? Really strong armor pieces that have the durability of paper. This boss is just a long con,not really worth the resources,couldn't really think of anything reward wise to be worth anything so any suggestions? And the forest and cave variant are no better,the forest and cave arent a boss but no real rewards for spawning it. Shadow pieces This boss is more of a horde fight and is only really used for the resource used to spawn the ancient fuelweaver,forest,cave creatures. overall just another part of the long con of ancient fuelweaver. Klaus One of the best structured bosses in the game,its a great fight with even better rewards. overall no complaints! Ancient guardian This boss is really more of a mini boss but it is just a boring reskin of the clockwork rook,this mob just needs a overall redesign IMO. Spider Queen The spider queen hat sucks,nothing wrong with the fight since its more of a miniboss/horde boss,but its better to leave them be unless you need silk or to kill another boss THE BIG ONE TOADSTOOL/MISERY TOADSTOOL This boss by far has the worst rewards for your effort and on top of that most of the rewards aren't guaranteed. First regular toadstool has nothing wrong with its hp/dmg vaules but the rewards are garbage. Funcaps main function is to reduce your hunger,but if your ready to fight toadstool hunger shouldn't be issue,same with the lamps,like who needs a light source when they are already at the point of fighting toadstool? Id suggest making toadstool respawn mandrakes in the world 1-3 days after killed finally making mandrakes a renewable resource and giving funcaps 80% wetness resistance and lamps as a permanent light unless turned off or destroyed (also make lamps brighter underground than on surface. MISERY TOADSTOOL This variant is a joke right? this boss has 99999 and only gives you one new item compared to regular toadstool as well as one extra funcap blueprint. whats the item? sleepbombs! this items is really strong no doubt,but you need 1 shroomskin for every 4. this should be buffed to 6 or 8 and the hp should be reduced to around 80000. the final reward for misery toadstool could be MISERYCAPS,Miserycaps can be farmed using the mushroom farm and can be used for deadly poison weapons such as spears,traps,darts,staffs! poison deals more dmg the less hp a target has. Bug and Frog type creatures (Merms,Frogs,Toadstools,misery Toadstool),(spiders,mosquito,dragonfly) are immune to poison dmg So these are my suggestions and thoughts are the current bosses in DST,Hopefully you can think of some suggestions yourself and find this interesting. Cheers
  7. I personally think royal jelly is quite underused in terms of recipes. Jellybeans are awesome but its the only thing you can make with royal jelly. So i have a idea on another use for royal jelly. Since there is no coffee in DST perhaps players could put royal jelly and volt goat milk to make some sort of drink that can act like coffee. it can be a bit annoying to travel in DST since the worlds can be quite large and switching world to small or medium can hindrance the playthrough. This also makes another reason to fight queen bee since she is one of the harder bosses in DST.
  8. Magic Bottle Lanterns

    Version 1.1.4


    These bottle lanterns are pretty, magical, and useful! Use your magical knowledge to build these mysterious lights - they look so pretty, there can't be any harm, right? [STEAM VERSION] Thank to Mobbstar, who nudged me in the right direction for some of the coding. Features: - Custom art - Custom animations - Custom strings for all base and DLC characters - Base, RoG and SW compatible - High cost magical-tier items - Automatically lights up/active at dusk, turns off for the day - Permanent light, no fuel required - Destroyable but fire proof Name: Glowing Bottle Recipe: 2 x marble, 2 x fireflies, 2 x nitre (Prestihatitator) Effect: Just a light in the dark. Name: Menacing Bottle Recipe: 2 x red cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x red gem (Prestihatitator) Effect: There's something about this light that frightening, and has a bad effect on your sanity. Name: Icy Bottle Recipe: 2 x blue cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x blue gem (Prestihatitator) Effect: A bottle covered in frost, it cools you down. Name: Peace Bottle Recipe: 2 x lureplant bulb, 2 x fireflies, 2 x spider gland (Prestihatitator) Effect: This sweet, calming light will make your foes give up their chase. Careful, it doesn't stop them getting angry again! Doesn't work on giants, ghosts or shadow creatures. Name: Tincture Bottle Recipe: 2 x eggplant, 2 x fireflies, 1 x purple gem (Shadow Manipulator) Effect: This mysterious light helps to heal the lifeforms around it - including your foes! Name: Ember Bottle Recipe: 2 x carrot, 2 x fireflies, 1 x orange gem (Shadow Manipulator) Effect: This light will help to warm you up. Name: Sunshine Bottle Recipe: 2 x honey, 2 x fireflies, 1 x yellow gem (Shadow Manipulator) Effect: Feeling a little crazy? This light will help you feel sane again. Name: Poison Bottle Recipe: 2 x green cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x green gem (Shadow Manipulator) Effect: This light will damage those around it. You don't seem to be effected, but neither do giants, ghosts, shadow creatures or clockworks. Feedback & Suggestions Please feel free to leave me feedback/suggestions about: - Crashes, typos or errors - Balance issues (they're meant to be hard to make, since their perma-light is powerful) - Power/feature suggestions - Coding (is there a more efficient way to go about these things)
  9. RPG Items+

    Version 1.2.0


    Steam link : This mod is an updated mod from RPG Items mod by HeavenFall (Questionable Intent) Now fully compatible with Shipwrecked DLC. All items listed below have a 20% chance to gain a magical effect when they spawn (crafted, found or dropped). Weapons and armorpieces get different effects. The effects on weapons are heavily influenced by the attack power of the weapon, while the armor effects have no particular scaling. An item that gains a special effect will display a (?) next to its name. This indicates the item is unidentified. Use a Magnifying Glass (available in the Tools crafting tab) on the item to identify what effect is present on the item. Examine the item after it has been identified to get a more detailed explanation. Note that the effect is active whether you identify it or not. If this mod is activated in mid-game then all existing items in the game will have a 20% chance of recieving an effect. Once an item has an effect it cannot be removed. * indicates a visual effect will play when the effect triggers Weapon Effects: Flaming - Sometimes ignites flammable targets * Leeching - Steals health from targets on each hit Freezing - Sometimes freezes freezable targets * Minimizing - Sometimes shrinks and slows targets * Vorpal - Very rarely instantly kills targets * Blessed - Deals additional damage (20 percent) Well-crafted - Deals additional damage (10 percent) Telelocating - Sometimes teleports targets away * Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Terrifying - Sometimes causes target to panic * Poisoning - Sometimes deals double damage over time * Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Curses: Slippery - Can slip out of your hand when used * Disappearing - Sometimes vanishes when used * Thorny - Deals 1 damage to user when used Weapon & Tool List : Axe Golden Axe Ham Bat Spear Tentacle Spike Dark Sword Thulecite Club Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe Hammer Shovel Golden Shovel Pitchfork Cane Bat Bat Pick/Axe Fishing Rod Bug net -- Shipwrecked (new) Machete Luxury Machete Cutlass Supreme Harpoon Trident Armor Effects: Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Fireproof - Reduces fire-damage by a third Cozy - Small protection against freezing Dapper - Small bonus to sanity Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Healing - Slowly heals wearer over time Faster's - Reduces hunger drain Quick - Increases speed Sentient - Helps wearer understand Science Entombing - Sometimes freezes attacker if struck * Wish-away - Sometimes teleports attackers away * Curses: Hungry - Increases hunger drain Heavy - Decreases speed Tickling - Prevents sleeping Armor and Clothes List: Grass Suit Log Suit Night Armour Marble Suit Snurtle Shell Armor Thulecite Suit Football Helmet Beekeeper Hat Shelmet Thulecite Crown Miner Hat Beefalo Hat Feather Hat Top Hat Winter Hat Spiderhat Rabbit Earmuffs Tam o' Shanter Dapper Vest Breezy Vest Puffy Vest Torch Umbrella Lantern -- Shipwrecked (new) Seashell Suit Limestone Suit Cactus Armor Horned Helmet Particulate Purifier Pirate Hat Captain Hat Lucky Hat Life Jacket Sleek Hat Snakeskin Hat Snakeskin Jacket Windbreaker Blubber Suit Shark Tooth Crown Dumbrella I'm not including any Obsidian items, since they already have their own perk. Please let me know if there's any bug or crash, I've fixed some of the bugs but not 100% sure if everything works as intended especially the weapons which I haven't really tested.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Downloads for the weapon tutorial
  11. Hi guys, I made a mod to add a structure to the game, the Synthesizer. It is a structure that, when fed with a resource, produce a number of that resource after a time (for common resources, it pop 5 new after a day, but for boss resources, it's only one after an entire week). basically anything that's pickable can be added to the mod, but I limited it to resources so the player can have an infinite amount of finite resources, like gears. You won't have to worry about not finding more gear anymore ! Now for the art. The machine grow the resource like a bee box, so resource appear one by one and can be collected early to stop the growing. What I need is a structure like this : Kinda like the science machine. It has a base structure, an oven opening (open when you can add stuff in it, closed otherwise), a dial with the number of item currently harvestable, a thermometer to show when the next item will end, and a weel that show that the item is currently synthesing (synthetising ?) something. Of course, thoose elements don't have to be exactly what I wrote as long as they serve the same purpose, if you have ideas, feel free to tell them. As you can see, i'm a big d*ck in drawing, even more on a computer. I need someone that could draw the elements in a don't starve style, and make the animations (I think I could manage the animations if you don't want to.). Help me please so you can use this mod as well ! It's currently 90% functionnal, and I just need the animations for last tests ! thanks a lot !
  12. Well I tried asking in other thread but they seem dead.. So I'll let myself post a new one. If I have working handslot item in Don't Starve, what I need to do to make it work in Don't Starve Together? The Item is character specific, comes with the beggining of the game and is not craftable (no recipe!) Yet no addictional functions, it's just plain like spear - sharp/weapon tags. When I start the DST server only the host gets the item. Also somehow the HP,Hunger and Sanity of my char are messed up. I think it's ok without the item added (the issues ONLY FOR GUESTS) Host always works fine. I guess it's some small line missing but I can't figure out what and where :/ So basicly: what is the difference between DST and DS hand gear mods? What to add? :/ Sorry if its stupid question.
  13. I want to make shining hand item - weapon kind. My base was lightbulb at first, and then "torch" but there came an little issue... I tried following codes: local assets={ Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.tex"),} local prefabs ={ "torchfire",} local function fn() local function OnEquip(inst, owner) owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_orbstaff", "swap_orbstaff") owner.AnimState:Show("ARM_carry") owner.AnimState:Hide("ARM_normal") = SpawnPrefab( "torchfire" ),.125,.125) local follower = follower:FollowSymbol( owner.GUID, "swap_object", 0, -110, 1 ) end local function OnUnequip(inst, owner) = nil owner.AnimState:Hide("ARM_carry") owner.AnimState:Show("ARM_normal") end local inst = CreateEntity() local trans = inst.entity:AddTransform() local anim = inst.entity:AddAnimState() local sound = inst.entity:AddSoundEmitter() MakeInventoryPhysics(inst) anim:SetBank("orbstaff") anim:SetBuild("orbstaff") anim:PlayAnimation("idle") inst:AddComponent("inspectable") inst:AddTag("sharp") inst:AddComponent("weapon") inst.components.weapon:SetDamage(48) inst:AddComponent("characterspecific") inst.components.characterspecific:SetOwner("wayrra") inst:AddComponent("inventoryitem") inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "orbstaff" inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/orbstaff.xml" inst:AddComponent("equippable") inst.components.equippable:SetOnEquip( OnEquip ) inst.components.equippable:SetOnUnequip( OnUnequip ) return instendreturn Prefab("common/inventory/orbstaff", fn, assets)I also tried the lightbulb one but didn't work at all.. local light = inst.entity:AddLight()light:SetFalloff(0.7)light:SetIntensity(.5)light:SetRadius(1)light:SetColour(230/255, 230/255, 100/255)light:Enable(true)After using torchfire the item does shine when Equipped and stops when not equipped but you know how the torch/willow lighter looks - it has FIRE ANIMATION (yellow sparks, flames thing following the torch stick) Is there anyway to remove showing of flames and leaving only LIGHT? I tried commenting out some lines but effects where like: NO LIGHT AT ALL or LIGHT + FLAMES visible -.- Guess I'm lost :/
  14. i have attached the log file, but i keep getting an error, mainly Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager. repeatedly, any ideas, help much appreciated! log.txt
  15. I support the idea that bones could be used to tame Hounds in the game as i had also though of this at once point (taming hounds), maybe if they worked in a similar fashion to the smallbirds where they require feeding maybe via a different structure like a dog bowl because having a horde of hounds to fight for you does seem a little easy considering how often they show up and how easily bones from a rabbit for say could be acquired.Another use for bones related to the idea of hounds could be a Pole that stops the dogs from following you like the eye bone from chester, i can imagine having dogs follow you the entire duration of you play through become annoying in some cases... the Pole could look similar to a stick with a bone hanging from it out of reach from the hound like a comical motivation tool seen often in treed mill acts.I apologise if this is not the type of feedback that would be appreciated!
  16. How on earth do I make taffy? Is it a crock pot recipe? A drop? I don't get it!
  17. has anyone discovered how to get it? i have done this: searched around the world(being insane but only in daytime) killed monsters (the ones that drop monster meat) while being insane, tried to kill crawling horrors [impossible(even with tentacle spike and full armor set plus wolfgang )] , and sleeped while in insane state, if anyone has already discovered how to get nightmare fuel please tell me
  18. When a treeguard appeared... T_T, i was at day 7 or 6 i think, nothing to defend myself...
  19. Thanks!I opened a poll for it... How does this make the game easier?.. except for the marbles the item effects are quiet "low powered".
  20. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number - Issue title Strange graphics on start page Steps to reproduce Open Don't Starve Describe your issue
  21. What if pirates spawn sometime after you put too much gold in one chest? They would dock their ship at the coast then try to steal items from your chests (like krampus) and, instead of disappearing into a magical sack, they would run back to their ship. New mobs:Pirate- spawns in groups of 5-8. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, Cutlasses, and Muskets]Captain- spawns from ship once all pirates have been killed. [Drops- Gold Nuggets, and Captain's Hat]New items:Cutlass- has the same durability as the spear, and does more damage than tentacle spike.Musket- can fire 50 shots before breaking, using Musket Balls as ammo.Musket Ball- Used as ammo in a Musket.Captain's Hat- obtained by killing a Captain. When wearing this, you can trade gold to a Captain for Musket BallsMaybe even a boat or other items on the ship.
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title Items all locked again, research points at 0 Steps to reproduce The issue appeared when I opened the game after updating chrome, and is a permanent issue during gameplay. Describe your issue After I updated Chrome, I continued my game only to find that my research points had been reset to zero, and everything I'd unlocked was now locked again! It took me quite a few games (and a fair amount of gravedigging and ghost-dodging) to unlock everything, and to have to go through that again without the help of graveyard items is pretty daunting. I still have all of my items from when I unlocked them the first time around, like my gold tools and alchemy engine, but I just can't make any new ones. I'd really love to get back into playing, is there anyone else who has this problem, or any way it can be fixed?
  23. Suggestion: Distract Items

    New Distract Item: Blinding Dart • Blinding Dart: Throws a dart that blinds the enemy for 5 seconds. Any guards near the blinded target will be distracted.
  24. Hello forum! I had a thought whilst exploring some unmarked graves to the North of my encampment a couple of days ago. I had packed my kitbag full of essentials to last the night, but in a somewhat foolhardy moment decided to pitch my fireplace next to a rather large spider mound...the long and short is that I spent a *very* eventful night dancing with spiders and turned out to have been very fortunate in finding a short lived amulet in a gravestone earlier! Anyway, I digress. I thought, seeing as being out at night seems very dangerous surely spiders must be able to see in the dark? Their nightly activities and big eyes certainly suggest a certain nocturnal preference! - Now most animals that can see in the dark have reflective lenses within their eyes. Considering the beautiful, yet haunting lighting given off by fireflies, I propose that spider eyes also gleam with a similar light. Potentially only if lit by the ambience of a campfire or other light source... Imagine wandering in the woods at night with nothing but a torch or mining helmet to suddenly see hundreds of gleaming eyes staring back at you from the darkness! - Truly an eerie, if not terrifying sight to behold! What do the rest of you guys think? Gleaming spider eyes or no? Let me hear your responses and comments Spook x
  25. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Invisible birds on traps Steps to reproduce 1. Put a trap and bait it with berries 2. Left it and come back after a while Describe your issue I left those traps on the floor with berries as a bait and I went exploring into another island. When i came back to my base i check them and there were no birds but the traps were jumping and jumping like if they had trapped something. Still i got the loot but the birds were invisible.