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  1. The problem is when you disproportionately damage the experience of normal players for the benefit of slightly slowing down cheaters. It's silly, and the patch did more harm than good overall, and should be reverted for next forge. It wasn't even a bug, it's technically an exploit. The game is working as intended, just not in the way the developers foresaw it. The only people I see actually happy it's gone don't really understand the validity of manual anim-cancelling as being fun and adding to the experience, whether from lack of an attempt or apathy I can't and won't say. And sometimes (admittedly rarely) exploits can add depth to the game, especially when they require skill to pull off, such as in the case of manual anim cancelling (which I'll defend as requiring skill, how many people could single target manually?). I've said it before I'll say it again:
  2. What my good pal John Watson of the Klei Entertainment Forums here meant was type /rank Starving in #bot-channel to join
  3. Hello All, It just occured to me I've never posted the link here to Don't Starve/Together, which is the closest thing to an official discord server the game has featuring: - 4000+ members and currently growing - actual game developers on the server - associated with the wikia and subreddit - unique community partners linked to our server - hosts events regularly for users to partake in If you're looking to find others in the community, talk about the games, or just hang out, it's the perfect place to do so! Anyone is welcome to join. https://discord.gg/dontstarve
  4. Perhaps some new character mechanics would be interesting, could be a good way of facilitating a possible rebalance in a way that feels more natural and less out of nowhere.
  5. I mean those statements are a little ironic don't you think? You just stated you don't really know much about it and then stake a pretty strong claim about it. I personally found enjoyment in practicing it to improve my skills and achieve more in the forge. This post surmises my thoughts best: So sure it may have been dumb to you, but perhaps consider it meant a lot more to other people in the community. Or at a minimum that the patch didn't do what it was intending and limited normal people while barely touching scripters. Besides that I agree 100% with everything else you said.
  6. I got participator :'(

    This is so sad Alexa play Despacito
  7. I got participator :'(

    Man I'm so confused how did those non-Maxwell peasants get into my game?
  8. This doesn't mean Willow didn't start the fire, it just means Winona saw Maxwell around the time of the fire. Maxwell himself doesn't really seem to have the personality to do the dirty work, it'd make more sense for him to persuade someone else to. While Willow burning down the factory doesn't have anything more than circumstantial evidence it does make sense from a character development and historically accurate standpoint.
  9. Clickbaity Titles for your ??+ servers.

    Wow you're aren't even going to credit me? For shame! /s
  10. Personally I spent ages perfecting single target, it's not an easy task to put it lightly, but greatly improves the mage character as a whole. I love it when games have a skill that takes time to perfect and anim cancelling was a great example of it. For the beginners there was staff multitargeting which boils down to spam clicking on multiple enemies and is easy to master For the intermediates there was dart multitargeting which requires a rhythm click with proper target switching on multiple enemies and is a step up in skill For the experts there was single target anim cancelling which was by far the most difficult to pull off and required tons of skill and practice to complete properly but greatly enhanced the experience. And now thanks to the patch all three of those are gone for everyone (except cheaters, great), mage feels sluggish and boring, the game is much more now hold f to win.
  11. I got participator :'(

    This meme has gone too far
  12. I don't see anything wrong with manual anim cancelling, it was scripting I didn't like. Manual anim cancelling actually took practice and effort at, so I'm not happy it got patched out (while scripted barely got hurt). After many hours of practice, me and @Fidooop had barely eeked out a leaderboard score on the boarrior and once it had been "fixed" we got screwed because we don't use scripts and now couldn't even compete. Now that the incentive to script is gone I see no reason to bring back manual anim cancelling, it hurts the regular players we can't do it and the scripters still have their scripts.
  13. It means a lot to me genuinely that someone would respond. I'm glad you guys took the time to read through this and do at least something about the issue, so kudos to Klei for that. Hopefully this means that we can have anim cancelling for normal people brought back as now the incentive to script it has been removed. That'd be absolutely perfect!