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  1. Realistically you might have to set up a fire farm to kill them for you. It's a bit tedious but it'll work. This is the best video on the subject I could find for Don't Starve Together. There's a more efficient one for DS.
  2. It would be cool if at a minimum Microsoft and Steam could work something out (Xbox and PC). I know they're not exactly buddies but there has been some cross-platforming there before.
  3. PVP event

    Really not a fan of the PvP in the game. It's currently super unbalanced so unless they buffed certain characters and nerfed others me and a lot of the community wouldn't touch it. Sure I might open it once or twice just to see what the heck is going on, but it would kinda suck to not be able to feasibly play my main. Perhaps if they balanced the characters in the game so that not any one was utterly better combat wise then maybe, even then I still would find it mildly distasteful (Don't Starve Together). They did a decent job of balancing in the Forge. I don't mean to be a jerk about this idea though I just think it could use some work
  4. Yeah as far as I know they've never released a set of rules regarding what is and isn't ok (in terms of idling and idling mods). I agree that it'd really help though, and possibly stop people from accidentally making mods that aren't OK with the company. I didn't even think of the possibility it was a steam anti-cheat, but considering how severe they are when it comes to stuff with the community market this is a completely valid point. Unfortunately unless Klei were to release an official statement on this question we won't really be able to know. In reality, I could see the mod being taken down by Klei or Steam equally.
  5. I doubt he got banned for just Godmode idling, mostly because I don't think it's illegal. Sure, it's in poor taste but they still paid for the game and they will play it how they see fit. However, the fact is the mod probably got taken down for a good reason, so even if you had downloaded the mod manually I wouldn't recommend flaunting it (or using it), it could potentially result in a reprimand or worse. It crossed the line somewhere. Note: I'm not condoning idling in any way. In fact, I think it's messed up that people actually set it up so they have multiple accounts and idle for skins for the purpose of making money, not playing the game. The mod I'm sure helped facilitate that, so Klei removed it. As for the people claiming it got their accounts banned from using the mod, whether or not that's true it should be enough of an answer for you.
  6. Massive fps Drops

    I have a similar issue on long-term hosted servers. If I set up a dedicated server I don't get this bug however so I don't know if that's related. Generally around day ~130 it'll occasionally start clicking between 30 and 60 fps and progressively get more often over time. Thankfully it never reaches a point where it's unplayable, it's just a minor distraction.
  7. a normal day in DST

    That's just plain evil kek
  8. Honestly it looks better in my opinion with the high waistline. It looks kinda funky normal.
  9. Considering that very little has been done with Willow and Woodie I wouldn't get my hopes up. If they're gonna do a rebalance they've shown no signs of interest unfortunately.
  10. I'M THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER I'M SO SORRY. So I did some research on the error, and as it turns out it's not a true "error" and the server was running THE ENTIRE TIME. I just connected to it and everything, I feel like the biggest idiot. The reason I couldn't connect earlier was that I was trying to do it through the hosting UI when I just needed to go to the server list and find the server manually and connect as a player. Anyways, thank you so much for the help, I seriously appreciate it. Me when I realized that the server was completely functional despite the error:
  11. Hello! Thanks for the responses, I've been trying them out and here's what I've got so far. Changing the port results in the same error (unless there's a specific alternate port I'm just missing). I've double checked and there are currently no mods. The good news is that running the server in offline mode makes it functional, I was able to connect with no issues or socket errors, although I don't know what the implications on fixing the online error this brings up. Here is the master log for reference: Here is the guide I used for setup for reference. It's by Ipsquiggle I'll be testing if it'll work caveless in a bit, once I figure out how to disable them. If you need any other logs or the like just let me know and I'll post them ASAP
  12. Thanks I'll try disabling windows firewall and my antivirus then running it. We'll see what happens. Also thanks for actually responding! I appreciate that someone took the time to read through that awful log and try and help me, hopefully that'll fix it. EDIT: Unfortunately the error persists, and I've disabled windows firewall as well as my antivirus completely. I'm not sure if there's any other firewalls that could be blocking it but I'm doing my research to see. It's possibly caused by a damaged winsocket so I'm gonna try to repair it
  13. I can contact them asking for it to be opened, otherwise any other ideas? I'm kinda at a loss unfortunately. I sorta assumed it had something to do with the portals being inactive but I'd have no idea if that's the actual cause.
  14. Just a quick update. I completely unistalled the game and everything to do with it entirely manually from my PC to start over completely fresh. I followed a different guide this time (the one of the forums by Ipsquiggle), and followed the instructions closely. The issue still persists, however at least now it's generating the two servers for the caves and overworld. but it's still giving me socket error 0. This is the log for the Master This is the log for the caves: Any help? Or is just because my ports are closed? Perhaps I could input something different for the default ports and that'd work? I'm really confused, and not very knowledgeable about this kinda stuff.
  15. I've been attempting recently to set up a dedicated server for me and my friends recently because I'm on a really fast, public Ethernet, using a pretty powerful PC. However, after attempting the several different guides I've run into a serious issue. I can get the Dedicated server to load up and generate, but it keeps giving me a socket error 0 and if I attempt to connect in game it'll tell me that there's been a network issue. Here's the full information: I've attempted and re-attempted this several times with fresh reinstallations to no avail, I always get hung up here. One thing I think may be causing it although I'm no pc expert is the fact I'm unable to port forward, however it won't even load up the two separate command prompts for the caves and master, so I might have missed something else.