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  1. This is pretty much what it's looking I'm going to have to do. I was hoping to solve the issue in earnest here but I'm not going to waste my time or beleaguer the point further than this considering there's legitimately nothing I can do to stop him in this case. Hopefully he'll decide to change it after all of this, but as of now all I can do is inform my users the best of my ability.
  2. I guess respectfully requesting someone doesn't use the identical server name to the one being used for the unofficial DS/T Discord is just too much too ask? I even was recommended to post on the forums by a developer on the subject, so I'd say it's more than warranted. Like I get it may just seem like just a name/description, but this dedicated is associated with the DS/T discord and it's genuinely causing confusion every time a new person is going to join and they're seeing two servers with the same name/description. It would take @ButteryStancake less than 5 minutes to change the name/description to something different, and this entire issue would be resolved. I would just change my server's name again but there's no point in doing that as he'll just copycat it again.
  3. How now, @ButteryStancake I discovered this when using the browser once again. This seems uncalled for, why would you rename your server name/password to once again confuse my users further? This appears really immature and petty on your part, I'm sad to see you stoop to this. I have chosen to do the mature thing and simply change the old name/description, and your response is to merely copycat the name/description identically once again? For shame. There was no need for this after we'd already reached an acceptable resolution before. I respectfully request you change it to something else in order to stop confusing my users.
  4. The issue should be resolved then, and how I chose to approach the situation is up to my own personal choice, as contacting the developers is an ability I specifically had. To clarify, I went to Peter for guidance on the subject (as it was a fairly unique situation I have never encountered before), and even specifically stated I did not think there was really anything I nor Klei could do about the issue, which is why he suggested I make a forum post, in order to potentially resolve the issue in an amicable manner. I'm glad to see this has worked, and the issue should be fixed now. There shouldn't be any overlap and concerns of renaming have been clearly addressed in this situation, allowing both of us peace of mind that there won't be any more confusion.
  5. Your "joke" Name and Description has caused much confusion on my server, and while I recognize there are several minor differences, regardless it is more than similar enough to cause confusion for my users, inconveniencing significantly more. However, since you appear to be unwilling to repent on this issue, I have no trouble changing my server name and description to something different accordingly, allowing you to maintain your specific name/description for your inside joke As such this should solve the issue and we can both move on with our lives.
  6. I'm not, I literally just pinged you in the same message to make sure you got notified. Now would you please stop copycatting my server? It's not cool, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop.
  7. @JohnWatson Mine is the official one associated with the DS/T Discord, the issue is that @ButteryStancake has his server name set to the identical Name and Description, and it's confusing users from my server. I don't know the motivations for this but I'd prefer it if he'd change the name/description to something completely different and not confuse my users.
  8. Hello all, A while back I decided to start hosting a dedicated server for my discord, which is currently the closest thing to an official DS/T Discord ( A bit after that and I recently noticed another in game server piggybacking off of mine's name/description in an attempt to confuse the users from my discord and leech off of it. I was unsure if there's anything that could or can be done, and as such contacted Peter asking about it. He suggested I post it here for more guidance on the subject. Again I'm not really sure if there's anything that can be done about it, and I'm pretty sure if I just change the name/description/password the other group is going to do likewise. However this has been confusing some of my users attempting to join the discord's dedicated server, and I'd prefer if this weren't the case.
  9. That would definitely explain why only some of the animations are choppy, specifically running, yet some aren't, like tree chopping. Thanks for the clarification. I'm assuming there's not really any way to fix this, considering neither the host or my PC should have any trouble with syncing (good internet, good builds, etc.)
  10. Hello, I currently am running a dedicated server and as per user request have manually edited the server's tick rate to be 60 in the cluster.ini After doing this however when I logged back into the server I noticed specifically character animations appeared to somehow be running at a lower fps than the rest of the game (not lag) just extremely choppy and frame skipping. I assumed this was because my the game for some reason in full screen locks to a client refresh rate of 30, but even upon running it in windowed mode at an a refresh rate of 60 the game still looked choppy. I'm unsure if it's being caused by a compatibility issue with my monitor or graphics card but the game refuses to allow a 60 refresh rate in full screen (still 60 fps however). I use a GTX 1060 Windforce and Generic PnP monitor (64hz) and have encountered similar issues with other games in the past. Also it's worth noting the game will somehow completely refuse to run in full screen and at a refresh rate of 60. Despite manually editing the settings in the client.ini it will automatically launch the game in windowed mode with a low resolution if I even attempt to launch at a 60 refresh rate. Any help is appreciated.
  11. I'm so sorry Peter
  12. You shouldn't try to balance a game from a griefing perspective in my opinion, look how well it went last time they did that. I say caveat empetor, in this case let the server owner beware, as it always ends up boiling down to anyways. Attempting to quell griefing did absolutely nothing to stop it or even slow it down as anyone can still make a torch, anyone can still take valuable items and disconnect, anyone can still set up portal traps, anyone can hammer a base while the owner is away, etc. If you don't like it don't run pubs and if you want to run pubs have some sort of antigrief or just accept the risk (and use rollback). But attempting to balance the game around stopping griefers is a fruitless effort that only results in the situation we have right now.
  13. Inventory burning lol It's not rocket science to implement and it'd make her 10X more useful in DST. It's destructive abilities are also its downsides, you have to be careful and actually think when doing it, otherwise risk consequences.
  14. The only reason I've "repeated" it is because you keep on retorting to it, and I keep pointing out that it's a real issue in response. If you don't like that then stop responding to the point. Furthermore, it's not my job to fix the issue, I can give suggestions if I want, and state I like ideas of others, but there's not some sort of legal obligation for me to actually do something about it. With that being mentioned I already said I'd be cool with some action on it, because I'd like a rebalance, not because it's my job to make a rebalance happen. This is a decent example of an ad hominem fallacy, not much more can be said. If you think I somehow enjoy the disorganization or talking about it I can assure you I don't, I call it a problem for a reason. None of this is bad, I'd be fine with these changes being added to a manifest* to be worked on by the community. As for Willow goes I've spent some time in discussion about two major changes: - Fire immunity being brought back -Inventory burning, maybe somewhat nerfed, being brought back Really if you just added those in perhaps with a couple other lesser tweaks it'd be a genuinely good buff that's been much needed. At first I advocated initially for the total reversion of DST Willow to DS but since then I've relented on this point (I'd still personally be OK with it of course) due to insanity fires leading to unintentional base griefing. Honestly I say caveat empetor but apparently that's actually a very unpopular belief to hold. Regardless, full DS Willow (with inventory burning and everything) would be more than enough of a buff to make her a fun character again. I'll be honest as far as Winona goes I haven't really played her much and cannot offer well thought out insight as a result. I'm not dumb, I can see she doesn't have a lot going on, but I'm not sure I'd be a good authority to make any suggestions to rebalancing her in a way that's fair and makes her more fun. *Addendum: Actually, I think the idea of a community lead manifest might not be the worst idea to create a foundation to run a poll from. Controlling it would be difficult but if executed correctly it could be a uniting force.
  15. A more accurate way of describing it would be "ideas of a similar vein" as the ideas themselves vary wildly in both constitution and impact they would have on the game. People make a variety of differing conflicting suggestions that could potentially have significant unintended consequences, or no impact whatsoever (or just be unrealistic to implement). For example, I've heard of suggestions to give Willow literal pyromancing magic and also heard suggestions to make bernie fight back, one of which is insane and would make her OP and the other which wouldn't change a darn thing in the slightest. Don't even get me started on Winona rebalances I've heard suggested, some of those come straight out of left field. Actually finding rebalances for each character everyone can agree on is a nearly impossible task, and while it doesn't require 100% community support, even one dissenter in the thread may be enough to get Klei to reconsider. And that's the issue I'm addressing primarily. Anecdotal evidence is meh. That goes for me too. Finally if you consider three messages in a thread "ad nauseam" that's uh, well that's something I'm not quite sure how to put it. I'm all for actually doing something, but first we gotta actually get a rebalance people can agree on, and until then I'm not going to shy away from the fact the community appears to be incapable of agreeing on seemingly anything. You know what has been done ad nauseam? The number of rebalance threads that fall apart into petty arguments from disagreements in rebalancing. Along with that is the wildly differing suggestions given by the community which have clearly not been thought through all the way. I'm still a fan of rebalance threads, I think their existence is important as a message, but that message won't be coherent until they're saying the same thing in detail, not just in the general sense.