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  1. A little bit early, but in celebration of April Fool's I went ahead and made a joke/bootleg Klei banner for the Discord. I didn't make "Don't Crave" or "Don't Feel Strave" of course, those are classic inside jokes passed around in the community for a while now, but I figured it would be best to add them, however I would also like to design my own DS/T bootleg covers. Everything else I created/edited though In my opinion I think "Symbol of the Shinobi: Redone" turned out the best.
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  3. Made a post asking for people's opinions on the subject, as I'm genuinely curious to see what people think.
  4. Not gonna lie the ability to stack multiple BERNIE!s was actually sort of amazing and I don't want it gone. And in comparison, it still wasn't as OP as say, Wicker's Tentacles so I don't really see a reason it needed to be removed, unless there was a large community backlash or something I just missed. Like I get it clearly wasn't intentional but sometimes things work out for the better by chance, people seemed to really love the BERNIE! armies from what I saw.
  5. Pretty straightforward, whenever struck by lighting or using mods to run the "shocked" animation her torso disappears. This is only in her newest skinset.
  6. I just spent 41 minutes on this bullcrap to not get it. I'm genuinely angry right now what is this. I know 100% for a fact I didn't die the entire game even after rhinocebros
  7. This is absolutely beautiful, I want this to be a thing so much now. I was toying with the idea of making chester hulk Hogan so you could have both as followers
  8. Just an update on the "art" I think it'd be great if he constantly flew around the player talking about Wrestlemania, how he's gonna take down "the hulkster," and "the cream of the crop" Unfortunately I don't know anything about modding, I can do the assets but I wouldn't know where to start to actually implement this This is what I imagine it saying:
  9. Is this a repost from the Don't Starve (Together) Discord mayhaps?
  10. Oh hey I remember this thread, it's been a while. I've got some pages to go through.