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  1. There's a lot to digest here, perhaps it would be appropriate to add a TL;DR section to the post to make it more manageable . I do not mean anything rude here, but to be honest with you this post is attempting to tackle too much in a singular post. As a result much of the wording here isn't the best and it's confusing at times. I would have recommended you decide which major point you care the most about and make a post discussing solely that. If you are actually attempting to reach out to Klei this would have been the best route to go with, as your points would have been much more digestible and easy to discuss, but I digress. Anyways, from my understanding of reading this the main points are: Newcomer bias, the game is too easy and appears to be focused on attracting newer players more than satisfying "veteran" players The game has poor balancing, with the reworks showing some issues with Klei's process The game is too easy, part 2 featuring possible solutions Starting with the first point I tend to agree that the game is generally easy. However I think that's it's unfair in this situation for the most skilled of the community to determine what the "right" level of difficulty would be, as each person, no matter their skill level is different in what they define as being an enjoyable experience. Not only is that Klei's responsibility to do so, but they furthermore have a legitimate incentive to make the game as newcomer friendly as possible. They want to sell copies of the game, and they want user retention, both of which are aided by the game being manageable for players just starting out. While it's usually a flawed argument to make, I do think the modding solution is applicable in this situation. To the second point I think it isn't correct throughout this post to assume that "veterans" are a monolithic entity, and seems to entirely ignore the question of how do we define a "veteran" for starters. And the final issue with this is that you speak as a spokesperson for them, which is not accurate. When it comes to good discussion and debate etiquette it is incredibly important to recognize that you can only state you represent a group that you know shares the same opinion on a subject as you. A better way of wording this post would have been "veterans who agree with me haven't been fans of the rebalances appearing extremely polarized in application." While I appreciate you attempt to list some of the issues with the possibility of a "veteran" beta you don't address nearly as many as you need to. For example the point of how a "veteran" is defined is only vaguely hinted at with the statement of being Klei selected. The problem here is that any such system would certainly cause issues and accusations of favoritism in the community. Klei would have to set the bar somewhere, and a lot of people wouldn't make the cut who would then proceed to be angry, and present an issue to Klei. Polarizing the community is usually not a good idea, remember the Hamlet Beta? Even if Klei were to set the definition based on something quantitative, for example hours, that would present tons of issues as well. Hours are not an indication of a player's skill level. I know people with 2000+ hours who require assistance from mods in order to survive a full year. While it is usually a rough approximation the inclusion of a beta would 100% lead people to intentionally idle for hours, a problem already present in the game, or just cheat their hours on Steam. Finally, the beta would require a code, and I do not believe for a second such a code would be able to be kept private. Someone would talk, and within a matter of hours the code would be widespread throughout the community. I've gone on a bit too long here so I'll avoid getting into the third main point too much besides suggesting in future posts avoid giving lengthy solutions and repeating yourself in different sections of the same post. Also when you word a post in such a way it is a "letter" to Klei you have to be extremely careful to not come across poorly, otherwise the post likely won't be well received. TL;DR While I don't disagree with everything this post is saying, I think the points selected weren't constructed well and the wording was overall poor in quality. I do not mean for this to come across harsh, everyone starts somewhere and you are entitled to your own opinion which is completely valid. I just recommend taking the time to ensure your posts are well constructed, and perhaps running them by multiple people of differing opinions first.
  2. Apologies for the late response, I've been super busy today! I'm glad to see most people seem to be able to agree on this, which admittedly is a bit surprising but I'm impressed. This was really informative, thank you! Also the idea of it being a DLC I would love! It'd allow Klei to earn a profit yet keep the same storefront page on Steam, and also give users the 64 bit update everyone seems to agree would be good. While it's not a 1:1 example this does appear to be solid evidence to me the issue of a 64 bit update splitting the community likely wouldn't come to fruition, thank you for the information! Also good to know, backing up that there likely wouldn't be compatibility issues. That was quite the read but it brings up a lot of really excellent points, while also being reasonable in the fact that Klei is considering not just the high-end rigs when they make decisions, which is an important consideration I admittedly glossed over in my initial post. It's good food for thought, thanks! Anyways thanks for the updated information on the subject! I'm glad that it appears my research ended up being decently close to the mark, and again I'm impressed that everyone seems to agree 64 bit would be a good option for DST.
  3. Preface: For starters? What is this post about? Well, it's a more technically focused discussion about the viability of a 64-bit structure to DST and why that it would potentially be a good idea for Klei to implement in the Windows version of the game. As well in the process I'll attempt to address some potential issues and concerns to the best of my ability, however I am not an expert on this issue nor do I claim to be one. If you see anything that is factually incorrect in this post please leave a comment to correct me. It will not be intentional, as I've tried my best to do research and discussion with more technically minded friends and several very "important" people who've explained why 64 bit on Windows would be a good but challenging thing. Why would 64-bit be a good thing for the Windows version of DST? It's important to understand the fundamental difference between a 32-bit structure (the one DST is currently using) and that of a 64-bit structure (the proposed improvement). 32-bit programs are limited to a maximum processing power of 4 gigabytes, which while more than enough to merely run the game, presents a significant limitation if one wishes to apply a large quantity of mods or host long-term servers* (which slow down relatively soon after launch). Having DST in a 64-bit structure would, in effect, remove this cap. This means servers would run better even in the long-term, and users could apply significantly more mods with a far less risk of the game lagging or running into issues. It is important to note that CPUs in this situation do matter, however I've found that the difference is marginal between a decent rig with 16 gigabytes of ram using a relatively nice CPU versus a laptop with a much worse CPU and only 8 gbs of ram (when one should obviously be much better). *I am aware that using dedicated servers helps "double" the ram usage as the dedicated server is being run off of a separate exe, but even that starts lagging rather quick and is fairly limited in mod capabilities It would also increase what mod creators are capable of doing with their work. Especially in mods which plan on utilizing more than two shards eventually, such as Island Adventures. No longer being limited to a maximum processing power of 4 gigabytes would allow more creative freedom. In a similar vein I have also heard a 64-bit version would fix the rather constrictive workshop upload limitations. This however I have not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt (If someone knows the answer please comment below). To my understanding, 64-bit would allow for all the assets in-game to be essentially turned high definition. Because of the way assets are currently loaded to save space they're compressed into a small size before usage leading to that blurry distortion on multiple items. This however is also unconfirmed but I've heard it from several of the people I've talked to in discussions while researching for this post. What are some of the issues? I think it's important to address by far the largest issue in the room, which is the cost of such an update. To my understanding, and from personal discussions with several key folks it is to my knowledge upgrading DST to 64-bit would be an expensive process, and in order to justify the effort required, Klei would need to receive some form of compensation (which is completely understandable). One solution which was offered to me was the potential of releasing an "HD" edition of DST on Steam, specifically structured in 64-bit. While this is a rather on-the-nose upfront cost I believe a majority of the active community would be fine with this decision, as long as the Steam Inventory is shared and some compatibility with 32-bit players and servers is maintained. Granted, it has recently been brought up that Klei is making a 64 bit version of DST, however it is solely for a version of Mac unfortunately. This does bring up questions of whether or not funding for such an improvement would be as necessary as previously assumed however. This would, however, based on the most recent information available to me be a confirmed issue. .Another potential issue would be cross-compatibility. Now on this subject I'd personally like to hear more, because I've heard that having two versions of the game, where the only difference is the structure, would both wildly split the community and also not be an issue at all. And since I'm not technically knowledgeable on this subject, I don't know which is true, if either. So if someone with more knowledge on that would like to inform me and the forums on that specific issue it'd be much appreciated. What I can say is that splitting the community, specifically in a game like this, would be an understandably bad idea, and should be avoided at all costs. So what's the takeaway? In my opinion, upgrading the current 32-bit Windows version of DST to 64-bit would be an excellent idea to improve user experience greatly. While there are a few concerns I think overall the benefits here would outweigh the costs assuming the only real issue that comes to fruition is the necessity of marketing an "HD" version of DST to the playerbase, something I think the vast majority of players would have no issue with assuming a shared Steam Inventory and compatibility with the 32-bit players. Apologies if this post would be more appropriate in suggestions/feedback however the purpose is more to see people's thoughts and potentially start discussion on the subject, which I think would be better suited for that goal in general discussion. Again if there are any edits I need to make to this post please comment below informing me, and feel free to discuss why this is a good/bad idea!
  4. Made a post asking for people's opinions on the subject, as I'm genuinely curious to see what people think.
  5. Not gonna lie the ability to stack multiple BERNIE!s was actually sort of amazing and I don't want it gone. And in comparison, it still wasn't as OP as say, Wicker's Tentacles so I don't really see a reason it needed to be removed, unless there was a large community backlash or something I just missed. Like I get it clearly wasn't intentional but sometimes things work out for the better by chance, people seemed to really love the BERNIE! armies from what I saw.
  6. Pretty straightforward, whenever struck by lighting or using mods to run the "shocked" animation her torso disappears. This is only in her newest skinset.
  7. I'm so sorry Peter
  8. Delusions of grand forge is bugged

    I just spent 41 minutes on this bullcrap to not get it. I'm genuinely angry right now what is this. I know 100% for a fact I didn't die the entire game even after rhinocebros
  9. This is absolutely beautiful, I want this to be a thing so much now. I was toying with the idea of making chester hulk Hogan so you could have both as followers
  10. Just an update on the "art" I think it'd be great if he constantly flew around the player talking about Wrestlemania, how he's gonna take down "the hulkster," and "the cream of the crop" Unfortunately I don't know anything about modding, I can do the assets but I wouldn't know where to start to actually implement this This is what I imagine it saying:
  11. What am I making?
  12. Is this a repost from the Don't Starve (Together) Discord mayhaps?
  13. Geni's Random Art thread

    Oh hey I remember this thread, it's been a while. I've got some pages to go through.