A Touch of Halloween

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Meat Effigies!


First you use them to die a few times in strategic places.  This gives you . . . . . SKELETONS!


After that you put a few up because they look creepy.


Consider going insane if there are rabbit holes nearby, beardlings are kinda creepy looking to my eyes.

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i know you said no mods, but theres this one mod that allows you to go trick or treating on certain nights at pig houses, other than that, try dressing up as different things!


None of those are verified for said mod:

Bush hat + Log suit = Tree

Miner hat + Pickaxe = Miner

Top hat + Sweater vest + Cane = Dork

Bird hat + Spear + Trunk vest = Hunter

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Leave a bunch of monster meat lying around close to your base walls and lead some pigs over to it. Enjoy the resulting werepigpalooza from cover! (If you don't have convenient walls, a Bush Hat will probably work too.)


Maybe plant some spider dens in places where they'll look good and not get in the way, too.

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