Tips on surviving winter?

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Trees can still grow during winter.


Crops won't so you'll need to find a way to get meat. I hope you stocked up on berries and other foods.


DO NOT SHAVE THAT BEARD. It keeps you warm.


Build a birdcage and catch a bird. If you get monster meat, turn it into monster jerky. Then feed the monster jerky to the bird within the birdcage. You'll get eggs and can then make bacon and eggs with one morsel, one monster meat, and two eggs.


You can get morsels by trapping bunnies. They still come out during the winter so that's good.


Make sure to shave some beefalo. You can get their wool and their horns to make a beefalo hat. 


Track down a Koalephant too. Hope you know how to do that. It'll help you make another clothing item.

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I second the birdcage, hunting (beefalo or koalefant), and shaving beefalo for wool. I usually make a winter hat as my first "winter gear" since it restores sanity, then go looking for MacTusk after that.


If you don't have tooth traps ready when Deerclops comes around (it can take a bit to get a decent supply), run him into the swamp the second you hear his breathing. Keep an ear out for it around day 31 or 32. As soon as you hear him, run, don't wait for him to spawn at your base or it will be too late.

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If you're using ROG I would recommend moving some moleworms near your base as a source of easy and daily food. Stocking up on seeds should help too, if you really need to.

Is the Deerclops actually a common problem? I've survived on multiple worlds for over 150 days each (257 was my longest run) and I have never seen it in all my time of playing.

Edit: I was recently wiped out by him on my world as Webber, and all I can do is agree. Yeah, the Deerclops is a huge problem :p

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My recommendations:



Since you aren't prepared to fight it, don't.

Instead, have a prebuilt fire or firepit in your inventory as well as enough materials for more fires (if necessary).

The moment you hear the grumbling sounds, alerting you of it is coming, run away from your camp.  No matter what you are doing, just leave.  Run as far away as you safely can and throw down a fire to warm back up.  When Deerclops appears near you hang around for a moment and make sure it starts knocking down trees or whatever it likes to do.  Then run away and back to your camp.  In my experience, it should remain in that vicinity and not at your camp.  If for whatever reason it shows up again, run away again.



I'm not sure where you are located based on the photo so I can't recommend much.  However, if you are near a swamp, take a stroll through it (armored) and pick up any and all monster meat laying around.  Something you can do regardless of where you on the map is make bird traps to get morsels.

Hopefully, you have explored enough of the map to have a good portion of it revealed.  If so, you should see some icebergs grouped together.  Harvest the ice and bring it back to camp.  You can add 1 meat and 3 ice to the crockpot for meatballs.  That should hold you over throughout the winter.  



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I'm fine on food, 30 or so morsels and around 5 meatballs. I have not uncovered a swamp yet.

How are you at fighting?

There is a taboo (well, not "taboo" but mostly "try to avoid") with more experienced players regarding the meatballs. although they are good in a pinch, it is more advised to make "bacon and eggs" as they last longer and has pretty good stats.


Spiders are one of Don't Starve's basic resources: Monster Meat, Silk, Spider Glands/


having one set up within earshot of your base would ensure large supplies of their loot. put basket traps around their spider dens and come dusk, they'll wander out and get snared in the traps and it'll kill them and drop loot. 


Here's a link on accumulating food:


And about trees (they grow even in winter. make sure to replant them so you don't accidentally run out)

Warning, I was ranting there...


And ditto on the winter gears ^

Well, hope you have a wonderful winter:)

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I have not uncovered a swamp yet.


In that case, I'd recommend a heavily wooded forest. As he knocks down trees, usually a couple treeguards will spawn and fight him for you (I've done this with Bearger as well, when I don't have enough tooth traps).


Just make sure you have fire materials handy, as you'll want to hang around and watch the fight to make sure it keeps going, but you'll need to warm back up.


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