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  1. Will this version not have tiny records? I loved the mods, but i couldn't ever find the disks if they were on the ground
  2. some in my experience: zack zach zech (wtf?) Zac Zak Zachary Zachery
  3. Came here only because it has my name in it (Spelled right too!!!!!!!!! HOW HARD IS IT FOR PEOPLE TO SPELL IT Z-A-C-K I MEAN COME ON!) Very satisfied
  4. What's New in Version 1 (See full changelog) melon
  5. Make a deer clops but it'd just be a giant deer in a forest
  6. Get a stock photo of a guy and a dog and get a beard for the guy and replace the dog with a hound
  7. I'm on day three right now and wowoweewa they're super good on day four it says, " I needed a rope to finish my new ideas for rope" there are some spots that kinda skip too. On day four it talks about him using his Science Machine, but it never talks about him making it On day five it says "This would bring y total amount of berry bushes to 5 and it could sustain me for some time." you missed the m in my
  8. A hundred years later, I found the creator, a handsome man named Maxwell
  9. Long ago, the two nations lived together in harmony. Then, it all changed when Willow stole the gnome....