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    Giraffes confirmed
  2. Jukebox Remastered

    Will this version not have tiny records? I loved the mods, but i couldn't ever find the disks if they were on the ground
  3. Melon on a stick!

    What's New in Version 1 (See full changelog) melon

    Make a deer clops but it'd just be a giant deer in a forest

    Get a stock photo of a guy and a dog and get a beard for the guy and replace the dog with a hound
  6. Don'y Starve: The Wilson Diaries

    I'm on day three right now and wowoweewa they're super good on day four it says, " I needed a rope to finish my new ideas for rope" there are some spots that kinda skip too. On day four it talks about him using his Science Machine, but it never talks about him making it On day five it says "This would bring y total amount of berry bushes to 5 and it could sustain me for some time." you missed the m in my
  7. Don't Starve Together: More Maps

    They're compatible
  8. Don't Starve comic #1 Forbitton Knowledge

    Forbidden* Other than that 10/10
  9. The Dreaded Gnome Wars

    A hundred years later, I found the creator, a handsome man named Maxwell
  10. The Dreaded Gnome Wars

    Long ago, the two nations lived together in harmony. Then, it all changed when Willow stole the gnome....
  11. Wilsun dah Gentilmon Scuntist!

    what r u talking aboot this mod 10/10
  12. Feats of the World (Achievements!)

    You could go through maxwell's door to the next worlds...
  13. Is there a download for RoG? All I'm getting is the DST one
  14. Winsley the Culinary Weasel

    From what i can only read, only having the components to make it isn't enough really... For example, what do you do if you are on day 40, out in the middle of the wild? You aren't carrying around crock pot components 24/7, so you starve Maybe make a portable crock pot, one that gets in the inventory.
  15. Don't Starve Together: More Maps

    So you can comment on here, but not in the PM where i need help? k
  16. Don't Starve: More Maps

    How would I go about doing that? I don;t own the game on steam, and all it says is to 'subscribe' to it.
  17. Don't Starve: More Maps

    It said it was enabled on the start screen, and I just downloaded the big green button with download
  18. Don't Starve: More Maps

    The furthest it goes for me is the lights out/ my custom presets. It said the mod was out of date and some issues could happen. Is that it?
  19. Don't Starve: More Maps

    So, I enabled it. Where do I actually set it to be on the specific world setting? It says it's enabled.
  20. Don't Starve Together: More Maps

  21. Don't Starve Together: More Maps

    This mod looks 100/10 can't wait for it to be for vanilla DS!
  22. Minimap HUD

    What do I do if the folder is in there? It goes Mods>MinimapHUD>Scripts>Widgets>Minimapwidget.lua ???
  23. Wormhole Marks

    I keep getting the "Crashed on lat start, automatically disabled" thing. Any help?
  24. Minimap HUD

    I keep getting the "Crashed on lat start, automatically disabled" thing. Any help?