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  1. Thanks for the information, this has helped me out a lot!
  2. I am curious as to how I may determine what mods really do work with 'Together' and/or 'Shipwrecked.' When I start a world and go through my mod list, I only turn on those that are shown as compatible (not marked with an 'X' for that particular version). However, when I start the actual worlds they typically crash. Is there a better way to check? Note, I even have the 'Don't Starve Debugger' mod for 'Shipwrecked' but it just lists every mod that I had active after a crash. I'm including a screenshot of a crashed game (in case that helps those of you smarter than me). I turned on several various mods and received this error when trying to start it up. All of these said they were compatible with 'Together' when activated in the host game > mod section. Anyway, I never had this problem with 'ROG' and the inability to use certain mods that I really enjoy and should be able to is frustrating. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  3. I know this is old but I am using this mod in my current game and had a question. In case it matters, I have the mod set to hard mode. Everything works regarding leveling up my hunger, sanity, and health. However, when adding to my attack percentage (says 20% add per upgrade) I'm not getting that amount. My 59 damage weapon nets me 65 now. It should be 70 damage per strike, correct? What am I missing?
  4. Try a character you are unfamiliar with or that doesn't fit your gameplay style. For example, I like to venture around the map a lot and survive off of the food I find along the way. Wigfrid is horrible at that because she requires meat as well as having to cook it all the time.
  5. Here is an idea I suggested awhile back (similar ideas have been mentioned before but this is how I played it) *note: this was played in ROG and not DST (may be even harder here) No Impact- Normal Setting The idea is to leave little to no trace you were even in the world Self imposed rules were: -Unable to move resources/plants, destroy rocks, pick flowers, carrots, fireflies -Only structures that can be built are Science/Alchemy/Magic machines (can only leave them up for 1 day) -Can kill animals but not destroy the whole community (ex. destroy level 3 spider dens but must replant the egg in the exact same spot) -Allowed to use any found structures (farms, crockpots, tents, etc) -Can chop down any tree that gives a pine cone but must replant the pine cone in the exact same spot *I was pretty lucky with my world generation, finding an icebox in the desert biome.
  6. Is this PvP? Either way, my experience with open servers are that I always need to be on the look out for griefers and/or people that just want to kill everyone as quickly as possible then leave (for the life of me I don't understand how this is fun). So my biggest issue with trying to help people is keeping them, as well as myself, safe. This problem, while annoying, keeps things interesting because I rarely make it past 20 days with anyone else alive with me. Having said all that, I'm basically explaining that I'm jealous of the problem you have. Anyway, I would definitely make sure that every player eventually explores the entire map (even if that means you take them with you on an expedition). The importance of having the whole map revealed will help them to be confident of their world and not have excuses when it comes to needing supplies. Having done that, they should all be able to find resources on their own in the future. Then I may suggest a couple people venture off with Chester and gather as much ____ as possible (when needed). Depending on the character they have chosen, I may help show them the pros and cons of their choice as well as trying to tailor some jobs to their person by having: -Wigrid and Wolfgang decked out in armor and be fighters/protection for others -Webber gather silk, spider glands, monster meat -Wickerbottom make farms, set tentacle traps, assist in battle with her books -Woody chop trees -etc etc Set up outposts in strategic sections of the map (make people responsible for maintaining them and outfitting them with supplies) Teach people to farm nightmare fuel by going insane on purpose (as well as returning their sanity to normal when done) Fortify bases with walls and/or create the "killing room" Transplant spider dens, berry bushes, grass, saplings Harvest ice in the winter How to kite various mobs Teach them to always have the essentials in their inventory and how to be prepared for upcoming seasons (ahead of time) Show how pre-built structures (crockpot, fires) can be useful for emergency situations How to read the map and know where resources you may need will be (also how to clearly explain directions to others) Basically you want to teach them to not need you anymore (just like a real parent does)
  7. PS I rarely if ever bother with rabbit traps. In my opinion, they are a huge hassle to continually check and maintain. Even without Webber, take several traps you would have used on rabbits and lay them near spider dens. Then step on the den and the spiders will come out and into your traps. This will collect you meat, silk and/or spider glands immediately. You won't have to wait as long as you do with rabbit holes. Eventually, there will be no more spiders (till they respawn) but I find it to be much quicker and immediate. If you still need more meat just go to another den and do the same thing.
  8. Only replenish hunger by eating crockpot foods. Rarely does anything else compare. Personally, actual farms (the ones that grow fruits/vegetables are not a realistic way to feed people). They are good for making specific meals to heal health or restore sanity when needed but I wouldn't harvest the crops for anything else. Not sure what characters everyone is playing as but having a variety cooperating together is ideal. Wickerbottom can use her books to replenish farms. In addition, have everyone equipped with boomerangs and have her use Birds of the World along with Sleepytime Stories to gather a lot of morsels. Have two spider dens a short distance away from camp. As Webber, give meat to one spider and attack another from the other den. Both sides will go to war and you should stand in the middle collecting the loot unharmed. Webber should be able to get quite a supply of silk, spider glands, and monster meat from doing this one time. Have a birdcage in order to turn spoiling meat and/or monster meat into eggs. This will allow you to utilize the eggs as filler if need be. There's a decent chance you will be swimming in monster meat if you do as mentioned regarding Webber. Lastly, my favorite thing in the whole game is ice. When winter hits, everyone should go out and bust down every single iceberg on the map and store it all in the icebox. This can be used as filler in many recipes and as long as it remains in the icebox until you use it, will never go bad. Honestly, there are tons of ways besides what I mentioned. However, repeating these few things should keep most groups fed for as long as they want to play.
  9. Can Seed be found at a Server or is it only available as a starting program? Between all the portable servers, pwr augments, buster chips and hacking maxed out I finally feel confident letting Fusion go.
  10. Ping is nice. I used to think it was worthless but now that I'm in a late run endless mode as well I find it come in handy often. For programs, I currently have Fusion, Hammer, Lockpick 2.0, Rapier, and Ping while Internationale has 3 Portable Server III. I might recommend that when you get a chance to start picking up as many Portable Server III as you can find. I make a "base" room (preferably the elevator) and set up with them and several Shock Traps. I don't like to be low on power so a guaranteed 6 every turn (+Fusion's 3) makes things easier. Power Drip may not be good program for later in the game. Power Drip give only 1 power a turn and takes up 20% of your program spots. That's not a good trade off in my opinion. I've always liked Fusion but Seed seems to be becoming more viable the longer I play. Emergency Reserve also seems to reward bad behavior (allowing your power to get too low). I can see why you have it with your current program setup (and am sure it is very useful) but as you get away from that and rely on creating your own power would probably discard it. Lastly, Parasite 2.0 and Lockpick 2.0 are very similar since they both take out 2 firewalls. I used Parasite 2.0 a lot but since it scales up if you use it more then once a round I found that I was paying a lot more in power then if I had just been using Lockpick 2.0. Plus, Lockpick works immediately so I no longer have to wait a turn for unlocks. I recently sold my Parasite for Lockpick and find I prefer it. By changing those things, you would have 3 spots for new programs that may better suit the situations you find more important. For example, maybe you can buy Oracle (takes over a random camera for 4 power despite the firewall number). It looks like whatever you are doing it has been working for you. You don't get 10+ days without doing something right. However, as you mentioned, you are worried about running out of power which is why I suggested what I have. Keep me updated on what you decide to do and let me know how things worked out for you. Hope everything goes well for you and don't get caught out there!
  11. Oh, yes, I have done so many Terminal Runs it is ridiculous. Unfortunately, I finally have some Server and Detention Center missions but are all Plastech (my least favorite due to some guards being able to take over cameras). I did it anyway and ended up with Banks again. Decided to just make her part of the team and fully upgraded most of her stats. Now I guess, I can bite the bullet again and do a Plastech Server mission. Yes, I have been using Xu's augment because it is a concentrated EMP (won't alert guards like a EMP Pack can). Still looks like my best way of cracking safes undetected at the moment. He is also outfitted with a Buster III and Prototype Chip.
  12. In my current setup I am trying to design Xu to be the main safe opener. This late in the game a majority of firewalls have Daemons (and I currently do not have a way to destroy/move them). My idea around this is to knock down their firewalls to a point where his augment can bust them open without triggering them. However, this isn't the best solution because it can slow down the exploration/looting time. How does everyone else deal with high firewalls and daemons everywhere this late in the game? Does an EMP blast open safes (if their firewall is low enough) without triggering daemons?
  13. I waited to buy other programs because I didn't want to buy one only to sell it in the near future (guess I was counting my pennies too much). Realistically, if I had just bought some things earlier, I probably would have been able to get more money each round though. Thanks for the advice, I have managed to survive to Day 10 so far. I did pick up Dagger 2.0 and Ping shortly after my last message. While neither of them are my "dream" programs, they have each come in handy many times. This late in the game, I would love to sell off Rapier, Fusion and maybe Dagger 2.0 for a combination of either Hammer, Hunter, Oracle, Wrench 2.0 or Wrench 3.0. However, haven't run into the programs yet (seem to never have any Server missions) and still need to find a couple more portable servers (currently have 2). Along with those, I am trying to find my ideal 4th agent. I had Banks (never upgraded her) for a few missions but left her behind on purpose before going into a new Detention Center mission. Unfortunately, she was the agent in the cell so I left her again and have remained a three person team. Hopefully, that was just my bad luck in her appearing again and there will be others that I have the option of picking up, correct?
  14. I nabbed one as well as a Portable Server III in Security Dispatch Missions. Haven't used either too much but it does come in handy. Honestly, I think I am getting really lucky throughout my Endless Run (day 6). I could really use some advice as to what Incognita Programs I should acquire (or any other words of wisdom). I've been through 5+ Server Farm missions as well as repeatedly check random Nanofabs but still find myself with only Fusion, Rapier, and Parasite 2.0. I guess I am afraid to make a decision on my last two slots (especially as my hacking needs seem to change as the days wear on). I started thinking that Wrench 2 and Wrench 3 would be the programs I'd finish out my program list with. However, I have yet to find either and am worried that with the upping difficulty maybe something else would be useful. Just not sure what... At this point I am barely getting through levels, as each missions starts with Daemons and requires a key to be found to leave the level. Luckily, I have Xu and he has been breaking open just enough safes to find the exit key. Unfortunately, this can't go on this way.