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  1. (Well since the OP is dead let's make this good.) Wilbur sighed and grabbed a torch. He whistled and Chester hopped towards him. Heading out into the darkness, he let Chester guide him. Chester could see well in the dark, but Wilbur couldn't at all. Since Wilbur could hear the small thuds of Chester's feet, he was always following him. They were exploring at the moment, so they had no leads so far. Wilbur just hoped that Chester knew the way back.
  2. (If he doesn't get here soon we can just do our own story)
  3. Wilbur begins to scan the cave walls, taking note of all the crystals in the cave. They looked valuable, that much was already known. If he had a way to, he could possibly use the crystals to help him better his magic. After all: knowledge is power, that was for certain. As he finished his thoughts, he speaks out,"I think we should get going somewhere. I know it is the dead of night, but there might be something in these caves that could aid us in some way. What do you two think? I would go on my own, but..." His voice trails off into silence, and he waits for a response.
  4. Wilbur begins to fidget. "High pain tolerance may seem like a blessing, but it can be quite dangerous. For instance, serious injuries may go overlooked and the like...A-Anyway, let me help you out," Like last time, Wilbur's hands glow a deep blue color. He lightly puts his hand over the wound and within seconds, it begins to heal itself. What was different this time though, is that after the treatment was done, Wilbur grasps his head in pain. It went away a short while after and Wilbur was back to his usual self.
  5. "The only reason I did not say it was fast was because I have never seen it! I tend to stay away from noises like that so...." Wilbur says in defense. "Erm...Mina...Something smells of copper. Are you bleeding?" Wilbur sniffs the air and sneers. Wilbur looks around aimlessly before he realizes that Mina's leg was bleeding. "Um. Mina. Can you not feel that injury? You should at least be wincing or something!" Wilbur frowns. Wilbur thought a bit about why she never noticed it. Either it was something that only occurred recently or it's been the norm for quite some time now. Either way, he had to do something before she bleeds out or worse...she could di- Wilbur stops himself from thinking the last part of that word. He had to have some hope that they'll get out of here. But he had an issue to attend to right now.
  6. Wilbur turns to Mina and thinks about saying 'I told you so', but it wasn't really like him to do something like that. Shortly after, a hiss is heard and Wilbur flinches. "No no nooo...." he mumbles under his breath, covering his head again. "M-Mina? Did you have a torch? You really should not be taking risks like that," He says,"Are you hurt? If you are then let me know,"
  7. The screams began to get louder and the cave shakes a bit. Wilbur covers his head and tries to think of something to keep his mind off the terror surrounding him. The shaking ground didn't make it easy, however, and he started shaking in fright. It felt like the cave would collapse under that tremor. Whatever was making that noise, it was big and not far from where they were. The thought terrified Wilbur.
  8. "Are you blind?...Heh..." Wilbur laughs a bit, pointing towards the fire. He then goes back to eating more fruits and berries.
  9. Wilbur looks at Mina and sneers. "Eels? I don't really eat meat all that much," Wilbur says," I'll just eat the food I have in Chesterfield," Wilbur takes out some berries and other fruits. He was going to start eating them when he heard something else. A scream. "Did anyone else hear that?" He says, standing up shaking slightly. A few seconds later, the sound of a dial-tone mixes in with it and makes it sound distorted. Wilbur, wanting to avoid danger(but mostly wanting to stay away from the noises) sits down and starts eating to put his mind on something else.
  10. (Good idea Mina) Wilbur was an elderly man where he comes from. 30 is quite old on his planet, and his hairs were graying out slowly. He wore this white headband to keep his hair from falling over his face, so the top of his hair sort of gathered at the top while the rest of the hair flowed at the down to the center of his back. He had a small mustache on his face with slightly bushy eyebrows. He never opened his eyes because he thought it'd be odd to walk around with his eyes wide open and not have an explanation for not seeing things. His blue robe had two small pockets on them. He wore sandals, but they were hidden away under his robe.
  11. Wilbur wakes up and turns to a figure slowly approaching the group. He stood up from the ground and backed away. "Who are you and what is your name?" He questions. Wilbur picks up Chester and stands there staring at the figure.
  12. "I really, really do not like caves. So. Many. SOUNDS. I do hope we find a way out soon," Wilbur shakes a small bit in fright. Wilbur flinched at every noise that the cave made. Even if it was just a rock hitting the ground Wilbur would cover his head in fright. He's been having to deal with the drawback from the magic he uses his entire life. Sure it changes you, but he didn't think it could get this serious. Wilbur sits near the fire, setting Chester down. Through the small hole in the roof of the cave system, the sun was finally starting to set and the moon could be seen from behind the clouds. Wilbur, not being able to see what was going on, finally manages to sleep a small bit.
  13. Wilbur sighs and shakes his head. It was just like back on Fritforn. Nobody seemed to care. "Life magic is all nature. It is not just living. I have no clue what made you believe that is what life magic was, but whoever said that, they are ignorant. Oh, and life is not just practical problems, you should not take life for granted. If you really think it's a bunch of problems, then I am more than happy to be your end," Wilbur finishes, and his hand glows a black aura for emphasis. Wilbur turns back to the male standing on the edge of the clearing. "I forgot to ask you your name. What might it be?" Wilbur motions to make a small fire pit next to him. He takes materials out of Chester's mouth and lights the fire. "We will be staying here for the oncoming night. You may join us if you wish,"
  14. Wilbur chuckles to himself before giving a thoughtful look. He strokes his beard lightly and keeps walking forward. Chester was a helpful guide when he had nobody else. "I actually practice life magic. It was a custom for my family back in my home world Fritforn. After my father passed away I was the only existing life mage. I actually began to teach it to my nephew Isa, but I am here now...And, no, I can not make ice cream appear out of nothing. I could possibly take the materials of ice cream and rearrange them, do not have them with you. So, no ice cream, so sorry," Wilbur says. Wilbur and co. begin to arrive at another pile of rubble. There were rocks scattered across the ground, and the rubble seemed disturbed at the top. Wilbur hears footsteps approaching and angles his head toward another trove of crystals. Chester jumps into Wilbur's arms and grows silent. "I want you two to stay close, this area is not familiar. I really would not like to experience a dirt nap," A figure enters the area and steps into the shadows after leaving the crystals. The figure pauses, looks around, and steps into the light coming from above. It was another person, a young male.