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What's this?

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It's the Treeguard's shadow.


How did you ever come to notice it?


It's not the leif's shadow. When a thing throws a shadow, that shadow usually has the same shape, but is stretched away from the lightsource's direction. That's not the case here, most notably because the spiky things are pointing up and not down like the leif's needles.


I already told y'all, it's Jack Skellington! :p

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Okay folks, here's a list of reasons speaking for a shadow creature of unknown type:

  • There's no things known in the game that have such a silhouette. Especially none as seen on the poster.
  • In order for something to cast a physical shadow, there needs to be a surface to cast it on, which is lacking in this case.
  • You can see the shape of trees (1st image) through the figure (2nd image)

Further info (that doesn't necessarily imply a shadow creature):

  • The thing seems spiky on it's back (or head?)
  • The thing has no legs
  • The thing is hidden behind the leif
  • There's only creatures that existed back when the poster was made.
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