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  1. The crash with same error happend also when I traveled through wormhole and pop out on swamps. Not sure because it was still blackout when crashed, but it could be an tentacle.
  2. I just created new world. I found a rook set piece, and I wait for him to charge at me, but the moment the pre-charge animation ended and the rook should start charging, the game crashes.
  3. And 3. Why there is a option to turn on/off anotations? I haven't found Any, so is there something hidden?
  4. 1. Have you read the description of video? The 0 and 1 is translated to: "too late too late too late" 2. Can anyone read the letters in the video?
  5. Guys, I checked the quote files: ALTERGUARDIAN is the name of Celestial Guardian EDIT: ALTERGUARDIAN_PHASE3DEADORB = "This power, it feels like... but it couldn't be...", ALTERGUARDIAN_PHASE3DEAD = "I don't know what to believe. All this time, I thought that They were...", this 2 lines of Maxwell quotes also makes me corcern what are we about to deal with now...
  6. @Pyromailmann Sory, but I think, that this topic hasn`t been ended, and we still don`t know the minning of this, so we schould try to solve it. It looks like a 10/11th puzzels, and I want to get info from it, and I think here is a Post for it. If you don`t want it. Leave this post. I hope that Peoples, that want to solve it will come here and we will try to do it together. I started, and now I`m waiting for others that will participate in it.
  7. I found one more thing:http://dontstarvetogether.com/resumptus/ It`s the anser, about Maxwell`s items
  8. I`m not sure in which film exacly, but in one of them there is a QR code, that bring us there 4 times after refresh you can see letters behind the Maxwell. You can see it too, uesing -"show backgrund foto". Maybe it`s conectet? Back to fight. The flashes can be a Mourse alphabet. Can anybody cheack it Sory for my only quite good English!
  9. I use it only to show it, becouse he help me with solveing this errors
  10. 113 downloads

    Mod with errors I will (or not) put it here, after solve all errors (my first mod with items)