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  1. And today it's back to normal. I think perhaps I plugged in my USB connection before or after playing. I can't remember which.
  2. When I started up Shipwrecked yesterday (I'm playing with the beta material but no bugs) I found the usual button order for my controller had been switched. the A button, which usually allows for picking things up, chopping trees and the like was now the B button, and the B button, usually for jumping off boats or cancelling out of menus, now did what the A button usually did. Prompts had changed to agree with this, but when I tried to reset the controller settings or manually make A the default action button in the controls menu it didn't work. Swapping A and B in controls did work but I've also found I can no longer hold down the A button to continuously chop trees and such, which will be a pain. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  3. 1: Yeah, 'ats some good gloves. 2: I'm thinking WX's would be a stand themselves, Artificial Heart, able to bring to life inorganic machines. 3: If I develop this idea more, I think after dying and coming back or an encounter with Charlie, Wilson's stand becomes Triangle Man, able to blend the unknowable magics of nightmare fuel into higher level items. 4: Not as far as I know.
  4. I’ve been thinking about crossing the idea of Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with the survival game Don’t Starve (because I’m a huge nerd) and this is one of the ideas. Particle Man - Grants Wilson the ability to instantaneously bring together objects and raw materials to create tools and structures at a moment’s notice. Art by aipod, who has commissions open!
  5. Still getting that glitch where you harvest some grass during strong wind but it still looks like a fully grown tuft. I've only seen it happen in the flooded marsh area though. Maybe it has something to do with the update that keeps them hydrated in dry season?
  6. Later, I followed another trail and found a visible blue whale. Maybe I'll see if I can work out where I left invisowhale.
  7. Seven tons, can no longer be stunlocked and now it's invisible! Playing as Walani. World settings: No Monsoon Floods (I think) No Meteors No Prime Apes. I've failed to track down a whale a few times (Including one where the bubble trail lead off into the edge of the map mists) but managed to get one. Only, it's invisible. I can still hear it and have the option to attack it but I can't see it. I haven't tried fighting it.
  8. Have SW, playing in RoG World, playing as Wilson, only customisation is that I'm not playing with wildfires. Throughout Summer, none of my grass or twigs wilted in the heat. My farms did dry up as normal though.
  9. Have SW, playing in RoG World, playing as Wilson, only customisation is that I'm not playing with wildfires. As the title says, I've found I can use cooked red and green mushrooms to fuel my endothermic firepit. I don't know if it works with blue or uncooked, I'll have a look later.
  10. Playing in RoG, have the SW expansion. I'm almost up to summer and none of the berry bushes I've picked have produced a gobbler. I'm guessing this is related to SW since RoG was pretty tight- bug-wise.
  11. I had a similar issue. Tentacles spawned, I went away to arm for a fight and couldn't find the head. Should it show up on the mini-map? Either way I searched pretty systematically and couldn't find it.
  12. I've recently started a new game with Wigfrid, no world adjustments applied. I'm finding that items I create from the crafting menu that go into inventory slots (Tools, Refined items, etc.) arrive with a wetness effect. They dry off fairly quickly though. I'm dry, my source materials are dry and I've had this problem since before the first rain of mild season. This problem does not seem to apply to crockpot food and, though I'd need to double check, I don't think it's applied to structures. I did only notice this problem after I'd crossed some ocean on a bamboo raft, so I'm not sure if it started before or after that.
  13. Question for the developers, was Warly originally programmed for RoG or base DS? I ask because I notice his comment for Bananas was something along the lines of how bananas from caves was kind of weird, which indicates he was originally intended to get his bananas from The Ruins.
  14. Just had a bit of a weird one with Beefalo. Some of their face elements disappear in certain animation frames. I'd suspect the issue is related to the update for the Water Beefalo in SW. (Compare top left with rightmost. Horns and snout are absent.) This normally happens during their idle animation, I think.