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The Fire (Willow's Backstory"

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Where is part 3? Bring it out sir, or in my passion i shall kill everyone in this room by giving them syphilis!

I'm sorry, but didn't you see the note that said, "My grandma died, and it took a huge toll on me. I can no longer continue," I kind of find what you said a little insensitive.
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a little insensitive.

I think what Prussia means is VERY INSENSITIVE. I don't care if you really want the next part to come out, respect the author's wishes. This is their time for mourning, they have lost someone dear to them and if they don't want to continue and you don't like it then GTFO. Edited by Lee An
My anger makes me forget things.
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Very sorry for the bad news, I would be very sad as well if my own grandmother died.. My grandmother took care of me ever since I was born..Quirky story to cheer you up; it's related to fire (or this thread, in this case):My grandmother and grandfather used to live in a traditional house (long time ago), and I used to visit them occasionally and sleep in their houses for few days. One day, my grandfather burned some of the garbage near the house, the wind was strong that day. The house caught on fire and burned the house down, so my grandparents had to move away. None was hurt, thankfully.Apparently January 10th was the day when children celebrated the new years with fire, by lighting a rusty metal can with flammable things inside, then spinning it around in the air with a rope.True story.

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