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  1. I think what Prussia means is VERY INSENSITIVE. I don't care if you really want the next part to come out, respect the author's wishes. This is their time for mourning, they have lost someone dear to them and if they don't want to continue and you don't like it then GTFO.
  2. All the more for the fans to salivate when you see him.---- More art. I think I prefer drawing Wendy (pre-game).
  3. Thank you. Slash? Kay, coming up. (Though I dunno when I'll get time to draw with all my BLARGness.)--- Because of my bad mood recently, I was only able to make this.
  4. It's so beautiful. *tears* Also I am now stalking you on Steam.
  5. I'm not yet ready to take that leap SirMentlegen. Why thank you. ----Art Below
  6. Now, I'm a bit nervous. Did I do something wrong? Why are you scared? I don't even know anything more. ---(For the sake of keeping the thread in line.)
  7. At least you get money. I has none. That church is beautiful. *wipes tear*
  8. Really, where? I just scribbled it down a few minutes ago. O.O (Should I be scared?) I am a non believer till I see proof and even then I will deny all people who say I draw better then them.
  9. Plundering villages for their bacon and bacon related goods? I was one too, back in the day.
  10. Both me and Juju looked out the window when we read that. (Even though you're in Malaysia.) How is it creepy? I thought I kinda owed you more bacon. I will attempt to make more bacon for SirMentlegen.----
  11. It's really hard to keep up with you guys seriously. Yeah I understand. I get that from lots of people. (Surrounded by Asians, they are even in my house. O.O)
  12. I come to save the thread? I dunno, recognize me as just Lee. I prefer it anyways.
  13. For anyone who wants to know. This is JUJU's true identity. (Did you forget the idenity crisis?) My name is LEAN. Pronounced like the 'have some lean meat' or 'can I lean on you'. My mom is very creative with um names.Edit: Gosh damn do you guys post quickly. Can barely type a message before I have to edit things again.