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My concept of the names starting with W and Maxwell name starting with M, reversed,W.


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So here's my concept; The letter W could switch to the letter M in worlds, which Devs. have said will be made in Campaign, I imagine a demonic world, where you have to fight Maxwell,and the story concept (my story concept) is that Maxwell is your demonic dad, and you're a test of your dad, as he tests your skill of survival, he named all his children with the first letter of their name with a W, since M is the word of power.So heres my concept of how you beat Maxwell, if you have to fight him; You craft a mirror, and you look into it.Your name changes to Milson, and You grow taller, and Hell-ish, Demonic-ish, (Your character turns red,) and you fight your dad, Maxwell, and send him back to the pits of hell, then you get the character,Wortox, which is your dad, Maxwell in the demonic version.



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As interesting as that concept is, I'm gonna go with what Science said. Besides, if it was canon about them all being related, I (and some others I'm sure) would feel really awkward about... um...previous thoughts on some characters. >m>

Though the mirror idea itself is interesting, but what I picture is instead of having the characters become demonic looking, the entire screen just flips upside-down. Wouldn't that throw you off? :D Hell, maybe Maxwell could just flip the camera any direction he chooses, diagonal, sideways, spiral...okay maybe not spiral.

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Everyone saw this coming.


You sir are a mentlegen and a scholar... of salted meat.

I like the idea of Maxwell, as the monster he is, raising his children in such a way. Or rather, I think it's a neat concept. One thing though, Abigail is Wendy's twin sister right? Maybe that's why she had to die.

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Wortox was just one of his minions.

Makes me wonder just what connection Wortox, Wilton, Webber, and Wx78 have with Maxwell, the last three being unfinished characters.

Wortox could have been his minion, but then why would Maxwell send him to die in the other world anyways? Did Wortox defect, or simply get the short end of the stick in all of this business despite his loyalty?

Wilton is just a skeleton, so I don't know what Maxwell would have to do with him. Maybe he resurrected Wilton just to trap him in the other world, just to see him suffer and go mad since apparently not even starvation can harm him anymore (I'm assuming getting smashed by a Treeguard is just as destructive to your existence even when undead)?

I got nothing with Wx78. Maybe Maxwell wanted to see if machines could suffer just like humans?

Webber might have some connection to the other world's spiders, perhaps a former leader or mutant version cast aside to prevent him from getting in Maxwell's way?

This can keep going all day and night long. Haven't even gotten into these guys' deaths (excepting Wortox, who is a demon). Maybe they were all actually people in life, but Maxwell took the extra step of twisting their bodies to match their minds and personalities (Wx78 was machine-like and stoic, Webber loved spiders, etc.)? Who knows, let's keep the ball rolling.

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