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  1. Strong criticism? Alright, I think the blank eyes for the girls are out of place due to the difference in art style between DS and MLP:FiM. If you kept the Victorian/Tim Burton/Paper Cut-Out style except with ponies, it would look fine, but the far less strange and dark aesthetic of MLP doesn't work well with DS' dark character designs. On a similar note, all of their eyes are just a tiny bit too small, try making them a little bit bigger. Also, don't be afraid to make them look a bit cartoonier and stray from the "pony formula". If it works for the original designs in-game, it'll work fine in art too.
  2. Well, time to reply since I've been away for a bit and I'm bored:1. How smart someone is based on who ask, and is subjective. People tell me I'm smart, yet I feel like a moron quite often. Who's right? Whoever you ask, obviously.2. Of course I don't know you. I don't typically make a habit of looking up every tiny detail about someone before posting a reply to them. Besides, actions can stand on their own without any history or backing, and your actions there were simply annoying.3. I never said insane, I said nonsensical, AKA "not making sense". You can still be perfectly sane and do things people don't understand. The closest possible thing was saying the character went a bit loopy, which is still not quite insane.4. I did. She went loopy, as I said she was wont to do in rare circumstances. That is anything but typical. Also, I haven't watched that dub-over of the show, and it shouldn't even matter since that's a fan-made thing and not the be-all-end-all canon.Well, I have no idea why I just debated the canon of ponies with someone on the forum for Don't Starve, but it's been fun. Sorry for any accidental derailing.
  3. Makes me wonder just what connection Wortox, Wilton, Webber, and Wx78 have with Maxwell, the last three being unfinished characters. Wortox could have been his minion, but then why would Maxwell send him to die in the other world anyways? Did Wortox defect, or simply get the short end of the stick in all of this business despite his loyalty? Wilton is just a skeleton, so I don't know what Maxwell would have to do with him. Maybe he resurrected Wilton just to trap him in the other world, just to see him suffer and go mad since apparently not even starvation can harm him anymore (I'm assuming getting smashed by a Treeguard is just as destructive to your existence even when undead)? I got nothing with Wx78. Maybe Maxwell wanted to see if machines could suffer just like humans? Webber might have some connection to the other world's spiders, perhaps a former leader or mutant version cast aside to prevent him from getting in Maxwell's way? This can keep going all day and night long. Haven't even gotten into these guys' deaths (excepting Wortox, who is a demon). Maybe they were all actually people in life, but Maxwell took the extra step of twisting their bodies to match their minds and personalities (Wx78 was machine-like and stoic, Webber loved spiders, etc.)? Who knows, let's keep the ball rolling.
  4. Forget monster meat, throw grass tufts (what you get along with cut grass when digging up grass with a shovel) into a science or alchemy machine. Not sure how many research points each one is worth, but I unlocked pretty much everything to craft by just researching grass tufts over and over for ages.
  5. That, or she's immune to it in several ways just by her nature, since she's an unhinged pyromaniac (and by extension a light-maker), as well as unusually cruel and dark. She doesn't seem to know it personally in any way, but her partial insanity plus her somewhat evil morality means she typically doesn't fear other "dark" things.