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  1. Make it smaller.Make them mini chapters, then you'll get more people.Try to post them every now and then so people get jist of what's happening.You seem like a good author, keep up the good work man!
  2. Hi!My name is iDrew.I'm an 12 year old guy who draws and sketches for fun!I usually spend 5-15 minutes on each character sketch.[4/25/2013]The character sketch today is...Warlner; The laid back walrus.
  3. Sklurm, I got a game that I can trade now for GTA, message me please!
  4. Yeah, I didn't like it that much..I pirated it at first, didn't like that much..
  5. Night, send me a trade and I'll accept when I wake up.
  6. So here's my concept; The letter W could switch to the letter M in worlds, which Devs. have said will be made in Campaign, I imagine a demonic world, where you have to fight Maxwell,and the story concept (my story concept) is that Maxwell is your demonic dad, and you're a test of your dad, as he tests your skill of survival, he named all his children with the first letter of their name with a W, since M is the word of power.So heres my concept of how you beat Maxwell, if you have to fight him; You craft a mirror, and you look into it.Your name changes to Milson, and You grow taller, and Hell-ish, Demonic-ish, (Your character turns red,) and you fight your dad, Maxwell, and send him back to the pits of hell, then you get the character,Wortox, which is your dad, Maxwell in the demonic version. WORTOX
  7. Send me a message if you're willing to deal.
  8. I decided that that was a huge difference between 11$ and 15$. I guess I can stick with just GTAIV regular edition. steam: