Suggestion: Trike! (And other stuff...)

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Hey, guys! Sorry for not being around, I was having tests on my college... now that I am done with them, I can come back to this forum and fuss about!

Now, for the suggestion...

Lots of people (myself included) complain about having to run miles and miles to get resources and come back to camp, losing precious hours in walking around just to get to where they want to go. Some have suggested riding Beefalos... well, I come to suggest something much bolder. This:



I shall.

Wilson is a scientist, not a shepherd, sooo... he must BUILD his ride instead of domesticating one. So, I present to you V.A.L.O.R (Vehicle Assembled for Lots Of Reasons), or, simply: The Trike.

What it does?

I won't answer it...

How it works?

It works like the good old trains. Smoke and heat moves it. Put wood/lumber/charcoal/WHATEVERTHATBURNS inside its Engine and it will start working, then you can happily ride it wherever you wish... until the fuel is depleted. So you have to feed the engine to make it work, making it so you always need fuel, and when you have none, your Trike will be useless. AND while the Engine is working, it produces light (for obvious reasons) making it possible to travel even if it is dark!

What is it made of?

I thought of 2 ways of building it:

A- Just gather the resourses, and build it, like you would anything else.

B- (a.k.a. the funny way) You must build the parts, and use assemble them to build the Trike. The parts: 3x Wheel, 1x Engine, 1x Trike Body. This is my favorite way, I'll explain...

The parts:

Thinking that the parts should be really expensive, since the Trike would be too technological to the world the game is set on, I came up with the following recipes:

The Wheel:

6x Boards

6x Rope

8x Twigs

The Engine:

8x Cut Stone

2x Log (to make wooden pipes...)

The Trike Body:

12x Log

8x Beefalo Wool

2x Twigs

6x Rope

Sounds cool, right? Yeah. I know...


Oh, boy, you sure are loud, aren't you..?

That is something else I thought about: The Cart!

You would build it with 2x Wheel, a bunch more Boards and a Chest to make that. The idea is having a way to carry the Chests aroung with you. And, if you wish so, making a kind of "train", carrying more Carts with you Trike. I thought 3.

Why I think that building the parts individually is so much better? You can think of other things that can be built using Wheels or Engines. I even thought about making it possible to carry the Science Machine with a Cart, for example.

Let me know what you guys think of it!

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Well, they can always tweak the recipes to make it easier to build, but I still like the way it looks right now. Yes, it is expensive, but it will give the player too much to get with just a few resources... it is supposed to be tedious to build, so the result feels worth it. I think...

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I don't think it is to difficult to build, after day 50, you've already conquered the entire map and getting resources become easier.

Maybe, but by that time having The Trike® wouldn't be useless? You've conquered the entire map, and gathered more resources than ever needed to make the hardest thing you can build.

I, for one, offer a much affordable transport medium. It only requires a sapling, a rope, and a piece of meat. Use that on a pig and VOILÁ!

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The idea and the drawing is very nice indeed! The thing is, not everyone can build this kind of item, because only Willson is a scientist... so you would have to have some similar concepts for other characters... Willow could travel trough bunny holes or something like this...? :)

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