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  1. Guys, I have an other problem with the keys: I have bought the game already many weeks ago, at the end of september, back in the days and I did not give away the second key as a present yet. Now, when I click on the keys section, it only shows one key and says then: Gift Keys None so did I lose my second key forever or is it solvable...? Thanks in advance!
  2. Just discovered lots of charcoal after my daily arson-run....wondering, if you can use it somehow else and not only for fires...
  3. The big question is, will there be replayability in the game, if you actually BEAT the game with making a portal or beating a boss..? Minecraft and Terraria are so popular because they never end, because you have always stuff to do and so on... If the game will say a some kind of "game over or FIN", then the most part of the players will switch to other games. Because the game will be able to be beaten only with one kind of solution, right? and after doing it once, not veryone would want to do the same thing again to win the game.
  4. Just loaded an old world with the fresh update. While visiting a big pig village with a pig king in the middle of a tree , I experienced high fps drops.. I never had them before... could it be because of the new UI...? The FPS resumed normal, even with 7 pigs recruted to my army after leaving the piggy village and walking to a forest to kill some spiders. Btw, there were 10+ spiders at the nest and the FPS was normal..
  5. Did you try to kill the tentacles?! Now we have 2 new weapons
  6. Voila! PS: unfortunately not ingame yet, had to do it with paint ^^
  7. But than you will have to decrease the strenght of a character proportionally to the if you need 5 hits for a rock at day 1, you will need 8 or 9 at the stage of white beard..?
  8. The idea and the drawing is very nice indeed! The thing is, not everyone can build this kind of item, because only Willson is a scientist... so you would have to have some similar concepts for other characters... Willow could travel trough bunny holes or something like this...?
  9. I think I know a game which you would like...
  10. Did you notice, that if a tool breaks in process of killing someone, Wilson finishes his job with bare hands for a really short period of time?
  11. The ladies should have some completly different mechanics!The next step after long hair and nails is to use "the special days" and get items from them...xDImho, it would be great, not to just repeat an altered mechanic, but to make a completly new one, without collecting some stuff from your body.
  12. Germany here! =)Was excited about the game after watching TBs WTF!
  13. Hi everyone! First of all, just wanted to say, that the game is really special!So, to the small bug:During the exploration i went to mine some rocks, spamming the mouse button like i always do. When one of the rocks was "mined down", the loot exploded out of it and flew so far, that it even disappeared from the screen! It is not such a big problem, because you can just run around and collect the debris, but still, i would say, it could be considered as a strange bug..Thx for the great work!