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spiders won...

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well... sometimes pigs do win....if they can survive the nigth... i dont birbe them, i just leave em there... so when the morning comes the spiders return to their nest... and sometimes in this process a pig attacks an spider... resulting into the inevitable death of all pigs.but if they dont attack and wait for the spiders to return to their nests then you can attack and run and wait for the pigs to kill the spiders. and you get lots of silk... lol, i really dont need that many... just maybe... to make more hats for my pig slaves... ehem... farmers....post-706-13764589215019_thumb.jpg

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yeah... but they will dissapear the next day (if they are still "wild" pigs). the hats will dissapear when they return to their house.BUT if you birbe them first, they will keep the hat as long as they are with you, and you recover the hat when they die. (i lost all the hats in the image)

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