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  1. Would like to know how much time it takes for this queen to become a nest again... !! Would be great if each spider queen would plant at least 2 eggs behind and then turn to a nest again... WHY DO I NEED SPIDER EGGS? ... cause piggies get hungry after a while (...)
  2. As far as I read they leave a nest behind and then wondering around! What about: "Spider queens come out of the highest-tier nests to wreak havoc and spread spideryness." How does it happen!? Day 77 - I start my spideryness research!!
  3. Got important question about farming spider eggs! Basically I am trying to work out how to get 2 (or more) out of 1! If we destroy the highest Spider Den - we get 1 spider egg! If we destroy a spider queen - we get 1 spider egg! That means we have to wait for queen to plant the nest and kill both to get 2 spider eggs! And seems like this is an answer to my question - we get 2 out of 1! However - it takes hell of a lot time to wait for 2 eggs! I mean planting an egg, waiting for it to grow and then turn to spider queen... ? Really? I need to clarify some facts!! First of all - does spider queen plants only 1 nest in her life? Or she keeps planting more and more eggs over the time? (... this could save hack of a lot time to get those eggs - you know... and it would be natural for spider queen to keep producing eggs anyway...) Another question - do we always get 1 spider egg if we destroy highest nest or spider queen? Or I've been damn unlucky getting always one! If so - why there is only 1 spider egg? Would be cool to get at least 2 from a queen you know... HELP!!!
  4. Really sad... Just before the SPIDER UPDATE... At least I've got Wolfgang now - he has more stamina to fight those unfriendly forest creatures.... Auch... Auch... Auch!! ..
  6. I think if something could be done to bunny-hole, so that could become a tunnel to another bunny-hole ?? How about that? And maybe same like with a TENT - option to cross the tunnel disappears after using it once or twice?
  7. Hey, guys! Anyone can help me to figure out how to raise a tallbird? I tried putting eggs close to fire till they crack and then took them away from fire - they seem to bounce, but nothing else happens - when the baby coming?
  8. WAIT FOR IT! It might come close.... ^^ Or take a walk with a torch and find out... hahahaha [evil laugh]
  9. I don't know if it happened to anyone so far - I must be damn special I died AGAIN (!) on my 6th day - from accidentally eating the SPIDER meat! So stupid - I had a fight with lots of spiders, almost died, then cooked their meat for science machine... As I was loading it up in research - my mouse slipped and from RESEARCH it went to EAT... HOW FORTUNATE IS THAT??? What is going on?
  10. Haha - UNBELIEVABLE! 15 days - I had a Log Suit and a Football Cap - burned to death in forest fire!! karetsos - that was a curse!!
  11. It's just getting on my nerves now! haha I got killed by bees; I got killed by wolfs; then I got killed by spiders; I got killed by tree-guard; after I got killed by tentacles; I got killed by pig-monsters; just now I got killed by unfortunate bee-mine experiment... MAXIMUM DAYS SURVIVED SO FAR: 21 (!) (with all the latest patches) I guess I just like to get myself into trouble; after playing 5 days I tend to think I'm Chuck Norris - don't know why?
  12. Yeah - I lost my save ... Reinstalled my Windows, didn't think the save is on my PC as it runs on Google Chrome... However - if I manage to defeat my hunger - I might be back... Who knows ))
  13. Hey, hey! It's been a great fun having battles! Unfortunately my save got lost and I had to start my game from the very beginning.. I noticed the pictures I have posted here - became smaller, so I decided to RE-POST the link to COMIX art in FULL SIZE for download. Links are below: 1) GREAT BATTLE 2) ULTIMATE BATTLE Thanks!
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title ERROR while opening the STEAM game! Steps to reproduce Clicked on the STEAM "Don't Starve" icon on my desktop to run the game! Tried opening STEAM and then running "Don't Starve" as well - same result. Describe your issue Just an error on opening the STEAM version - worked well before the update... ?
  15. My God! This is official death of 40 piggies!!!
  16. Hey! Just reinstalled my windows, chrome. Logged in to my Gmail account and was going to play Don't Starve, - and there was no option to CONTINUE my game! Only - PLAY! what happened to my saved game????
  17. You know, guys, its not funny at all... I've got over 40 piggies now!!
  18. Forget about berries.... You haven't seen my "MEAT FARM" project yet! ^^EVERYTHING GROWS - IM HAPPY!!! xD
  19. How do you fertilize the farm?????!!None of the standard tools doesn't seem to work... :pEDIT: I THINK I NEED A POO!! Right?