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Remove ability to ban people on personal servers.

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Can you just BAN charlie?  No.  Can you just BAN wolf attacks?  NO!  CAN YOU JUST BAN MAXWELL?!? NOOOoooo!!!


I say we remove the ability for admins to ban people on their servers.  Who do they think they are!?





And then the shitstorm of griefers comes and destroys everything. Yeahno, but thank you for your time.

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As a couple have pointed out, Banning is one of the anti-griefing measures in DST. Removing it from personal servers is stupid. But no, you can't ban Charlie, or hound attacks, or Maxwell (he still has 321,645 years until he takes his' first steps out of the portal).

I also can sense some form of saltiness (and or sarcasm).

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