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  1. When the automated notifier triggers and causes your screen to focus on it, if you happen to build something, it will get dragged all the way there causing a lot of build orders, might want a check similar to autosave where the screen focus don't trigger until you release the left mouse button.
  2. Addition: Saving and restarting the game also make them lose their settings.
  3. Wires/pipes/automation behind drywall is still emitting their decor modifiers, despite them being no longer visible when they are built on the same tile. If this is intended, I actually rather to still see them on dry walls for my machines in space biomes, would love a toggle for that setting.
  4. Changing the settings of an automated notifiers is being applied to all automated notifiers.
  5. Autosweeper priority too low

    I literally just said this is not a good solution earlier because other tasks also needs that material....
  6. Autosweeper priority too low

    It is definitely a bug, there's no situation ever an auto sweeper should wait for a dupe to complete the work if the sweeper can complete the work itself in a fraction of travel time. Your suggestion is very limited in its application, currently I have a boiler that relies on making steel with a refinery, because I want as high of an uptime as possible, I gather all the materials into storage containers near it and build an autosweeper, theoretically it should deliver everything and keep the refinery filled all the time, but time and time again it stops working because a dupe decides he wants to bring iron from my base storage to the refinery, leaving the storage container full of iron untouched and the sweeper idling, while my operator had to wait for the dupe to travel half the map to bring in the iron that is already right next to the refinery. I am fully aware you can prevent this by blocking access to dupes from stealing this job, but the example I gave make this fully unviable, as 1) You need a dupe to operate the refinery itself, and every tile you need to open for operating can be used to deliver as well. 2) Iron is used commonly enough that you do not want to store all of them in a single pit that only the sweeper has access to. At the very least, we should be given option to enable "auto sweeper only" for any buildings that accepts a supply task, just like the conveyer loaders.
  7. Idle dupes is often stealing jobs from auto sweepers, resulting in a job that could be done in seconds take way longer due to dupes travelling from the other corner of the map. This can be a big problem for large colonies because if a dupes is looking for work right when a work is available for the auto sweeper, it will get stolen even if they are not idle and wasting a lot of time when the dupe can do something else and defeats the purpose of building auto sweepers.
  8. using multiple outputs in a series in the same line of conduit no longer allow the contents to flow to the next if the output is blocked.
  9. [Game Update] - 346546

    dang, didn't know this is a bug, no wonder the boat i died on went missing when i tried to recover it.
  10. solid oxidizer tank loading/unloading bug

    a save and load seems to fix the bug, also good to mention that oxylite might offgas when dupes are delivering them, causing it to be a few grams short and cause them to deliver again, only to have it a bit short again over and over.
  11. in case you didn't read the steps to reproduce, if you set a buffer to X seconds, with a liquid shutoff it should let X packets go though, however at top speed setting a 200s buffer only lets around 130 packets pass through, my auto rocket refuelers keep fail to fully fuel because of this, and I have the exact same setup which worked in previous versions.
  12. glass maker don't produce requiered glass amount QOL3

    then that's normal, glass is produced as liquid and liquid can get consumed by space.
  13. buffer gate turns off way too early on fast game speed, the timing is correct on 1x game speed.
  14. Freeze on new skill point message

    it just crash the game for me
  15. with qol mk 3, all skills got reset, so if a rocket carrying an old dupe comes back without astronomy skill, the game crashes as soon as the gantry gets extended to it.