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Oh my! Wigfrid ...

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Finally got around to starting a game with Wigfrid.  Wow.  Like, I had heard she was considered overpowered by some, but I sort of disregarded it as showy talk from those who love the challenge.  She REALLY is pretty strong.  And, remember, I SUCK at this game.  I love it, but I'm just really bad.


New world.  Its day 9.  I'm sort of running out of food, since I'm not used to the whole "eat meat only" gig.  I see suspicious dirt piles. "Oh yeah!  Koalefant!  Perfect food source, plus an early puffy vest.  Jackpot!"  I think to myself.  NOPE!  Fooled you, I'm a VARG!


Well, I grab my trusty spear and magic helmet and just face tank it.  Literally just stood there and held the F key.  Killed the Varg and 3 of his puppies.  Ended up with mostly full health, full sanity, and a bunch of monster meat.  "Huh," I think to myself, "that was a lot easier than I expected."


Fast forward a couple of days.  Full moon.  Time to go pickup Glommer.  But wait, what's that noise?  Hound attack?!? Now? Really?!?  Fine.  Grab Glommer and run to my toothtraps.  Except, I don't make it in time.  The hounds get to me first.  The fight begins.  I'm easily handling myself amongst the dogs, but then in the confusion of battle, I attack my mate Glommer.  Oh dang, I KILLED HER!  Poor Glommer.  Finish the Hounds and then, of course, here comes Krampus.  Throw my boomerang to get his attention, and tackle him.


As I step back to survey the scene, I'm again nearly full health and mostly full sanity. Sure, I'm missing my pal Glommer, but I've got her wings and some gloop.  And enough monster meat to have tons of eggs from my birdcage.  In fact, I'm thinking I'll probably start having to use eggs as filler for meatball recipes since I have way more monster meat than I do berries.


Wow.  Wigfrid is really a boss.  I think I'm in love.  Bring on the Giants.

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People say that she's OP, and I guess maybe in combat she is.
BUT. I have seen people have major troubles playing her. If you're not fighting A LOT, like something every day, her sanity can drain pretty fast and you can get stuck in a tight spot with food. To play her right requires a big shift in play style for most people but that's why she's so fun. 

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Her sanity can drain pretty fast and you can get stuck in a tight spot with food.

Wigfrid can 8 shot a terrorbeak (with her starting battle spear) and only loses 17 health if she facetanks it with her helmet on. Sanity is not a problem.

Getting stuck in a tight spot with food is something that could happen with any character, and getting food with other characters is just as easy as Wigfrid if you know basics of the game (birdcage+monster meat+crockpot, not that hard).


edit: I thought Wigfrid can 4 shot a terrorbeak because the battle spear had 96% percentage. But then I saw that it has double the spear's durability (200).

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Aaah Wigfrid, she is <3.


The only time I fail at using her is when I'm switching from Wickerbottom and forget that Wigfrid should always be fighting things to keep healthy and sane. Instead of, y'know, setting up lots of farms and stuff.


Anyway, thanks for this topic. It reminded me too of how shocked and awed I was when I first tried her character. Glad you like her too!

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Well, in all honesty, if you know the ian features of the game, you can get very far and conquer the world in no time, leaving you with nothing to do. I know we have Through the Ages coming, but that'll take time and I'm not sure how the devs are planing to make things seem new even on day 100 an beyond, but I have this thing that I'm planning which will... I think I've said too much already '_'

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Honestly, with every character I've played previously, I have always AVOIDED combat.  I mean, I know its a big part of the game, but I would only do it when necessary.  Fight the spiders just enough to get silk and glands and enough monster meat to keep the eggs flowing.  Kill a Beefalo when I need some big meat.  Mostly use Beefalo and Tentacles as protection from Hounds and Giants.  But my main gameplay was, stay safe.  You are small in this world.  Find something big to befriend and protect you from other big things.  Beefalo / Pigs / even Tentacles / Angry Bees were all tools I used to protect myself from the things that go bump in the night.


Wigfrid on the other hand has taught me to not only face these challenges face on, but to seek them out and assert my dominance over them.  Everything is farmable.  Hound mounds?  Just another farmable source for monster meat and teeth.  Spider dens?  Just another improved farm.  


I have yet to come across a giant, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.  I'm keeping two big meats and a couple of pigskin handy for last-minute crafting of a ham-bat for the massive damage output. And I've got more gold than I know what to do with.  I had like a 40 stack of Monster meat super early in the game thanks to some nearby spider dens.  And so I gave 15 or 20 (I forget how much) to the Pig King in the form of bird-eggs for a nice profit of gold pieces.  I feel I am ready for that first giant.  I think.  I hope.


At the minimum?  I'm looking forward to Giants instead of being constantly scared of them.

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Survived Deerclops AND Bearger so far.  Just past day 50 at the moment.


Bearger was first up.  He caught me off guard.  I was running an extended survey trip looking for Thing #3.  Still haven't found it.  But found this neat land mass that had nothing on it but a couple of rocks.  Like ... literally nothing.  Then I heard the noise.  ... um ... what was that?  I'm completely across the world from my camp.  And my pan flute.  And my gold.  Hmmmm ... this could get ugly.  Sure enough, Bearger comes around the corner.  I start the dance.  He gets in a few hits, knocks my spear out a few times.  I get in a few hits.  Finally I figure out the pattern.  2 hits. Dodge.  2 hits. Dodge.  There's a slight lag because sometimes I'll release the "F" key and Wigrid decides to get in a 3rd hit.  Which means Bearger hits back.  Hard.  I go through my first logsuit and onto the second.  Things go very well.  So well, in fact, that I take a moment to move to a better position to let Bearger do some logging and mining for me.  Take him out and take my spoils.


Lesson learned?  Keep some gold on me at all times, just in case I need to make a spear and magic helmet on the fly.


Fast forward a few days.  Winter's death grip upon the land is starting to break.  And there's that noise ... could it be?  Yes, I think it is.  Two big meat and one pigskin later, we have a ham bat.  By my calculations, Wigfrid weilding a Ham Bat is swinging for more than 74 a pop.  Oh yeah, she's a badass.  Walk out to the killing field (although, I have less than 10 toothtraps at this time, it still seems appropriate since there are some firepits for light).  Fresh helmet, fresh logsuit, and one big ass shank of meat.  What's the strategy today, Wigfrid?  Kick ass?  Sure, we can do that.  Wigfrid plants her feet and just stands there and clubs the Deerclops to death.  No fancy run and dodge, no bombs, no tricks.  Just good old fashioned face pounding.  Her sanity dropped to zero.  Completely gone.  But then the killing blow and it raises back to about 40.  Not high, but enough for now.  Collect the spoils.  Then head to the nearby spider nest.  Take out a few, raise sanity over the halfway point.  Eat some jerky.  Call it a day.

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Monster Jerky?  Really?  I thought that still had penalties for eating it?  Or do you meant Monster jerky lasts longer than raw meat for later crock pot usage?


My food plan has been to take all my normal big-meats and jerk them.  Regular Jerky is my health / sanity refresher if I need it.  Monster Meat is used in two ways: M.Meat + 3 filler = Meatballs.  And then M.Meat into Birdcage = eggs.  And then Eggs are used in a multitude of ways: eggs as filler and/or Bacon and Eggs; eggs to Pig King for more gold; and finally eggs for gunpowder.


I've started farming Hound Mounds: meaning, I hang around Hound Mounds for hounds to spawn.  Kill, wait for respawn, kill again.  I'm getting about 30 Monster Meat and 4 to 6 teeth per farming run.  I don't kill the Hound Mound, as I think the respawning Hounds is helpful for me.  Since Wigfrid only has 120 Hunger, Meatballs seem to be a really easy way to stay full since they refill 62 hunger, I think.  One order of meatballs is over half of Wigfrid's full heath meter.  Ice in winter has been great, since it is pretty easy to stock up on.  I've got 3 ice boxes now, and one is just full of filler (ice mostly, since it stays fresh and berries / fruit eventually spoil) and nearly a full 40-stack of honey at this point, one fridge about half full of monster meat at any one time, and the third I use for ready-meals. 


Am I doing it right?  Should I be looking at other ways?

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Day 116: Wigfrid and I are taking an opportunity to explore a wormhole.  Turns out, it takes us to an area we had already explored, so not a lot new there.  But mere seconds later, off in the distance we hear "bark bark" ... hmmmm.  We're well away from our home and our toothtraps.  It is after day 100 so the hound wave is going to be big.  My hands are full of useless junk, and there isn't another mob anywhere in sight.  This ... this might be an issue.


I quickly craft a log suit, put on my 16% battle helm and try to come up with a plan.  Nine dogs blast onto screen almost simultaneously.  Three blue dogs and just a lot of regulars.  Yeah, I'm completely at a loss of what to do.  I'm in completely over my head.  


I find a path and start running down it just to see if I can split the pack apart.  It doesn't work.  I guess there is no alternative but to turn and fight.  Wigfrid has proven herself over and over, but the swarming tactic of dogs could easily prove too much.  [Did I mentioned I died once back on day like 70 and used my only touchstone for revival?  Yup.  Picked up Glommer on a full moon, forgot about Werepigs, and walked right into them.  Pressed "F" to attack pigs, but ended up accidentally killing Glommer.  Spawned three Krampus, plus the pack of Werepigs.  The swarming was too much, my battle helm was destroyed unbeknownst to me, and Wigfrid died.  So, at this point I have no other revival options.]  Wigfrid turns to fight the dog pack.  I keep an obsessive eye on my health and another obsessive eye on my armor durability, and somehow managed to glance at the pack of dogs from time to time.  I focused the Blue dogs first whenever I could in order to try to trigger freezes to hopefully give myself a respite and/or opening to kill.  Mostly I just kept my "F" key mashed down and stared at my armor / health.  


Before I knew it, Wigfrid stood alone among the scattered debris of monster meat and teeth.  WOW.  Did that just happen?  Did Wigfrid really just face tank a full pack of dogs?  And her sanity is now HIGHER than it was when we popped out of that wormhole?  Sure, her health was a little low, but not dangerously so.  Eat two pieces of jerky, and all is good in the world.

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Day 117: Returned home to empty my pockets and realize I am very low on regular meats.  I have tons of monster meat still, but Wigfrid loves that jerky, and my previous days experiences has reassured me that it is a good idea to always carry some with me.  The health / sanity / longevity of regular jerky is just too good to pass up.  What should I be doing at this point for regular meats? 


An idea hits me.  I've seen on Twitch streams I've followed that people have used the fling-o-matics to create fire pits that surround pig houses to create this odd loop of pig spawn / freeze / fire death / pig spawn.  I thought I'd give it a try.  I've got something like 30 gears in storage, and more gold than I know what to do with.  We just finished winter again (see blue dogs above) so there are some fresh piles of ice to be mined.  We should try this.


Sticks. Grass. Rocks. Gold. Gears. Ice. Pigskins.  Yup.  I've got a lot at this point. Start by crafting a pig house, and finding a nice blank spot a few screens away from home base.  Place the house.  Craft a bunch of hay walls, and pattern them around.  My patterning / geometric placement skills are really lacking, so my checkerboard pattern I was going for doesn't turn out perfect, but it seems pretty decent.  Set up 6 fling-0-matics around.  Turn on 3, light first wall on fire, run out.  Sure enough, things happen.  Pig spawns, gets frozen, and dies.  The next pig spawns, tries to eat the meat of the first pig, but gets frozen and dies before it can.  It has turned to night, but the light from the fire trap is working just fine.  I stand there for the entire night, and as soon as daylight hits, I turn on the remaining 3 fling-o-matics to fully extinguish the fire.  Before the final pig can defrost, I attack it to keep it from eating the meats on the ground.


Step back.  SUCCESS!  I collect about 20 big meats and 4 more pigskins.  A few of the walls burned to ash, so I take a moment to replace those in a slightly different position.  The trick is that the fire last just long enough to damage the pig and relight any fires that were put out by the extinguishers but not to stay lit long enough to actually burn the place down.  Having only a few fling-o-matics on puts out just enough of the fires to keep the thing self-sustaining without burning anything or fully going out.  Turning on the rest stops the process.  I didn't think it would work, and I counted up all the lost resources as exactly that a loss.  Just in case it failed and burned all the fling-o-matics ... that would be a net loss of 12 gears and about 24 gold.  Rough.  But at this point, I was OK with it.  Replacing gold is as simple as monster meat farming (spider nests and hound mounds), but the loss of gears was going to be tougher.  But, since I'm Wigfrid and not WX-78, I couldn't think of any other reason I'd need them other than more fridges and/or fling-o-matics.  I still have well over a dozen left, so I think I'm safe.  Plus, I haven't dug up many graves, nor have I done any ruins exploration, so if I need more I think there should be opportunities for more down the road.


But, this worked brilliantly.  I really didn't know what to expect from my first attempt.  And I've never been in a position where I could waste gold like this, either.  I take my regular meats back to the base, and hang up 9 of them on drying racks and stick the rest in the fridge.  Now, whenever I run out, I can just take an evening by the new fire-trap campfire pig-roast, and restock.

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Day 164: Winter.


Finally finding time to decorate instead of just put stuff where it is necessary.  Making a quick dash to the Pig King to exchange some stale eggs for gold ... "A mighty foe approaches"  ... really?  Now?  It's almost nighttime! 


Turn around, make a quick stop at home for 2 big meats and a pigskin.  Run to toothtraps before night hits.  Dump a bunch of logs into the firepits, make a ham bat.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  What the beans?  Where is this guy?  Take a quick circle ... oh no.  OH NO!  MY BASE!  Run to base.  Sure enough, there's the Deerclops just wrecking my farms.  Thankfully he started on that side, which is the least necessary to survival.  But, my farms and my berry bushes are important for meatball filler. And I had literally JUST finished some ground work and laid them out all pretty. 


Aggro the Deerclops and run back to the toothtraps.  My poor miner hat is clinging to life at 4%. Finally drag the beast into the range of the fire pits and I can go on the offensive.  Between the tooth-traps and my meat bat, Wigfrid makes short work of the Deerclops.  All the farms are gone, as is a fling-o-matic, a lightning rod, and a pair of chests which were stockpiling manure and rot whenever possible.  The berry bushes are untouched, so some good news at least.


I may not actually remake my farms, honestly.  Wigfrid doesn't need them, and I only made them out of habit from my other playthroughs.  I don't know what I'd put in their place, though.  I'll have to give this some consideration.  I'll probably end up making farms again, but maybe not as many?  I don't know.

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Here we are at day 174.  I'll give you a tour of my base.  I did some cleanup after Deerclops, and I'm really starting to like how its coming together.  I've never had this kind of opportunity with other characters, but because Wigfrid takes care of her own health and sanity, I can focus on some of the more fun stuff.


Here's what I call "Home":



There's a pair of chests below the Shadow Manipulator that I'm using to store gems and magic supplies.  And there is a pair of chests  off to the right a bit, sitting on that square of carpet.  I'm using these two for clothing supplies at the time. 


Drying Racks:



Saplings and Grass layout:



Berry Bushes and Farms:




Again, I know Wigfrid doesn't need the berries or veggies, but having the filler for crock pot recipes is essential. Most of the time, I just harvest the veggies then feed them to the bird so that I get more seeds.  I've got a 40 stack of dragonfruit seeds in the fridge. I figured at this point ANY vegetable is good, and dragonfruits just look so pretty.


Bee boxes:



The Killing Field:





I know there is still a ton of work to do here.  I've got close to 80 teeth in a chest with which to make more traps.  But the eyeplants have proved super handy at times.  I put a fling-o-matic to keep the red dogs from burning everything down.  And of course it looks like a spider nest has sprouted.  I'll clean that out eventually.  I want to keep the firepits far enough apart that they don't both get blown up by a Giant, but close enough together that their light emitted overlaps.


And then there's this guy.  I don't know what I'm going to do with him yet, but I've always wanted my own furry pet.  :)




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Day 194:  This is by far the best i've ever done with any character in any Don't Starve game, ever.  This includes my c_godmode() character world I created to try to build the most epic base possible.  I got tired of dying all the time, so I turned on console commands and went godmode just to play city-builder.  Wigfrid's legit playthrough (no console, no spawns, no safety net, etc) has easily surpassed this world in every metric I can come up with: enjoy-ability, survive-ability, pretty-ness of base, etc.  I'm at the point with Wigfrid that survival is as easy as any godmode() command.


Yes, that is my confession, I have in the past used console commands to try to survive.  Wigfrid has finally taught me that I don't need cheats.  We can do this.  Her playstyle and my playstyle match, and I love that I can focus on the fun stuff while still having all the dangers the game developers intended.


We are about to cross the 200 day mark.  I've never seen 200 days in game before.  Ever.  Even with cheats I never made it to day 200.  I'm not bored.  I haven't lost the love of the game.  I don't want to stop.  I don't want to start over.  I'm absolutely loving every minute.  Yes, even the chopping down trees for logs part, whereas before I would simply spawn in stacks of wood.  Yes, even the going down to caves to restock on light-bulbs so that I can spend more time in the caves.


200 days.  Crazy.

  • I've survived Giants of all seasons. I've dominated a few.
  • I've taken out treeguards with nothing more than a Battle Spear and a Beefalo Hat.
  • I'm even at the point where I feel comfortable using Old Bells, because I know that I'll survive long enough to get more. I've planted a park full of 100 or so trees, then rang the Old Bell and let the Big Foot handle the chopping for me.
  • I even used one of my spare Beefalo horns to herd a pack into the above tree-park and watched as Big Foot cleaned out a handful of Beefalo at the same time
  • I'm about to go into the RUINS!  First time ever being brave enough for ruins.


If you guys haven't figured out, I'm having a wonderful time.  You may say Wigfrid is OP.  I say she is perfect for a gamer like me. I have memory issues and single-track-mindedness.  I can't keep up with too many things at once, so having a single-track-minded character like Wigfrid is ideal for me.  Previously, I played without RoG simply because I couldn't keep up with everything at once.  So I had to play several games on vanilla before I could internalize all the base concepts before adding on the additional layers.


:love_heart:  Wigfrid. :love_heart:  Don't Starve.








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Day 208: Decide to take a gander at the Ruins.  I made a MASSIVE rookie mistake, though.  I took my shiny new Snow Chester with me, thinking I'd store my food inside so I could free up my hands / backpack for all the cool stuff I was planning on finding.  Started out great, but I should have picked up the early clues.  Chester started getting attacked by Depth Worms.  I ended up taking on three at once, and it turned out OK, but I should have realized right here that bringing Chester was probably a bad idea.  Walked around a bit, mined a few ugly statues, picked up a couple of new gems and some gears.  Then things got ugly.  Nightmare cycle.  Two terrorbeaks and a Crawling Horror come out of the dark.  Wigfrid is doing her best Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope: floating in and out, sticking the ham-bat-jab.  And then Chester ... Chester gets blown up.  Just destroyed by a Clockwork Rook, the broken / damaged / whatever thing.  Just CHOO-CHOO! *KABLAMO*  And now, I make a bad situation worse.  Instead of just leaving, I try to get in and save what I can.  I start trying to fill my pockets with whatever I can, including any food that I'm going to need.  Wigfrid just got absolutely overwhelmed by too many Shadow Creatures, and I died.  Thank god for that last Touchstone.


I had the forethought to put some supplies in a chest next to this Touchstone, and so I took what I could, made some torches, and trudged home.  Ate a ton of my stocked-up Jerky, got my stats back to full, and eventually made my way back down to the Ruins to pick up my loot.  And of course, to make me feel even worse, Chester shows up back at my base the next day like nothing had happened, like a happy puppy.  I risked him, and hurt him, but he always comes right back with a smile on his face.  He's a great pal.


Lessons learned, though: Never underestimate the ruins.  Take more armor.  Leave Chester behind. 


Day 216: Full Moon.  I take Glommer out to our "monthly" ritual to spawn that Krampus.  I get a triple Krampus pack! And I do the do, take out the funny looking guy with the weird sack .. and LOOK! A PRESENT FOR ME!  Krampus #3 leaves me my very own Krampus sack.  :)  So, the adventures started out rough, but finished really nicely.

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