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  1. Yeah, mostly spread things out so that I have room to keep building a bigger and bigger base. I don't know why my birdcage is so far away, though. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I had a reason at one point, but I've completely forgotten it at this time. Another reason is simply in case fire hounds or a Giant wanders too close. I don't want to lose everything to an unfortunate swipe of a Deerclops or Fire or something. A little space between sections ensures that if something gets destroyed, it is contained to only that section. Finally, I suck at planning. Like really really bad. So by spacing things out, if I realize later on that I need more chests somewhere or some other structure nearby, I have space to put it.
  2. If there is poop on the ground, they won't poop more. You have to go in and clean it out. You'll get more poop nearly instantly after you clean it.
  3. Wigfrid, World 3. Day 46: Home Sweet Home, or at least the foundations of something: The beginning of some drying racks: Bird Cage: Meat Farm: Some kind of shrine: I forgot a map view again, but basically I'm in the desert biome away from the rest of the world. I have hound-mounds nearby, and I've already started setting up a fighting arena in a sparse area as well. I brought 10 spider nests with me, so I should be able to set those up for silk and glands soon. The caves are fairly far away, but there are convenient wormholes which should help. I don't know if I'm going to stay here long term or try one more world hop. The fact that Guardian Horns / Houndius Shootius don't stack means they take up precious inventory space when world hopping. Depending on how much I use the supplies I brought with me (or how little I find I needed them) will determine if I stay here long term or just collect 3 more Horns and move on. Taking 6 with me to the next world means I could set up a fighting arena of NINE shootiuses. That does sound fun. But 6 also seems good, considering I've never even set up ONE before.
  4. Haha! It looks like you are sitting around a campfire telling them stories.
  5. I'm very excited to start over again, as I have plans for the next base. I'm all set to world-hop to World 3. Just waiting on Winter, so I can get one more Deerclops Eyeball. Then we move to the next one.
  6. Ah, yes. Ok. Let me explain. The pig houses were already there. They are part of the pig-city near the Pig King. It even included the majority of the grass on the left side. The lightning rod and fling-o were added after I lost one of the pig houses to red hounds. The burnt shell still stands as a reminder of what can happen when you don't have precautions in place. Lightning rod and fling-o are placed to maximize their area of influence. The 2nd grass square was added in an attempt to mirror the first. And then the sapling squares were added. The sapling squares had to fit in between the already-existing pig houses so there were only a few places they could actually go and still remain squares. The plan was to trim everything with turf, but as I found out deciduous turf is not the easiest to work with. I gave up trying. When I move to World 3, I plan on trying a different biome for my base. ((edit)) Here's a stitched together look of what that area looks like fully. At least to give you an idea. Forgive the quality. This was a 5-minute edit job. But, you can see the pighouses from the world-generated pig world. I added no pig houses. The only things I added were the right patch of grass (hence the layout a bit more geometric than the left) and the saplings, as well as lightning rods and a fling-o.
  7. I forgot to add photos of my berry bushes. These are done in the "rectangular fashion". And my grass/twigs area, which isn't manicured yet. The twigs are in 5x5 squares. The grass are in squares, but not perfectly ordered.
  8. From my own perspective: 36 gives you a 6x6 square. But 40 can be done with either an 8x5 rectangle or a 10x4. But rectangles in Don't Starve don't line up perfectly. They will always be asymmetrical since the layout is on an angle. A square is symmetric in any orientation. Thus, I prefer squares more often than not. But, for large bases, I've set up multiple rectangles to form a larger square and this works. But, requires more work and effort than necessary. I mean, what do I need 18 quadrillion twigs for? With two 5x5 squares in my current world, I have way more than i can ever use. In fact, I use twigs and grass as my primary firepit fuel source. I have a couple of chests I keep near my grass / twigs plots, and while rocks/logs are slow to fill, my twigs/grass are overflowing. I haven't even picked twigs in several seasons, even though I'm always finding uses for grass/rocks/logs. Tree plots are massive and cut down by Old Bells. Rocks are ... well, a pain to collect so I haven't been building as many rock walls as i'd like. But grass / twigs ... two 5x5 squares are more than enough. That's 50. Which is more than 40 stacks. Cutting down to 4x4 plots means either 32 or 48. Which is again, kind of odd for even 40 stacks. A single 6x6 square yields 36. honestly, thats probably a massively useful amount. Going larger would be a single 7x7 plot, which gives 49. Not the end of the world, and probably depending on how you stack them could look nice side-by-side (grass / twigs). Whats the best, then? An even 40 stack which means getting creative to have a symmetric pattern through rotations? Or a non-40 stack which is easily created with symmetric patterns? Berry Bushes are different. Their size / shape gives you alternatives to pretty planting.
  9. Speaking of my current game. I'm actively gearing up to world hop again. My plan is to stay long enough to kill guardians and then move to new world. I don't know where I'll settle down permanently, but I'm enjoying this process so far. Wigfrid, World 2, Day 202: The Home Base Drying Racks Volt Goats The Killing Floor The Fling-o-Farm Rabbit Spider War I almost forgot to include the obligatory map photo:
  10. Wow, I have totally underestimated caves. I've always just looked at them as a necessary evil in order to get to the Ruins for thulecite and guardian horns. I never even considered them to be advantageous places to live. Now ... hmmm ... You know, I am about ready to hop worlds again. I might try setting up a big cave camp in World 3.
  11. 14 Gunpowder + 20 ashes. Seriously, I have started keeping a chest near my tooth-trap field, and in it I will always keep 14 gunpowder and 20 ashes. As soon as dragonfly is about to appear, I run straight there. (its also out in an area with very few burnables). Grab ashes, grab gunpowder. Drop ashes in front of dragonfly before he's aggro'd. He falls asleep. Drop 14 gunpowder as close as possible to him. Make a quick torch. Light it. Step back. Then, spend the next in-game year making sure I have supplies to make more gunpowder and ashes.
  12. I think world generation does NOT affect caves and below. So, you could still spawn treeguards and such in the caves even if they are turned off. It should prevent them from spawning in the overworld, though. Also, I love the look of your cave base. Lovely! Do you have a mod or something that lets you plant glow-bulb plants? Those look great along the outside like that. Wait. also, do you have a way to plant marble trees? I didn't think they could spawn in caves naturally. I love their look, and I've often tried to set my bases up near them but sometimes they are not in convenient places in the overworld.
  13. I fully subscribe to the storyline that Lucy was a real person in Woodie's past. What happened to her, I think that we may never know. Maybe Maxwell knows, maybe not. But for whatever reason Woodie threw himself so fully into his work (lumberjack) that he lost touch with reality completely and began speaking to his Axe. (Much like Tom Hanks and Wilson, coincidence?) I hadn't considered that Maxwell probably lured Woodie by promising him to be able to talk to Lucy again. And of course, plot twist, he just meant the axe talks back. Thats a great idea, and I'm going to head-cannon it.
  14. A ruins camp? Thats damn impressive. Is the teleporter simply for yourself, so that you can poof yourself home?
  15. WHaaaaa!?!?!? I want cute adorable stuff koalephants! Is this the mod? I'm not opposed to mods, but I'm trying to stay away from game-breaking ones. But my love for Koalefants has no match. They are adorable and cute and I want them all. I'm a grown ass man, and I love these furry bastards. I might have to try this. My previous pen had both summer and winter Koalefants. Bit it would be great to have a huge variety. And now you tell me there are stuffed doll toys that I can decorate my base with? ERMAHGAWD!