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  1. I see your avatar represents some satanic summoning slab. How are you?

  2. Hi everyone! So , I'm back and I worked a lot on my drawings , these are some of them , and I'll start again to do Don't Starve drawings soon.
  3. Huh , 30 days no see , but i don't stop drawing. Nothing about Don't Starve today...
  4. oh , you can also play as deerclop , with console commands.
  5. Omg , the last drawing is really horrible.
  6. @MikeyMusic, and do something with the mouth , he looks like he's peeing himself. but , the other faces looks very good.
  7. Is a good ideea to try making comics ?

    1. Mobbstar


      I don't know, was it a good idea when I did it? *dun dun duuun*

    2. Aphid98


      Go for it!