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Suggest To Me A Challenging, Fun World.

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Okay, default is just been there, done that. 

I tried lowering grass and twigs down, but I still got by alright, so....

Anyone have any suggestions for something?


How do I set the options so that the game poses a challenge?


Or, if not that, can you recommend anything else I should do?

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You could try installing the steam biome mod. It has you go down into the deepest of the caves before being able to build an alchemy engine...


Wait , what? I think you misunderstand it . You just need to farm in the rocks biome to craft an alchemy engine.

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berry bushes and carrots to less, all Giants to lots. Set Crampus to more or lots as well. Pick a character that you are not familiar/comfortable with. Maybe turning up Tree Guards and Poison Birch nut trees to more or lots as well.


Something you could make as a challenge for yourself is becoming a nomad: Don't allow yourself to settle down, just continue travelling.


I myself am not familiar with mods (PS vita player over here), but I dare to bet there are some pretty challenging ones out there.

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