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  1. Hmm, indeed it looks a bit... empty, or bare. A bit like the early development stages of the original game. Oh well, I'm sure it'll improve. Stuff does look promising so far.
  2. Bearger appears: Nuuuuu, don't wreck all the pig houses! What am I gonna do with you?! Deerclops appears: Yeah, go ahead. You go kill that bear bastard. Deerclops is killed: No you bad bear, don't you dare eat my eyeball! *proceeds to steal eyeball and run away* Bearger slams me to death: NOOOOO! Pleasedon'teatmyeyeballpleasedon'teatmyeyeballplease... Spawn at touchstone in midwinter while Dragonfly appears: And thus the giant I fear most has become my saviour!
  3. I'm just going to drop this here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/49051-art-art/#entry602729 That isn't mine, of course, but I just ran across it, and I saw multiple awesome realistic drawings of Wigfrid there.
  4. Woah, your art is amazing! I love the darker style, as it fits don't starve quite well. I think I'll follow this thread. Aaand now I am following this thread.
  5. I do, most of the time. Only, around day 18 I hadn't really prepared for that yet... Yeah, stupid walruses. Dem bastards.
  6. I'm screwed. No more needs to be said if Bearger, firefly and deerclops organize a surprise party together.
  7. Aaaaah! Flint! Flint! It's a flint! It's a flint! It's a freaking flint!; Me half way through a perilous trek from one side of the map to the other, after dying in the midst of winter and respawning at a touchstone, and nearly freezing to death because I couldn't make a fire because I didn't have an axe, so I couldn't acquire logs.
  8. "Get over here you stupid butterfly! I need your wings!" "Oh god no! Not the ducklings!" "Hounds?! Time to kite 'em into the beefalo! Oh sh*t, not the redbutts!"
  9. Don't! If you do that, krampus isn't the only creature that will be summoned! Some sideways creature will spawn, and it will be in uncontrollable rage. It'll be undefeatable!
  10. 18. Hmm, just saying 18 would be an extremely boring post. However, I don't have anything else to say. Life's difficult... Hey, look at me! I just solved my own problem. Yay!
  11. Yup. I recently read it somewhere, and decided to try it out. My base now has a pretty flower garden.
  12. You can catch butterflies with a bug net. You can then plant them like you plant pine cones, and it will turn into a flower.
  13. I'm experiencing the same problem on the ps vita version. I haven't played much as wendy yet, but I have had the problem with chester. Often when he gets aggro'd by spiders, and I want to help him, I notice I'm constantly hitting chester instead of the spider, even if the spider is closer to me. The investigate option Always locks onto the spider, while I first have to walk out of chesters range, and then return to lock on the spider. I Always fear he dies at such a moment. Also, hitting your pig buddy after you have killed that annoying spider gets pretty annoying after a while. "I kill now!" Hey, I was just trying to hit that spi- "you go smash!" Great, now I have to kill another pig friend. A forced attack option would indeed be really welcome.
  14. I had seen some videos of don't starve before I played it myself, so I knew the basics. I was doing fine (although I remember I found it difficult not to starve, hah, I was such a noob back then) when I decided to actually explore the map. Everything went fine, I even had resources for a campfire that night, but then I hit a swamp. Not knowing the dangers, I saw a few merms get demolished by a tentacle. Free frog legs and fish, nice! I walked on, and saw a farm. Even better! I guess I'll set my camp up here (still in the middle of the swamp). Well, I've still got some time left before nightfall. Might as well try to kill that tentacle from before, it must be hurt, and the tentacle spike (somehow I knew what it was back then) could be useful. You can figure what happened next.