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Woodie VS Willow - Who's the better lumberjack?

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Tree chopping contest!


I have a question:


Who would win in a tree chopping contest with these two:

  • Willow using the torch-axe trick using a regal axe and regal shovel
  • Woodie with Lucy and a regal shovel


  • Trees are all of the highest tier
  • 100 trees in all
  • Charcoal is not accepted
  • each only has a piggyback and the items mentioned above (a regal shovel each, a golden axe for Willow and Lucy and a Deadly Feast for Woodie
  • Assume they have free will and will not be controlled by players so no issue of human error is in play...

To win each of them must:

  • Collect 4 logs per tree (100 trees X 4 Logs = to a lot... fine 400)
  • Logs must be in their inventory... logs in the ground won't count... also charcoal doesn't count...
  • The first one to be able to collect 400 will be the winner;



Just these factors are in play...


Basically, I'm just asking which is faster, the torch trick or Woddie's perk...

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If charcoal isnt allowed, woodie would win cause if willow torched her trees, they would all burn up into charcoal trees before she can chop everything. so woodie is the better lumberjack today

You can actually set a tree on fire and quickly switch to an axe and chop it without burning nearby flammable objects... assume that's in play too



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{off Topic} @Flare2V now they know the bug, thanks a lot.

There is another way to get cheap lumber: clockwork rook( luck based). Sometimes I put trees near meteor zone for eazy logs. {Off topic}

I dunno, torch-axe trick fails miserably in DST when ping is over 200. Keep in mind, any flammables must be cleared for this bug to work. This means tree stumps, seeds and plants cannot be in the vicinity of the burning tree. In other words it's impossible to keep an error-free environment if seeds are spawning.

Mouse clicking feverishly can cancel axe-swing animation, this means Woody can potentially chop faster if a computer is controlling it, rather than human.

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Woodie would definitely win, especially if the werebeaver gets into play. But both of them would be put to shame by Wes chopping them with just your plain old axe and shovel. Just can't beat mime labor. Except old bell. Old bell OP, pls don't nerf.

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