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  1. Oh? Neat. Well in that case, yeah it's covered by Steam's policy.
  2. My guess would be no, given that Alpha members bought into it on the forums, if I remember correctly. Which wouldn't be through Steam. Not a Steam purchase, so Steam can't \really\ refund you. Still, if you did buy it through Steam's interface then the game was and is in Early Access since the full release isn't out yet, and you could refund it through their rules as such.
  3. Then, could we potentially just buy the rest of the Klei library we're missing before the gift drop to be able to get said high value items?
  4. You lot over at Klei are the coolest gaming studio. Great games, great humor, and great interactions with your fans. It really is appreciated, so thanks! I am curious if those of us who'd rather just have the DST loot drop bundle can just get that instead of a game, even if we'd not bought the entire collection of games. Ofc if we're allowed to pick Hot Lava that'd be swell too...
  5. "Resume" probably is just referring to them continuing the lore. They were on break for a while since the last puzzle, and this is just them getting back into working on the lore and making more puzzles for us. They're resuming work on it, if you will.
  6. What... is this!?

    >Stronger. >Bee mines. Ha. Hahaha. Bees. Let's just use an old bell on the wall, why not?
  7. What... is this!?

    It looks like nightmare throne Wilson sitting on a chest that's on top of a firepit. Maybe an admin spawned it while messing around.
  8. What... is this!?

    Perhaps the treasure map is simply a pirate skin for someone.
  9. What... is this!?

    No, I haven't met anyone that I would call a robot. There's flaws in the human element to where a human can't eat spoiled food and be perfectly fine. I never said him being human wasn't an idea, hell there's probably going to be a skin for it with the upcoming feature for that. But in the vanilla game there just isn't any real reason to believe it is a person. (even in the game file's there's a third gender for 'it' specifically for WX since it's an automaton) Also news flash: Automatons aren't particularly apparent in current generation technology. So no **** I'll be referencing other works of fiction. The fact still stands that you could potentially program a robot to function as a person which would include things that would affect it's apparent sanity. "used in similes and comparisons to refer to a person..." In similes and comparisons, not actually defined as the person. An automaton is a robot that is self-operating through commands coded into it, and not by someone controlling it. A factory machine that welds together car doors counts as an automaton, the only input it accepts is to turn on, and turn off. Otherwise it runs itself. Not a particularly exciting example, nor one particularly 'intelligent' enough to have a perceived sanity. So I wasn't just bringing **** in from other universes, I was relating concepts others have come up with about AI and how they work. I could've just gave you some random factory bot example and used that, but it's hard to see those as particularly intelligent since they aren't. They're made to do one task, and only that task. But they do it on their own which makes them an automaton. I was saying that in regards to the vanilla game itself, WX is not a human in metal plating. Webber is literally a kid wearing a spider, the same basic taming effect happens when anyone wears a spider hat, and the silk beard is just from the spider not the kid. As to why the spider just lets itself be carried around, that's a question. Still no ideas on that one. "...or Webber, a young boy who lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago." - Straight from Klei via the RoG DLC description. http://store.steampowered.com/app/282470 Also, I never said that a guy in a metal suit was illuminati. Pretty sure you're the first.
  10. What... is this!?

    Seriously, look at this picture. This is why WX is a robot. It has no heart, no brain, no other internal organs. There is no endoskeleton, there is no human body inside it. >:c P.S: I give up, this is my point. Seriously, I honestly don't need to provide evidence if you'll be all "WX is human" on me, WX is as robot in a cartoonish world. ^ This proves WX can not possibly be a human in a suit. "Soulless automaton", you can ignore the soul part because someone 'soulless' could just be referencing someone without emotions, which based on WX's quotes it fits that bill. The part that proves it is the word automaton. Automaton equates to automatic man, or a robot that can run by itself without human control, generally in the form of a human. That means no human controller can be responsible for WX's actions. WX can get hurt because a robot can be hurt. If you've seen those robot fight pits or a car wreck you should know that much. For hunger WX could be running on a bio-fuel engine, and the 'monster' foods that hurts it are simply incompatible with the engine. For sanity, WX has to run off some form of AI. An AI can be damaged, scared, or otherwise driven off into what can be called sanity in the same ways a human can if it was designed that way. Just look at Cortana from Halo, she gets glitched to hell and back towards the end of the series. Or even the robots from Megaman, they were all driven away from their purpose and into some form of hatred-based insanity because they were programmed to have free will, which WX has as well. Sleeping gives WX's processors time to reboot and recollect themselves, regaining sanity, good fuels such as dragonpies could boost it by allowing the processes to function more quickly and efficiently, and the hats take the edge off the artificial fears that have been put into WX about monsters and darkness. For the lightning strike, look at WX's design. A large portion of what is visible is metal plating, presumably to protect the gears and wires inside the frame. It's possible that the frame was built in one of two ways. One, the frame could be made to resemble a human bone structure, to further reinforce that it's supposed to be human-like in nature. If you look at the arms in the lightning picture you can still see the coils in the arms where it's connected, and the supporting bone structure could simply be made of a material other than metal which would show when the lightning hit (because everyone knows lightning makes metal and flesh see-through...). Alternately, the more macabre solution is that WX was built as a sort of Lazarus project. The bones could be the rotted remains of someone that was supposed to be revived by the metal suit and given full movement, but the personality was poorly transferred and became soulless and empty, eventually becoming an automaton carrying around a bunch of rattling bones on the inside as a reminder of someone who used to exist. Either way, there isn't an actual person in there. WX wouldn't be an automaton if there was. The real question is whether he was built with a bone structure inherent within, or if there's actually someone's rotted body just sitting there inside like one of Freddy's henchmen. Probably the former, either that or none of the other characters have a sense of smell anymore since nobody complains about it.
  11. What... is this!?

    ^ Apparently it's part of some kind of player customization thing. Maybe we're getting extra slots to look pretty or some such.
  12. Yeah the mixed mode is the one Zillvr linked. My favorite thing in DS/DST is messing with magic, so not dying quickly is something I prefer as well. xD
  13. There's a modded gamemode that's basically survival/wilderness hybrid, and I like that one the best. It functions the same as survival, but when you die you have a choice whether you want to respawn as a new character with no map awareness/recipes or if you want to be a ghost. It also removes the ghost sanity drain. It's nice since new players can try out different characters, while also letting others keep theirs if they choose to. The only issue with it is that it has a bug where if someone dies everyone is shown the death choice, though whichever you choose has no effect since you aren't dead. As far as default gamemodes are concerned I like survival, but I don't care for pvp servers/prefer smaller servers where the host isn't afk so they can deal with griefers. I also use the nature is wild mod, which respawns things that were in the world at world gen but aren't anymore. That way things like gears and marble don't go extinct, though the huge worlds I tend to use make it still difficult to find them when they do respawn.
  14. DST modding is fun. :3