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  1. >Animal traps >High pressure vents >Heavi-watt tiles This update fixes all the problems I'm having in my current base lol. No more killing shine bugs that beeline for my mushroom colonies! Also, can't wait to start a Duplicant hierarchy. Give the starting few super nice rooms and everyone else gets to live in the poor district. Take that, newer Dupes! xD
  2. Oh? Neat. Well in that case, yeah it's covered by Steam's policy.
  3. My guess would be no, given that Alpha members bought into it on the forums, if I remember correctly. Which wouldn't be through Steam. Not a Steam purchase, so Steam can't \really\ refund you. Still, if you did buy it through Steam's interface then the game was and is in Early Access since the full release isn't out yet, and you could refund it through their rules as such.
  4. Then, could we potentially just buy the rest of the Klei library we're missing before the gift drop to be able to get said high value items?
  5. You lot over at Klei are the coolest gaming studio. Great games, great humor, and great interactions with your fans. It really is appreciated, so thanks! I am curious if those of us who'd rather just have the DST loot drop bundle can just get that instead of a game, even if we'd not bought the entire collection of games. Ofc if we're allowed to pick Hot Lava that'd be swell too...
  6. That's just what those stations drop when you hammer them. Granted it's a small chance for actual loot, but that's normal for trinkets to spawn.
  7. The code for <=1 player is for an auto-fail. If it's more than one player it plays whatever it matches with on wherever it's sending the data to. Since it's sending # items and user IDs, it's probably safe to say that you need BOTH players who solved the puzzle together near the chest to get the combination right.
  8. Oh then yeah, they need to be moved in pairs like that. The actual symbols don't actually matter since they're randomized (though it's synced as to which is where, possibly to confuse us) it's just what order you put them in that matters, and both players need to have the same order.
  9. The left tablet is to sync yourself to another player, and the gold/black codes there never change, presumably they're unique to whatever your Steam user ID is so the server can match you up with the right person. First 'puzzle' is matchmaking, second puzzle is cooperative.
  10. Take ten in trying to post because the forums appear to be eating my replies for no good reason. The puzzle isn't random or trial and error, it's a logic puzzle. It might actually be bugged though. (If the forums aren't eating my posts and these are actually going through I'm sorry but come on why are they not showing up these forums are so aggravating agh) e/ COOL this one actually stayed. But yeah, it just requires you keep in contact with your companion from the first puzzle and communicate in what you're doing. It's not too hard once that's done and you know what you're supposed to be solving for. Neither me nor my companion had problems loading it other than that she had to get the tragic torch first, but others have had problems connecting so there may be some merit to saying the page is bugged.
  11. Heya! Anyone who's stuck on the second puzzle, I've got the solution for you:
  12. Stay in contact with your buddy from the first part of the puzzle, input their code in the keypad.
  13. Thanks for the update Captain Obvious.
  14. I really want it to be hutch. But I feel like that might be wrong lmao.
  15. "Resume" probably is just referring to them continuing the lore. They were on break for a while since the last puzzle, and this is just them getting back into working on the lore and making more puzzles for us. They're resuming work on it, if you will.