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  1. Oh? Neat. Well in that case, yeah it's covered by Steam's policy.
  2. My guess would be no, given that Alpha members bought into it on the forums, if I remember correctly. Which wouldn't be through Steam. Not a Steam purchase, so Steam can't \really\ refund you. Still, if you did buy it through Steam's interface then the game was and is in Early Access since the full release isn't out yet, and you could refund it through their rules as such.
  3. Then, could we potentially just buy the rest of the Klei library we're missing before the gift drop to be able to get said high value items?
  4. You lot over at Klei are the coolest gaming studio. Great games, great humor, and great interactions with your fans. It really is appreciated, so thanks! I am curious if those of us who'd rather just have the DST loot drop bundle can just get that instead of a game, even if we'd not bought the entire collection of games. Ofc if we're allowed to pick Hot Lava that'd be swell too...
  5. Works perfectly. Thank you very much! Going to guess that the sanity replica is for the serverside information? Or something to that extent? I seem to have been going about the wrong component in that regard, oops. Networked information is odd. Will learn how to wield it eventually. x_x; But yes, the help is much appreciated. ^_^
  6. So the night vision works rather well via this method for characters who are meant to always have night vision, but is there a way to set it up so that the night vision only works under certain conditions/when x variable is true on the inst? Specifically, I'm trying to get a character to have night vision only when their sanity is below 20%, but am having trouble assigning any other condition to the night vision other than the world phase.
  7. Oh cool. Curious if others could use said font you made for their mods if they so choose to.
  8. "Resume" probably is just referring to them continuing the lore. They were on break for a while since the last puzzle, and this is just them getting back into working on the lore and making more puzzles for us. They're resuming work on it, if you will.
  9. Allright, well here's what you'd basically do to get it to work. It's set up to make the character's damage 1.5x while at no health, and scales back down to 1.0x while at full health. The multiplier is based off Wilson's strength, and the health is auto-scaled for whatever your character's max health is since I'm basically just getting the % health. ~~~~~ local function Healthy(inst) inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1.5-(0.5*(inst.components.health.currenthealth/inst.components.health.maxhealth)) end ^Add that function in your character.lua file, then put this in your postinit: inst:ListenForEvent("healthdelta", Healthy)
  10. I actually use the opposite of that for my character. Instead of gaining damage I lose it as I get weaker in health, you'd just have to tweak the formula to reverse it. What you want to do is listen for the health delta event and then set up a function to change the damage. I'd post an example but I'm on my laptop and don't have the files at the moment, but if you temporarily download my character you could go look at the poly.lua in the prefabs to see the way I set up the function. Just make sure you're looking at the health delta and not hunger delta. Or if you wait until I get home (could be a few hours), I could post a more straightforward set of code for you to use~ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391057471
  11. There's a mod that lets you jump. You could also kill a Dragonfly and make a Lazy Explorer, you'd need the craftable ancient altar mod for that though/spawn an ancient altar in. Water is only unwalkable where it touches land, that's why you can walk on water.
  12. Is this even science anymore? (Mod release 2.0) A new 'breed' of hound has been discovered, the shadow hound. This strange creature comes about by repeatedly feeding it nightmare-coated monster meat. Of course, to get them to down such a meal a little bribery with berries is required to help with the taste...but that shouldn't be much of a problem for someone who's advanced this far into the science of puppies. This new nightmare hound type appears to have the strongest bite of all the forms, along with a fairly decent regeneration. Care should be taken however, as these hounds aren't the toughest bunch and will typically be killed quickly if under strong enough assault, as their shadowy forms lead their bodies to become overall weaker than all but perhaps a newly summoned hound. In addition, these hounds are most definitely NOT for the feint of heart! It's highly recommended to make sure you get your sleep at night, because prolonged exposure to these shadowy doggies can and will cause you to go insane, and we all know what troubles that can bring. My assistant found that out the hard way...poor sap, ended up waving around his tentacle spike around screaming about demons, next thing I knew he was nothing more than a skeleton. Once can only assume he beat himself to death, and the others in the area seem to want nothing to do with the hounds either. But oh well, I personally have nothing against these little guys, heck if anything they make my mind even clearer being near them. Then again I always feel better in the presence of monsters, so I guess that just proves these hounds really are evil. Probably. Anyhow, that's it for this report. I don't think I'm going to get any other breeds out of these hounds, but perhaps I could find some other utility? Not sure, but I'll make a note if I discover anything. ~Polygone
  13. Few updates: -Normal hounds get stronger over time, eventually rising to have even more health than their gem counterparts, though their regeneration and damage stay the same. -Hounds will attack for longer before returning to their owner. -All hounds will sleep at night, but will actively follow the player if they decide to go on an adventure into the darkness. -Total of four possible hound types available now. ;P -Many bugfixes.