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New Character Skin Revealed On Klei's Lastest Twitch Stream

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Kleientertainment's Twitch Stream just ended a few minutes ago on a high note about another character skin. Mark and Seth revealed a new character skin aside from Wilson's Mad Scientist Skin found here. In the spoiler below is the skin they featured at the end of the stream!

Wolfgang's Military Skin!

Special thanks to @T4T3RGR3NAD3R for the higher quality screenshot. I originally only had a medium quality screenshot posted here. Anyhow Mark and Seth did say we could share it, so I'm sharing it with everyone else in the forums who wasn't able to catch the latest stream. I hope that's ok.


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So is that a built-in helmet? Does it provide protection or just there for design... can we wear any head gear and it will cover up the helmet or does he swap it out?




It's just a concept for now--the first skins probably won't have hats until we figure out the specifics of how that'll work. Just wanted to show a bit more of the range of type of stuff we're thinking :)

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Oh, another thing... so with different skins to tell puppets apart, will we be seeing an MMO of this in the future?

Isn't DST technically an MMOG already?  Granted it can't support large quantities of players yet, but it's getting there. Seth did mention a 64 player tournament that will be held on the Friday of PAX East, that should be fun. 

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