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  1. I couldn't find a solution or anyone talking about this problem so here. Whenever I generate a world it seems to never match any settings I put in the world generation tab. I also had occasions where the world wouldn't generate and the server crashed. I then had to resume the world a few times to get back in. So yeah my friends can make their worlds fine. I seem to be the only one with this problem... Kind of annoying since I like customized my worlds. Haven't been on the forums in so long feels good to be back..
  2. So just to make this clear feel free to show off and comment you are all welcome. I started a new world and traveled for a while on around day 2-3 i chose a area and settled down. As shown in the picture below. I will keep posting updates. Guys feel free to take pictures of your base and share them here. Hope you guys enjoyed. I really want to thank you guys for making this such a popular topic. Over 1K Views I know thats not much compared to some other but for me its a really nice accomplishment i hope you guys continue to support this. And don't feel shy to post your pictures all pictures are welcome even if its just you sitting by a small little campfire . Im working on a new "project" [Article] Heres the link if your seeing this please check it out im posting the lik here cause it has some stuff that has to do with bases. So here its not good by the way http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/35467-pimp-your-base/ Keep this thread alive post pictures of your *fort* feel free to mention anything the *forts* name some back round info idk.
  3. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    First time I played DS...
  4. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    Scenario 1 "How Do I Eat?" my friend asks. ".... Right Click." I said "Never mind I just picked it up and put it over myself." Scenario 2 " *whilst mining* Hey WINSTONNNNNNN IM GETTING CHASED BY A BIRD THING WITH ONE EYE HELPPPPP!!!!!! *dies* OMG WINSTON YOU DIDNT SAVE ME I HATE YOU!!!!" Leaves the DST server and disconnect from sky call. .-.
  5. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I mentioned it in the post. I had to spawn it in. (Hate comments incoming) because this was in DST (Don't Starve Together) spelunking in DST isn't out yet. Lol you should show u some then :3
  6. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Here's what I call "Home": Drying Racks: All amazing
  7. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Very Nice Base You Got There Indeed..
  8. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Nice bases guys I said I would get you a Day 200 DST base and here it is "Day 206" but yeah hope you guys enjoy its not the best base in the world, but I guess its "ok" It Sucks I am standing AFK in the game as I am typing this (Probably Going To Die But Yeah) [important Notes] The Houndious Shootious' were legitimately gotten by defeating bosses, DeerClops, and Ancient Guardian, We Spawned The Bosses In (Because You Cant Get/Find Them) (Spleunking In DST isn't available yet)The Ancient Pseudo Science Station, At The Altar Area Was Spawned in because (As Mentioned Spelunking Isn't Available Left, And This Was The Only Possible Way To Create The Ancient Things.And That Is It, If you find something out of place tell me, I can probably explain it. If you have suggestions for the base feel free to tell me. Main Square Drying Area Farming Area Somewhat Of A Safe Room Almighty Magical Altar Area
  9. I strongly agree that it isn't Klei's problem. Enough Said
  10. What... is this!?

    Looks cool, I wonder....
  11. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    I hate to grave dig my own topic but I have a lot of updated stuff, made it to day 100 currently working on my base to make it neater, um I'll probably get a screenshot soon. [Note] This is in DST
  12. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Yeah sorry guys i haven't been able to reply I'm gonna try it. Ive been taking a few breaks. Cant wait for Don't Starve Together Ill Be Playing With some people :3
  13. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Havent been on the forums or played the game in a while been busy with tons of other stuff but im starting fresh and new in a new world. Also a note to add you guys have done so well and made amazing stuff with this game. Im getting ready and have been waiting for "Dont Starve Together". I know some people here may not like the concept but i like it quite a bit and im looking foward to what we can build and create "Together".
  14. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    lol its funny how now you guys are talking about how long seasons are when the thread is about bases but its fine i don't mind.
  15. Honestly this whole discussion/argument could be solved if in the world settings of the game you could have permadeath enabled or disabled or have a certain amount of deaths you have before dying.......
  16. Maybe there could be an option of having pvp in the world like in world options and beside the game for joining cause i know there is going to be a GUi maybe they could have PVP next to the game or a symbol.
  17. Yeah i have played other games with multiplayer etc and may i say there are so many hackers / cheaters. Being so used to Dont Starve's nice and friendly community i forgot all about hackers / cheaters. But then i saw this and realized this guys got a point. A really good point.
  18. Honestly permadeath is what makes dont starve well dont starve but there are times i wish there wasnt permadeath. So i voted for a option to vote. So if i wanted to do a hardcore survival type of thing i can do that or wanna just play and mess around with my friends i can do that. Definitely a topic that should be discussed.
  19. My suggestion has come to life yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. *calms himself down* Im gonna begin expressing my joy by thanking klei thank you so much for bringing so many amazing games to use Dont Starve Being One of them and I'm ready for it thank you so much.
  20. Thread Derailment - UPDATED

    Yeah i havent really seen much derailment on the forums lately.
  21. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    K emerphish im looking foward to it :3
  22. What Does Your Base Look Like?

    Nice bases guys really nice of you guys to share with the community giving ideas and well just having fun keep on going ^.^