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  • Biography In January of 2015, I was playing badminton (Why is that "n" there? Nobody pronounces it) in school, and I kept engaging in ridiculous leaps in an attempt to hit the birdie, missing nearly every time. I began calling these my graceful Gazelle leaps. Eventually, I started bellowing "I AM A GAZELLE!" when I performed them. Henceforth, I was indeed Andrew the Gazelle. FLASH FORWARD! June 28th, 2015. I was sitting at my laptop, staring at the Klei Forums. Suddenly, on a random whim that proved quite influential, I decided to open a the thread linked above suggesting an item called Melon on a Stick for Don't Starve. Have a look through the thread. People on both sides were certainly...enthusiastic...Anyway, the great melon wars waged on for years. By that I mean two and a half months. The followers of the Melonstick fought valiantly. ImDaMisterL stood as my right and man. On July 8th, he wrote what is now the national anthem of the Melondom. On September 9th, a man named Jules brought forth tellings of a coming mod for the adding of Melon on a Stick to Don't Starve. I was overjoyed at this news. 3 days later, it arrived. That's why every year we celebrate 9/11. Melonmod Eve. There was great revelry at the time, but a worrying thought crossed my mind: What now? The campaign for Melon on a Stick had been such an amazing and hilarious experience, and I didn't want to just leave it to fade away into obscurity. People had been brought together to create so much melonstuff. I thought deeply. I discussed with my right-hand men, Jules and L. On September 27, after some previous hinting, I unveiled the basic prototype of the High Court of Melondom. After a bit of reworking, I opened The High Court of Melondom. I created a constitution of The Melondom, a citizen list, and a few other tidbits. Jules became the First Melonsir, and ImDaMisterL became the High Melonscribe. It took off quite well, albeit not in the way I expected. Melon Roleplay became the dominant subject. We had only actually voted on one melon law. We did decide a few court cases though. After a while, the roleplay became a god-mode playground for a forumer whose privacy I'll respect. We sort of shut it down at that point. Unfortunately, in a way, that unfortunate roleplay was the center of all melonry, and its absence created a decline in the Melondom. I was once again faced with saving the Melon on a Stick Community. I wanted to have a DST server for all to melon on as they pleased, and discuss melonry, etc. but a poor PC did not allow that. Then I decided to start a weekly twitch stream, The Weekend Melon Stream Spectacular. Now, 2 months later (I think) I bring on guests every week and run a DST server for them and the viewers. This has revamped The Melondom significantly. However, we now face the issue of the Melon Stream completely dominating The Melondom. I seek to remedy this, but for the time being, we can only observe as the history of The Melondom unfolds.
  • Location Savannas of Africa.
  • Interests Pooping outside, Prancing, Advanced Melonry
  • Occupation Melonlord/host of awful talk show

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  1. Oh yeah, the forums.

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      The Melondom are counting on you!

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      i'm your water you're my melon

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  2. Andrew realized that he basically is Lenny now in terms of the occasional mysterious lurking. What a delightful twist for the creator to be molded in the image of his creation.
  3. Geez, I haven't really been around much. Thrilled to see you alright, man! Or at least that seems to be the reality. Anyhow, I'm rooting for you!

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      Thanks dude :) I'm just fine. Hanging less on the net and dealing more with daily routines. 

  4. "I vote for myself. I'll probably be dead soon anyway."
  5. (P released her) "I hope you're all happy." Tater doubted he'd sleep tonight. He doubted he'd see tomorrow.
  6. Tater was somewhat concerned. Pyro never acted like this.
  7. "Or we could guaruntee ourselves one less serial killer, bringing us to a grand total of 0 serial killers, and leaving innocent deaths at a maximum of one."
  8. "Chris, don't just throw away your vote. We're all in this terrible boat together. You have to understand that this is all confusing and awful for everyone. But here, we know we can make a difference. Please, stand against the killer we know to be."
  9. "That's just it. You're voting on what seems to be, not what we know to be."
  10. (to be honest I just haven't been as into the forums in general lately so I haven't really been as enthusiastic about this as last time. I almost didn't join in the first place)
  11. "Zek, you know this is just another mind game. She wants to survive and nothing more. I don't trust Pyro, or really anyone for that matter, but this is the only definite we have. We do enough life-gamblong as it is. Leaving her alive brings about a fair chance of additional innocent death. Frankly I think it'll be me next if she sees another night, as I've been the primary campaigner for her lynching. Of course, she's going to call me out for trying to survive or something, being just like her, etc, but please, consider my words alone and not her mind games."
  12. Tater breathed a sigh of relief. That was one killer out of the way. Now for another. "I vote for Lipton."
  13. "No. She takes the ogrelord's name in vain." Tater pulled off her mask. It was Prince Charming all along. He wanted to shove onions...