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They Croaked - Frog experiments


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As requested I put on my wellington boots and went after the FROGS.So. FROGS.What I know so farOne hit kills them- They frog legs.Tentacles kill them too.You can trap them without bait in traps- Thanks cptCalaveraThey hit pretty hard. I lost 21% armor with one tongue lashingThey have a ranged attack with their tongues so watch out.Apparently they can steal from you inventory if you spare their lives for long enough to manage that.Stand too close to one and it will attack without you provoking them at all. They do not appear to be very active at night. I didn't notice any at night but I was running from spiders so I didn't really stop to LOOK- They go back to ponds- Thanks KangaxxPan pipes- They go to sleep permanently- Toaster Fu (My pan pipe expert) Eating- they make a lovely froggie bunwich. For more experimental requests just ask or PM me or ask here And remember. Wear you safety glasses when doing SCIENCE

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Additional information on the Amphibians
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When you kill them, they actually drop a delicacy meat....Frog Legs......not morsel meat actually. :D

This is true. It also seems that putting frog legs in a crockpot makes a sandwich. Havent tried comboing it with everything, but froglegs plus filler gives a sandwich, not meaty stew. Same goes for froglegs+meat.
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One hit kills them- They frog legs.

That they is... :)

Frogs return to ponds at dusk.

I've never spotted them do that, however I have spotted them spawn from ponds in the morning back when I was camping on a swamp island (hunting tentacles for my feather hat). So I would agree with this fact.
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Quite sure the damage to the wooden armor isnt that high LadyD. I've done some poking around and lost about 2%-10% didnt really take that high of the damage tho.

This thread is old, that's why some info may be outdated. They use to be a lot stronger when first introduced. I'm sure Lady will update it with your new intel ;)
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