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  1. Willow defiantly likes fire no doubt about that."BURN BURN LET IT ALL BURN"
  2. I can second that Toaster Fu as I too have seen that the pigs really and I mean REALLY don't like bees as they go straight for them as Soon as they are within range of them and the bees don't seam to retaliate until the pig hit the bee. My conclusion "Go for the eyes boo GO FOR THE EYES".
  3. And willow might have an advantage as well with the whole pyromaniac thing. And yes LadyD I first hand can say that a full beard can keep you warmer as I grew one when I went snowboarding in new zealand. My face was warm as.
  4. It would also be good if you were playing as Wilson that a fully grown beard would contribute to your warmth. It would be beneficial to add a warmth meter like the hunger and health one.
  5. Lol I am happy to see that TB does help get good games to the masses and that im not the only one that got sent here by him.
  6. Im from good ol Australia in a little coal mining town called blackwater. I heard about it from TotalBiscuit a youtube personality and gaming commentator. He does a series called "WTF is (game name)". I have been watching his videos for a few years now as I found his taste in games to be very much the same as mine.
  7. 4217I dumped nearly everything i had into science machine and that was the end score
  8. It would be good if you can't switch charaters mid game that they have more uniqueness about them with more things that only they can build and maybe unique materials for said objects that only they can gather. Example being Wilson beard hair for the effigy and maybe something for Willow would be a magic torch that was brighter and never went out and required something only she could get that was hard to find.
  9. Hey all I jsut finished doing everything i could on my current world, such all having a base camp, killed all the spiders (made a super spider island with all the nests) and all that sort of stuff. I had more than enough materials to survive indefinitely such as full chests of food, wood, stone, sticks and grass and all that goodness. So I was on day 56 and was getting slightly bored so I decided it was time to embrace the spirit of Willow and burn the whole world down to the ground muhahahaha. Afterwards I was clearing a few trees and I discovered that burnt trees produce charcoal which can be used as fuel for fires. My long winded question is this has anyone else found any other use for it?
  10. This gets my vote as I would like to be able to utilize all of the unique skills of all the characters that are available.Start with Wilson and get my my base camp set up and make a meat effigy (still never died while i have had one made). Switch to Willow and get my firestarter on (Muhahahahaha). Then onto Wendy and finally deal with the ghost problem by clearing out the graveyards. Lastly switch to W***** and do what ever he will do.
  11. Bees keep respawning from the bee box so the best way to farm honey is to kill all the bees
  12. I too had this problem happen and ended up with a double fire pit. I too have a mild case of OCD in games and I would love to see a "pick up" option which allows you to move a placed item like fire pits, tents, chests and farms. When "picked up" you would get a silhouette so you could see where it would be placed. No more crooked chest lines for me.
  13. That I believe will be solved in a future update when they make it possible to kill them.