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Correct with what Zhuzha said in that this is actually very old.

It was indeed a world generation glitch that used to happen much like the mosaic turf generation.

It was later kept as it was unexpected but oddly neat to see


If my memory serves me correctly I think that it was called bigfoot tracks, more in light of Bigfoot on the forums than the mob in RoG

also in the sense that it looked like large walking feet


Some speculated maybe herds of beefalo came walking by

Whatever suits your fancy :-)

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This is old. Very old. If I'm not mistaking, it has been around since single-player beta. Apparently, it was a bug of world generation that devs liked and turned into a feature.


I was part of the close beta for don't starve I started back when you needed science points to craft stuff and ya its been in the game a long time I can't remember witch update I first saw it but it is pretty cool


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