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Oh the Pain!!~


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Oh, I've had so many delicious items fall off the edge into the sea where I couldn't reach them, but this one really hits the spot!![My first stick of Butter found and lost...] What have you all lost to the vast ocean? :p


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yeaaah thats a pretty huge and super annoying bug in this game. there needs to be a hotfix. Maybe instead of pushing thing INTO the sea maybe try away from it? I swear once i got a morsel that got pushed so far away i stood there in amazement

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Yeah that is pretty annoying it made me use darts/flutes for turkey killing because its drumstick mostly fell off when I chased them.

On another note, if you want some delicious waffles you may want to farm butterflies.

Catch like 20 butterflies with bugnet "plant" them as flowers and kill them when they sit down. The more flowers you have the faster they spawn.

I get like 1 butter/day doing this (in a garden with about 15 flowers)

Just keep on mind it pisses off Krampus but yay ! It allowed me to get his sack at least.

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