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  1. In my current game, I have 'freezer' shafts made out of -249c tiles which I pump ~47c contaminated oxygen into. Occasionally when checking the temperature, I've noticed (very) small bits of contaminated oxygen at up to 15000c. http://i.imgur.com/iJwxUIE.jpg Sanctity.sav
  2. And one of the best fixes isn't even mentioned (unless it was just a byproduct of fix #3), quite a pleasant surprise. Closed Airlocks no longer act like they're open when you load the save, and instead block off gas/liquid like they should without needing to be used once first.
  3. If you have water hot enough that it's about to turn into steam or C02/etc cold enough to be in liquid form falling off a ledge and it heats up enough to turn into a gas, the game will usually(always?) crash. SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170226-00.5557.dmp
  4. I like the idea overall, though (in my opinion), there should be a stage beyond 0%/Wet Goop, where if something hits -50% (or whatever percentage) the goop would turn into a 'creature' and attack you/everything or something. Not sure how well it'd fit in with the rest of Don't Starve, but it'd certainly be incentive to make sure you deal with spoiled stuff rather than just tossing it on the ground. Also, food during Winter should last 2-3x as long on the ground / in a chest / etc compared to their original values without doing anything, seeing as the cold would naturally do that realistically.
  5. Pretty much this. Because as of current there are only 3-4 things you can do in a fight: - Kiting / Luring monsters into fighting each other. - Tanking everything with a log suit and football helmet - Sleep/Fire Darts / Pan Flute - Dying
  6. Krampus: - Is to rabbits as Gobblers are to Berry Bushes, not an issue unless you rely entirely on them. - If you have the teeth to waste on making tooth traps for killing rabbits, you're already on day 100+ - Agreed that it is a bit of a chore to summon Krampus even when actively trying to do so now. Tooth trap: - Seems fine as is, considering how rarely hounds drop teeth now (or I'm just highly unlucky) Pigs: - Werepigs drop 2 (normal) meat and 1 pigskin - Still respawn infinitely currently Farming: - By day 30 on a new world I already had 30+ seeds just from grabbing ones along my way exploring. - Near-instant growth using more manure (directly on a seed) with turbo farm plots. - Other than that, haven't gotten around to testing out farming post-patch, so can't say. Fireflies: Agreed. Spider Hat: - You can still destroy tier-3 nests (to get 1 egg sac) post-patch without having to fight a spider queen, which is the quantity old tier-3 nests have dropped for a while now. Harvesting Honey: Just have to do it at the right time of day when all the bees are out of the box. Beefalo: - Agreed that they need a drop nerf and a strength buff, but the former only once they can breed/respawn. - They also will summon Krampus if you kill enough. Optimus Pine: - Needs to be 20x more common if you burn down an entire forest, or something, yeah.
  7. Butter can be used: (Spoilered in case people want to figure out for themselves)
  8. Well I can understand why they would nerf the health return, since turning 2 monster meat and 2 honey into -gaining- 70+ hunger and 50+ health was just silly. Not that it really matters, one can just eat 4 uncooked monster meat for 100 hunger and then 1 honey to completely nullify the health loss as is. If you need health so bad you can just aim for making a plethora of other things anyways.
  9. What's even better about the hat is that if you put it on a pig, he'll cause the weather effects for you while you're still able to wear something else.
  10. I'm surprised stealing Tallbird Eggs isn't 'naughty', tbh. You'd think stealing an unhatched egg from its mother would be just as naughty as outright killing a smallbird.
  11. "Almost" no way, unless you happen to play a version of Don't Starve with the "Cheats" button enabled and make a copy of the 'Everything Unlocked' profile it can give to you. Of course, no one would ever do such a thing, definitely not
  12. As Wilson would say, "I can't believe it's butter." But yes, it's an insanely rare drop. I have exactly two butter after 400 in-game days.
  13. Or maybe people just don't try and look for the best combinations; For example, 3 Cooked Morsels + 1 Honey = A Honeyed Ham that restores 73 hunger and 63 health (Versus what the raw combination would be of ~51 hunger and 20 health); Sure, it takes 3 minutes to cook, but considering you only need to eat one every 8 minutes (and considering the ease of which the materials are to get), it's not a half bad thing for when you don't plan to venture far from your base. But yes, the fact they aren't able to stack is what kills them for any practical use, beyond easy food at your 'base'.
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Smallbirds stop following you on revival Steps to reproduce 1) Build a Meat Effigy or equip an Amulet 2) Hatch a smallbird or 50 3) Die 4) Smallbirds no longer care about you or do anything at all. Describe your issue Pretty much what the above says. As well, 'Examine Smallbird' is defaulted to 'Attack' and they no longer sleep at night on their own. Saving & Quitting has no effect, either.
  15. Challenge accepted. Up to 45 or so currently in that picture. (and if you're wondering why all my gold tools are 100%, I 'researched' all my old ~30% gold tools and made new ones shortly before starting this crazy hatchquest) Edit: Well that was a fun thing to have happen.