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  1. Temperature Underflow

    In my current game, I have 'freezer' shafts made out of -249c tiles which I pump ~47c contaminated oxygen into. Occasionally when checking the temperature, I've noticed (very) small bits of contaminated oxygen at up to 15000c. http://i.imgur.com/iJwxUIE.jpg Sanctity.sav
  2. [Game Update] - 208196

    And one of the best fixes isn't even mentioned (unless it was just a byproduct of fix #3), quite a pleasant surprise. Closed Airlocks no longer act like they're open when you load the save, and instead block off gas/liquid like they should without needing to be used once first.
  3. If you have water hot enough that it's about to turn into steam or C02/etc cold enough to be in liquid form falling off a ledge and it heats up enough to turn into a gas, the game will usually(always?) crash. SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170226-00.5557.dmp
  4. Caves: Ok, wtf is going on?

    Honestly, this is probably one of the most illogical complaints I've ever seen. Especially the whole 'it's an in-game choice rather than an out of game choice' -- it's still literally just one click with minimal effort and common sense to decide whether or not you want to test beta content or not, the only difference is that it's more convenient and less out of the way.Also, the mindset of "release" equating to "completed" is rather dumb and a plague for games. A completed game is a game that will eventually run out of new things to do, grow old and be left behind in place of a new game, there are no exceptions to that. Games that are constantly updating and adding new content are the ones doing it right, because not only do you have new content to look forward to, you can also prepare for it while just playing out the released content, and seamlessly jump into the new content whenever. Minecraft is a great example of "doing it right", by the fact tons of people are still playing it to this day. One day, maybe the perfect example and thus the perfect game will come, but only once the plague of "release being done" is cured, but that's beyond the scope of this post to explain.Sure, having access to unfinished content built in-game is apparently a bit beyond peoples comfort zone as it's somewhat out of the norm, but really, it's 100% optional.
  5. Secretly Wolfgangs power comes from his mustache, which requires high nourishment to flourish.
  6. There's a difference between tedium and difficulty. On a scale of Tedium to Difficulty, Krampus gets a 10 for Tedium and 0 for Difficulty.
  7. I'm not sure how people come to the conclusion to think this is a bug.It would be rather hard to accidentally make food spoil or light sources die instantly on player death, and especially hard to not notice during initial in-house testing (Got to test that dying actually works as intended since it's a new system, after all). Thus one should logically conclude that it is intentional, as it was a new action added solely because of the caves' current death mechanics.
  8. May 14th Build

    I've noticed that the earthquakes don't drop any marble, any reason why? It's quite a nice flooring material, but way too limited as is.
  9. Name Tags!

    "Marble Lover", because if there was a renewable source of marble in the game, I'd make it my mission to replace the entire turf of a world with checkerboard flooring.Of course, I'll never hit 1000 posts because I prefer making quality comments, so it's a moot point.
  10. Need help with adventure mode? Ask here!

    You sleep until a new day (as it always technically is, whether the new day is day, dusk, or night doesn't matter) if you use a tent/sleeping bag in a perma-darkness world. Also, better than a stack of jerky is a stack of bacon and eggs. Lasts just as long as jerky, but feeds 3x as much and stacks up to 40. Also yes, the walking cane is a huge benefit that people tend to underestimate.
  11. Need help with adventure mode? Ask here!

    The best way to deal with sanity loss in the Darkness is with a Tent(s) -- spiders are everywhere, and (unless you're unlucky) are majorly tier 1 nests, so easy to take out, and you can consecutively sleep whenever needed. (lasts for 6 uses, recovers 66 sanity, and doesn't drain hunger)
  12. Food spoilage?

    I like the idea overall, though (in my opinion), there should be a stage beyond 0%/Wet Goop, where if something hits -50% (or whatever percentage) the goop would turn into a 'creature' and attack you/everything or something. Not sure how well it'd fit in with the rest of Don't Starve, but it'd certainly be incentive to make sure you deal with spoiled stuff rather than just tossing it on the ground. Also, food during Winter should last 2-3x as long on the ground / in a chest / etc compared to their original values without doing anything, seeing as the cold would naturally do that realistically.
  13. About that kiting

    Pretty much this. Because as of current there are only 3-4 things you can do in a fight: - Kiting / Luring monsters into fighting each other. - Tanking everything with a log suit and football helmet - Sleep/Fire Darts / Pan Flute - Dying
  14. Krampus: - Is to rabbits as Gobblers are to Berry Bushes, not an issue unless you rely entirely on them. - If you have the teeth to waste on making tooth traps for killing rabbits, you're already on day 100+ - Agreed that it is a bit of a chore to summon Krampus even when actively trying to do so now. Tooth trap: - Seems fine as is, considering how rarely hounds drop teeth now (or I'm just highly unlucky) Pigs: - Werepigs drop 2 (normal) meat and 1 pigskin - Still respawn infinitely currently Farming: - By day 30 on a new world I already had 30+ seeds just from grabbing ones along my way exploring. - Near-instant growth using more manure (directly on a seed) with turbo farm plots. - Other than that, haven't gotten around to testing out farming post-patch, so can't say. Fireflies: Agreed. Spider Hat: - You can still destroy tier-3 nests (to get 1 egg sac) post-patch without having to fight a spider queen, which is the quantity old tier-3 nests have dropped for a while now. Harvesting Honey: Just have to do it at the right time of day when all the bees are out of the box. Beefalo: - Agreed that they need a drop nerf and a strength buff, but the former only once they can breed/respawn. - They also will summon Krampus if you kill enough. Optimus Pine: - Needs to be 20x more common if you burn down an entire forest, or something, yeah.
  15. Is this normal?? How did it occur?

    Butter can be used: (Spoilered in case people want to figure out for themselves)