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  1. The Warly rework is definitely NOT an improvement when it comes to solo play. His penalties are much more severe and his new perk (spices) is very much geared towards group play. He is an auxiliary character, not a solo character in DST.
  2. Disappearing logs

    My log camp in don't starve turned into a bermuda triangle. I have left four logs laying on the ground as well as three stumps of cut evergreens for decoration. At some point the stumps as well two logs of the four laying nearby all disappeared, what is even more bizarre is that a nearby chest which was full of logs was emptied completely and every time that I attempted to store any more logs in it they eventually all disappear except for one stack. Even breaking down the chest and building a new one in its stead didn't fix the issue, the logs always disappear save for the last stack.
  3. GPU morbidly overheating ?

    I wouldn't forget about such trivial issue as that. As I said other games (even much more demanding games such as Witcher 3) run many degrees colder (10~20c) I monitor pc temperatures constantly using speedfan and my pc has good airflow, since I'm a game artist and work with unity/unreal myself. It must be something unusual with the game itself because it heats up my gpu to 80c even while staying idle in the menu. It seems ONI is running on Unity as opposed to whatever DS was using, I noticed GPU overheating is a common issue with many Unity games. I mean I could cool the game down because the GPU fans are only running at 50%, but it is still ridiculous heat considering no other game even required me to go to 50% in the first place. (other than the long dark, which is also a Unity game and completely devoid of any optimizations really)
  4. The fps seems to be capped at 60 just fine, but my gpu (hd 6950) struggles to keep the temperatures below 80c. That's a little weird considering the simplicity of the game. In comparison, Don't Starve rarely ever crosses the 60c mark, so I have no idea.
  5. Wimps, yes that would be a great idea. Maybe make him a little ambiguous but still easy for people who watched his series to spot the nods.
  6. What you like to cook?

    I cook.. pretty much everything but only for looks and roleplay aspect. Especially the more "delicate" meals such as waffles, turkey dinner, eggs and bacon, butter muffins etc. I absolutely despise the latest update because it ruined my most favorite aspect of the game and I find it absolutely unnecessary and nonsensical and it made me wonder whether any thought process was involved in it at all or the devs just threw a dart at a table of "what we can nerf" and it happened to land on the crock pot. But I'll just keep cooking for lulz anyway, heck I would even if cooked stuff didn't give anything when eaten lol. And I'll just eat any of those 10 stacks of cooked meat and honey that I have whenever I feel hungry or aching.
  7. Farming is dead LOL

    That is not rich it actually gives less than what the ingredients would give you if you ate them by themselves (without the cooking time or need for a crock pot) And now the results are even less effective.
  8. Farming is dead LOL

    They should have just put a limit on how many plots you can build. What they did was killing a feature for players who used it normally because of people who abused it. Instead of killing the core problem (people abusing it). I don't like the "tuning" changes of this update. Also what on earth is with the cooking nerf ? Cooking needed a BOOST not a nerf. If I understand the changes properly then it means there is no point in building a crock pot whatsoever.
  9. Check all the known recipes here. (there are actually many other combinations but these mostly give less health/hunger than the ones listed) Feel free to add any recipe if you find anything interesting/more effective than what is already listed.
  10. Furthest Day

    You can use the tent and change to Wilson, shave him build an effigy build another tent and go back to Wendy. That being said I'm at day 190~ and hounds aren't getting any more dangerous, I usually see 5~6 rarely 7 with one (and very rarely) two flame hounds. (but there are no flame hounds at all roughly half of the time...) I got only a single red gem so far. Nowadays I'm mostly waiting for new update to come by hoping it won't ruin my world. Play around with it as much as I want then wait for another update.
  11. Oh the Pain!!~

    Its not that rare really, or the droprate was significantly boosted lately. That is about 6 in-game days.
  12. cooking pot sucks?

    I only use the crock pot because I have so much food I don't really care about how much it heals. And because eating stacks of one cheap ingredient ruins my roleplay and immersion. But yeah It is less effective than eating the ingredients by themselves. But the problem is not the crockpot itself it is the ingredients being too OP. Another problem I have with crock pot is that using more of the same ingredient becomes less and less effective ... why ? There is no penalty eating a stack of meat in 20 seconds. Meat stew from 4x cooked meat gives much less hunger and even less health than 4 meat plus it takes time to cook... and requires you to have the crock pot which is simply ineffective altogether and pointless unless you fancy roleplay. Pumpkin and Eggplant give just way too much hunger, Cooked pumpkin gives much more than cooked meat which realistically makes no sense. And since now we can selectively grow crops ... growing Pumpkins is just too OP. In real life pumpkin is very low on protein and calories while meat is a great source of protein which would be absolutely essential in long-term survival conditions. One thing I'm hoping though is that crock pot food will have an effect on the future sanity meter, because realistically if I would be in a dire situation eating something warm next to my fireplace would relax me a bit and make me forget about the situation I am in at least for a few mins. Yeah as it currently is, crock pot is only really useful because of being able to turn monster meat edible.
  13. Oh the Pain!!~

    Yeah that is pretty annoying it made me use darts/flutes for turkey killing because its drumstick mostly fell off when I chased them. On another note, if you want some delicious waffles you may want to farm butterflies. Catch like 20 butterflies with bugnet "plant" them as flowers and kill them when they sit down. The more flowers you have the faster they spawn. I get like 1 butter/day doing this (in a garden with about 15 flowers) Just keep on mind it pisses off Krampus but yay ! It allowed me to get his sack at least.
  14. Why not use football helmet ? Or is it only in a certain build ? From what I see it lowers taken damage even better than logsuit (or the same, *shrug*) and takes up hat slot instead of body.