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  1. With the new sanity update I though of a buff that Wendy needed with Abigail!So when near pigmen you gain sanity much quicker due to being in contact or near another living being. Now apply that to Abigail! You no longer get drained sanity at night (or maybe at a greatly reduced rate) when Abigail appears. Also since Wendy normally is in contact with her dead sister perhaps she should just in general lose less sanity.
  2. Alright so the thing at the end, obviously a Yeti. We saw Walrus people which seem like they might be the new Pig people of the Winter. Obviously freezing to death (Which was actually an idea i proposed a while ago along with the clothes). Did anyone else spot anything? I saw no freeze frames like usual unless i blinked everytime they came upEdit: Deerclops, my bad xD
  3. you should have done a noahs ark of world switching
  4. Personally I always fully explore each island thoroughly and I end up with full stacks of grass, sticks, logs, berries and carrots so im never pressed for food or materials so I spend the rest of my time finding a perfect area to set base
  5. yeah i explored more and literally there is only 1 exit again and there an entire shoreline where you can see the other side and it goes a pretty far distance
  6. Alright so needless to say i know its still in testing, which is why its a test generation map, but i feel the bridges are way to wonky. I see im not the first one to get this so it is a part of all the maps. what im talking about are how they are all zig zags and completely inefficient. I mean this map i have has only 1 exit and looking distance to another island
  7. Yeah the knockback will give a good weapon against the new spiders too. maybe if its perfectly time you can smack them back
  8. Anyone else just run up or down to see their extremely funny legs xD They just flop around like little spaghetti noodles when running north at least running east or west it looks normal but its just so funny xD
  9. that can work too. and yeah thats what i was worried with to that people will just wait for a stun then probably switch to another weapon to finish them off
  10. I like it. I got here right when they made rabbits run into a hole when a friendly rabbit nearby is killed so i didnt get the one where they sat peacefully while friends being slaughtered. but I think this is a great idea! or perhaps make it where they run to the nearest hole rather then their specific hole. it is a colony after all and the tunnels would be connected.
  11. You use cut stone and 2 string to make a battle hammer. This hammer does as much damage as a Spike weapon but degrades much faster. And the special ability with this is the chance to stun your enemies for 2 seconds(subject to change) make it relatively small chance to happen but not so much where getting this item doesnt seem worth it. that way if your being chased and you want the chance to not kill it and just get away you can turn around and try for a stun. The degrading should be quick because it is stone and you dont want to give people a reason to use it for battle all the time, especially against spiders. Plus since rocks are a finite source they might carry it around maybe tallbirds or when some hounds show up, or the spider queen.
  12. Ive noticed a glitch though ( i think its a glitch) i made a spider hat and got a good size of spiders to follow me. I was able to take out 2 level 3 dens before night fell and my hat was almost worn out. so i took one of the spider eggs, ran back to base to make another and wait out the night. when morning came i went back to clear out the rest and noticed the spiders i abandoned before (as they were still fighting when night fell) were still fighting. Also i still dont know how the hat works exactly. do you need it on BEFORE you attack the den so they see you as the controller, or afterwards? or is there a chance that they will follow you
  13. I always forgot this >.< but im glad to know that developers do make an effort to get this out when they can I mean some companies didnt bother until years after a full release of the game. It will be refreshing to see it out before full release
  14. Dont take a Tallbird egg right before nighttime. They will chase you through the darkness and if you have no torch, gg for that life.