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Nick's Opinion The Key Depot

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normally I would be annoyed at these Nick's Something, but for some reason I actually like to read these(probably because you agree with me and I'm a narsisitic freak)

The reason I do that is so if I do annoy people they know not to click the subjects with Nick's. I think it's easier but if it bothers a lot of people I'll stop

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Well this is going be a short one. I like the key depot. People know the risks and if they don't Klei tells them. For people that don't like the key depot they don't have to look at it! 

I think a huge majority, (a friend of mine included) like it being there simply because it's all organized in there and he doesn't have to look at it elsewhere :p In other words, so, he can "easily ignore" it.


There is quite a lot of information there, I'm not sure where it would go if it was removed.

With all the key related threads that popped up on general discussion, there was several people saying, "Not here! Take it to the key depot!"  If the depot was gone, where would those go or what would be said? "Delete this?" Seems rude and a good way for arguments to



Several people that come to the forums just don't start off looking for the information themselves ( which can be annoying to people I know), they post about it instead. I generally have been repeating myself quite a bit, and I'm sort of shocked when people tell me they didn't hear that information before and thank me. But that is simply why I do it, to try keep people informed as much as I can.


A huge reason, I think people are disliking the depot (among other reasons I know) is that there are scammers preying the forums. Which is something that definitely needs a solution. I don't think people are making informed decisions and just taking unnecessary risks with their valuables, for what?  Over free keys. It's mind boggling, I know. :wilson_facepalm:


I'd love to see some suggestions or solutions on how this could be resolved, and the risks discussed. Simply removing it, could cause a few problems. It definitely sounds like Klei dislikes that this is going on (the scamming) and wants to do something about it. I'm not sure if they already have an idea in mind, or if they are still thinking about ways to solve it.

But if we are going to be talking about the topic anyway, why not help them out with some ideas and be constructive about it? That's what I think at least.



The reason I do that is so if I do annoy people they know not to click the subjects with Nick's. I think it's easier but if it bothers a lot of people I'll stop

I think it's fine, because it's giving feedback.


And if people don't like it, it's like the key depot, they could just ignore it lol /joke attempt. *walks to corner*

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A I don't care about the Nick's thing. At least I instantly know who posted it and what it's going to be like. (Which in this case isn't a bad thing)


B Every post in the depot ends up begging for keys. Even posts that start as just information. No one reads it and just goes "I need a key". Also some days I like to have all the subforums read and beta key depot isn't actually worth reading so I have to mark it as read. I'm weird. I know.

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Have you been to grammar school lately? He is only excercising his right to use possessive nouns, be grateful for he is kind and is taking his time to show us proper grammar.


Bow before him! you filthy commoner!



But it's just so weird to talk (or in this case type) in third person. It makes me shake uncontrollably. Regurgitation may or may not occur.  

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