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  1. I had the feeling it was going to be a LAN based update... But I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be... Just because I don't think that's something to get over excited about. (Not enough to give me a little picture of anticipation at the bottom of my menu screen)
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=170030148&searchtext=Food+values Has a link for DST but only for your host
  3. [DST] Status Announcements

    This looks wonderful (Will try later) I'm curious though are you able to shout the values for health etc?
  4. Trolls

    We don't have whitelists yet right? Or in this case maybe the option to toggle a whitelist after you've got your group that you're enjoying playing with? I understand that it'd be nice to be able to just have random people pop in and out buuuuut after day 100 it's sad to lose your progress.
  5. This is wonderful! I have yet to really mess around with mods in singleplayer but that geometry mod makes me really happy and I totally plan on messing around with these after I test my next round of theories in vanilla