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I got a key, now what do I do?

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You have in your hands the new multiplayer experience called "Don't Starve Together", please, follow this instructions if you want to feel the full epicness:

Step 1: Look at your fresh awesome key.

Step 2: Smile, Smile a lot!

Step 3: Dance with that song from Kool and The Gang.

Step 4: Enjoy the dance, yeah, that's it! you are doing it great!

Step 5: Stop dancing, that's enough!

Step 6: You are tired from all the dancing, go to sleep.

Step 7: ?????

Step 8: Proffit!!

FINAL STEP: I don't know what goes here because I don't have a key  :spidercowers:

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Now, listen to these instructions carefully...

-Take your key

-Put it in your door

-Unlock the door

-Drink more Coco

Here's what you really do

-In your Steam Library go to games

-Click on "Activate a product code"

-Type in the code the person gave you

-Required: Probably restart Steam once that's done. If that doesn't fix crashing then restart your computer.

-Optional: Smash your head on the keyboard


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