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  1. Everybody calm down and stay quiet, we are handsome gentlemen, remember!
  2. Thanks for making this game better and better constantly!
  3. I'm a huge tf2 fan, but i hope this won't be an Official Character Anyway... Do you believe in magic?
  4. Mmmm the members of the official forum of one of my favorite games playing TF2? I'm in!
  5. Calm down, please, Lock this thread before the page 150.
  6. Please, let this topic die, even Maxwell would do.
  7. I said that in other post, I think they should add this, it will be funny!
  8. What if that other you is eating all your hard collected food? Laughing so hard with this
  9. This is me
  10. As we say in my language "Quien supo esperar, llega a triunfar" (Who knew how to wait, will success) I'm so proud of you all.
  11. A way to trade and send messages would be interesting, not multiplayer but a way to play with friends after all.
  12. All the characters are blood-related, they meet wilson, all reunite and then, they start their own family tv-show, like Family Matters. Did I say that?
  13. I've messed up with the image and I've found this
  14. "Not a multiplayer, you play as the twins at the same time" (Hotline Miami 2 trailer reference)
  15. I agree, I think the portal communicates the mortal and spiritual world.