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How is beta?

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There's still moderately regular crashing, but it's not so bad that it really messes up your game. It's more on the level now that it'll crash every couple of hours and you'll have to rejoin the server with a few minutes of progress rolled back.


Bugs are around. The biggest ones are rubberbanding and losing map progress. You lose your entire charted map every time you leave a server, which is probably the biggest outstanding bug. It's high-priority, though, so I bet that will be fixed before Phase 2. Rubberbanding is probably a much harder problem to fix, but doesn't seem to correlate well with lag -- I get the same amount on a 20 ping server as I do on a 150 ping server, and it varies a lot from server to server with the same ping. Most other bugs are just certain things not working (ranged weapons, freezing overlay). A funny bug I've encountered is lighting yourself on fire when you attack something with a torch.


But overall it's been really fun! Expect to fail your first few servers even if you're really good at Don't Starve on your own -- coordinating efficiently is its own challenge.

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I keep crashing things it seems. I do not even know how to submit this one because I can't tell what caused this : 

. It happened when daytime kicked me out of a tent, but it does not say anything about the tent being the problem. The straw roll worked fine too.


However, DST has a lot of charm. Welcoming a new player to a base and greeting their freezing selves with a beefalo hat and a breezy vest is pretty cool. Sometimes I come back and see they added something interesting to the base, other times they learn what haunting can do wrong. While plants should have some way of respawning in the world so a ghost can't burn everything down, it is pretty cool. I am tolerant of summer combustion though, so naturally I won't get as mad as some others players will. 

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And WX is barely able to become OP since Gears are rare as what.

Fixed it. I disagree, but that is against the point.

Gears are a booger. I've been through 5+ servers with bases and gravediggers with no luck. Gems and Nightmarefuel are more common than gears, but Nightmarefuel doing that doesn't surprise me.


Hopefully that gets tuned up a bit.

For me BETA IS MODS AND GETTING MODS  TO WORK. It's fun as all get-out.

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