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  1. Congrats on getting a beta key man! :)

  2. Carrier Gobblers!

    ! Flare2V would be insulted!
  3. Somehow you made you account in August and already almost have 100 posts. And I made my account in April..

  4. Ask the Tree!

    If you could be a pokemon, would you? And if you would what would be your attacks
  5. For all of you that are like "I'm so sad I didn't get in I love don't starve"( @Miron737 @KidneyBeanBoy ) and such, this is PHASE 1! If you didn't read this post, as it says in phase one it's only friends and family. So unless you related to Klei in some way, shape or form your not going to be in on phase. Phase 2 however, it said they will accept the beta applicants, in short bursts. I'd estimate phase 2 ( if testing goes well) well be in "play"( Get it? Play, Klei? ) around late September or early October.
  6. Woo! DST Closed Beta Applications! Hope I get accepted!

    1. Pyromailmann


      As do I and my friend.

    2. Flare2V


      Let's all hope together.

    3. Malan-Tai
  7. Ahem, i'm afraid in your overview the about me section is wrong. This is you in a nutshell http://imgur.com/eDSs7MC

  8. Been lurking alot lately, going to start posting some more! As DST gets closer to releasing, the more exiting my friends and I are getting!

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    2. Hawx541


      @J20hawkz , SHHHH! They might find out we're secretly the same person! >.>

    3. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      Ain't gonna post on off-topic? Awwn D:

    4. J20hawkz


      Hawx541 what is J20Hawkz favourite flavoured J20 non alcoholic fizzy drink?

  9. Hey, I noticed it says your Occupation is Card Throwing. And trees don't have have hands. So how do you throw the card..?

    1. ThePreChewedTree


      Its Complicated. Basically us trees can Grow stubby arms when we really need to.

      a> (I can use some work on my Illustration skills..)

  10. Guess who was never got to the "magical" part of don't starve! This guy right here who is on day 50 and still doesn't have a prehistator . (I think that's how you spell it.

  11. Trying to make a signature but I am terrible at art..

    1. Malan-Tai
    2. Hawx541


      Too late, I finally got it to work... Check out my new profile pic and signature!

  12. At first I thought I didn't know you until recently you replied to my post, then I noticed I've liked like 5 of your posts...

  13. Gratz on 200 likes!

    1. Malan-Tai


      Thank you ! :3

  14. Whenever I see your profile picture I smile XD!

    1. ThePreChewedTree


      XD Thanks! I've had a few compliments lately. I guess people like the tree. A character mod for him is in development. His name is Warrack.